Gabriela M. Alvarez

"Ay dios mio... Por favor, no more talking."

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a character in “Red Dead Retribution”, as played by DumbDora


Name: Gabriela Marion Alvarez
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: [Uno] [Dos] [Tres] [Quantro] The epitome of Latina ethnicity. Olive skin with dark and engaging eyes, as well as the long, thick tresses that are as black as night. Gabriela isn't at all tall, only standing to about 5'4, but she's a force to be reckoned with. Her very presence emits the energy and danger, much like a strong perfume of a lady escort. Slender and athletic, the girl looks to be quick on her feet and even quicker with her guns. However, due to her slightly disheveled appearance, one could come to a conclusion that she does get herself into trouble, and often.
Personality: Spitfire, a woman who can handle herself and anything that may prove to be a ridge in her road. Some may consider her rude, and a bit out of control, but it's just the very fact of her honest and painfully blunt demeanor. Energetic, a firecracker, and a whole lot of Latin swearwords that ripple from her mouth. She's clever though, much like a fox, and it's one of the main reasons why she has survived this long. Spontaneity is preferred, almost demanded in her partners with whom she may travel with or hunt with. Although, most bounty hunters had lifted their name in good praises, Gabriela hadn't exactly went the angelic ride of road. Wherever the gold weighs more, expect her to be there.
Profession: Fortune Hunter- in any possible manner she can.
Weapons: Frontier Double Action Revolver; Root Revolving Rifle; A set or an array of steel throwing knives.
Bio: Born in south Mexico, Gabriela's family wasn't exactly a well off group. Sure, there were a lot of them, most working day and night to bring home a scarce amount of food. And while most families in Mexico were stable and non-migratory, the Alvarez family traveled in a sense of gypsies. But it wasn't until the Alvarez family neared the well heard-of Texas, did the light shine in Gabriela's eyes. She was only fifteen then, and her older sister, Maria, a ripe age of seventeen. The girls had packed their few belongings and left the family to cross the border over to the America, their goals set on gold, guns, and a luxury life. But although the girls had managed to learn and excel in the ways of hunters, their personalities clashed, their goals began to drift apart, and eventually, when Gabriela was only nineteen, Maria split from her. Maria, as she had told Gabriela, was heading North-East, where she will get on a ship with the little money she had acquired, and head to Europe. From there, she will write. However, three years pass, and Gabriela hasn't heard from Maria yet.

So begins...

Gabriela M. Alvarez's Story