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Approved for field operation.

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a character in “Red Liners”, as played by ABC


Evaluation of the potential agent candidacy of Subject Omega. This document is for your eyes only, and is to be destroyed after reading.

Basic information


Designation: Ί (Omega). Birth name not on record.

Age: Approximately fifteen, birth date unknown.

Sex: Female

Height: 4'8. Height significantly under average, no underlying issue discovered, but still something to monitor.

Hair: Dark Blonde. There has apparently been some debate over the ideal length. One side's thought is that a girl with long hair is less conspicuous in most settings than one with a military cut, the other argues that long hair can be a liability. The compromise is that Omega's hair is kept at mid-back length, with strict instructions for her to tie it back in situations that present both the need and time in which to do so.

Eyes: Grey. 20/20 vision, perhaps a little better on a good day, according to some of the records.


Language: Fluent in English, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Mandarin, Korean, and Turkish. Passable in French, German, and Spanish, but only just.

Hand-to-hand Combat: Omega seems to understand how to fight in close quarters, but her size and lack of physical strength are still likely to pose an issue in such a situation, as most opponents, even if they are less skilled, are still going to possess the advantages of being significantly larger and stronger.

Firearms: Omega is highly proficient in the use of firearms, particularly with pistols and submachine guns, and some lighter assault weapons. She can use heavier weapons, but her efficiency suffers.

Infiltration: A specialty of hers, it would seem, and something that she enjoys as well. Moving any dead or unconscious enemies out of sight is not something with which she has an easy time however. That said, Omega is excellent at actually remaining undetected.

Computers: Computers is a field in which Omega is decidedly untalented. Training simply fails to stick, and any operation more complicated than plugging in a USB and copying files seems to be completely beyond her.

Deception and Maintaining Cover: Another subject Omega has difficulty with. She can keep up a good enough ruse to fool a casual observer, but that usually involves her acting shy and not speaking. Any extended conversation with any inquisitive party without the intervention or at least assistance of another person usually casts suspicion on her.

Psychological evaluation

Disorders/Disabilities/Serious Issues: While Omega is by no means lacking in restraint, she has either little understanding of. or little respect for, the value of human life. Regardless of how the question was phrased, she repeatedly answers that, yes, she would kill a civilian under orders. Admittedly, that doesn't really come up as an issue unless she were to be given such an order, but Dr. ████████ insisted that it be in the evaluation. A less severe, but more likely to come up, note, Omega seems listless and uncomfortable when not assigned any specific objective.

Personality traits: Omega has demonstrated herself to be calm and intelligent, if emotionally stunted. While not completely devoid of such feelings, it seems that hers are rather muted, and she rarely understands them fully. In addition, she seems to have difficulty with genuine conversation. She can emulate it to an extent, but even that's limited. Omega is also extremely respectful and obedient, almost to the point of being robotic. As a side note, her sense of humor, on the few occasions that it does make an appearance, can be rather cruel, and frankly morbid. Pretty infantile too, in some cases.


As one of the subjects of the Achilles Project, Omega has undergone significant mental conditioning, primarily for the purposes of ensuring complete compliance with orders, but also to desensitize the subjects to various conditions. Being the last unit trained, Omega has undergone the most refined version of this conditioning. After the incident at ███ ██████ resulted in the termination of the Achilles Project, and the circumstances surrounding said incident, it was deemed prudent that we test the conditioning in our own controlled environment.

The test was designed to determine what would happen if Omega refused to follow an order, and was carried out in the following way.

Subject Omega is led to a small room with an intercom and camera in the ceiling, the room being otherwise featureless aside from the reenforced door through which the subject was led into the room. The door is then closed and locked behind her. After this, she is instructed via the intercom to leave the room. After initial attempts at opening the door fail, Omega searches the room for any sort of latch, or perhaps hidden key. After four and a half minutes of this, Omega briefly puts her search on hold, and attempts to break down the door, unsuccessfully, and then resumes for the next twenty minutes.

Forty-four minutes in, Omega turns to the camera, states that there is no way out, and requests to be released from the room. This is ignored aside from the order to exit the room being repeated.

At this point, Omega becomes noticeably affected, beginning to exhibit symptoms of anxiety. Another sweep of the room reveals nothing to be found, and Omega states this to the camera. The order is repeated, and Omega is presumably beginning to understand the situation, based on her comments while renewing her efforts to break the door down in some fashion. She attempts throwing her weight downward against the knob, and later trying to break and even unscrew the hinges. When she finally is forced to relax, the order is again repeated.

Subject Omega was visibly distressed at this point, breathing irregularly, sweating, and shaking. After the third repetition of the order, she tries a new tactic, and attempts to jump high enough to grab the camera or intercom. Whether she intends to pull them down or use them to bring herself up to the ceiling is unclear. Either way, they are out of her reach. Noticing this, Omega instead, clearly beyond reason at this point, throws herself against the door again and again. When she fails to get up after the fifth try, the order repeats, at which point Omega stands again and begins attempting to break through one of the walls.

After a short time of this, the test is finished, and Omega is ordered to stand down, at which she is visibly relieved. This, combined with the earlier battery of psychological tests, is enough to determine that Omega's programing is still in good working order.

Final recommendation

After reviewing all of the factors involved, it is my professional opinion that Omega would be a very useful asset to the US government, so long as she is employed covertly.

That said, I would not recommend sending her on any missions unaccompanied in her current state. Firstly, because she is unlikely to change her objective based upon information gathered in the field, even in cases when it would be better to do so. Secondly, because, as mentioned above, she has difficulty maintaining the appearance of a normal child without the help of another agent. Finally, someone of her age traveling alone tends to draw attention, no matter how good an actor they are.

So begins...

Omega's Story