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Theodore Sunderland

Agent Sunderland

0 · 350 views · located in Istanbul

a character in “Red Liners”, as played by ABC


ImageFull Name: Theodore Preston Sunderland

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Ted, Teddy to his niece

Title(s): Dr. and Agent Sunderland

Preferred name: Ted, Theodore, or Sunderland, depending on the circumstances.

Age: 42

Sex: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual, though he seems rather preoccupied by other matters.

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian

Skin Tone: About average

Height: 5'9

Build: Rather wiry, with a slightly stooped posture.

Eyes: Hazel. They seem to dart about, never remaining still for more than a few seconds.

Hair: Brown, looking slightly grey in a certain light, though no actual grey hairs can be found. His hair is short in a business cut, though it is a tad disheveled.

Clothes Style: When not required by the job or situation to wear something or other, Ted usually dresses rather well. It isn't at all uncommon to see him dressed in a full business suit, usually a dark shade of blue. He wears only clip-on ties however, due to his seeming inability to tie normal ones properly, in spite of his usually deft hands.

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: A bullet scar on the lower front part of his left shoulder, acquired on one of his previous missions. There is no matching scar for an exit wound, as there was none. The bullet needed to be removed surgically.


Appearance: Ted is a slightly short man, with slightly poor posture that he occasionally seems to be able to correct, when inclined to do so. He typically keeps his face fairly cleanly shaven. He tends to appear somewhat stressed, and can look older than he actually is as a result. He's also a bit twitchy, though again, controllable when necessary.

Religion: Agnostic, though he still observes some Christian traditions.

Political Affiliation: Theodore doesn't really care much for politics, though he keeps track for work purposes.

Education: Ph.D's in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, and Masters in Economics and Electrical Engineering.

Languages spoken: English, Russian, Arabic, and Turkish.

Weapons (if any): Ted has received the same firearm training as most other agents. He isn't especially skilled in their use when compared to others in the field, but he's still good enough by the CIA's standards, if only just.

Occupation(s): CIA agent

Past Occupation(s): None outside of the CIA, he was recruited directly from his last cycle of college.

Special Abilities/Skills: Theodore is a veritable encyclopedia of a man, even in regards to things not pertaining to fields he has formally studied. His quick thinking and ingenuity combine with this to make him significantly more useful than one might initially assume. Quite frankly, Ted is just brilliant in general. He is also possessed of surprisingly good fine motor skills.

Activities/Organizations: None, other than the CIA. His life is pretty much his work, his hobbies, and his remaining family.

Hobbies: Tinkering, reading, and people-watching. He also enjoys playing cards, though not gambling.

Interests: Ted is quite interested in learning. It doesn't usually matter what specifically, just learning in general.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Theodore exhibits some obsessive behaviors, his living space, wherever that may be, is always painstakingly organized, and arranged so that things are centered, parallel, or at right angles, depending on the objects or furnishings in question. This generally applies to anything he owns or anything that "is his". The latter being anything associated with him, such as his utensils and plate in a restaurant. He has an unfortunate habit of worrying over these and other similar things, though it never seems to have affected his job negatively, as, however much it may gnaw at him, Ted is able to push these things aside when the situation demands it. Actually, his obsessive double-checking has come in handy more than once, part of the reason that he's still allowed to be an agent.

Citizenship: USA

Place of Birth: Akron, Ohio

Now lives: Wherever his job demands. Theodore is pretty flexible in that regard, and doesn't really think of any specific place as home.

Lives with: No-one

Current Relationship Status: None

Relationship History: Nothing really. There was a girl that he became mildly infatuated with back in college, but he never actually worked up both the time and courage to actually talk to her. He was, after all, several years her junior.

Family: Ted's parents are both dead now, and neither had especially close family. He does have a brother up in Maine though, and Ted visits him and his family when he can.

Other Biographical Remarks: The most notable points of Theodore's past are those that led up to him being in the job he currently occupies. First, he graduated high school early, and was able enter college early. This early start is part of how he managed to obtain all of the degrees he currently has, the other reasons being his inability at the time to decide exactly what he wanted to do, his lack of sustained interest in most things leading him to go after more than one degree at once, and his desire to learn as much as possible. Eventually, it would seem he caught the notice of someone connected to the CIA.

So begins...

Theodore Sunderland's Story


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#, as written by ABC
Theodore Sunderland walked briskly up to the vendor, very keenly aware that he was late. Unlike the rest of the team, he had not arrived by plane. Having already been in Europe at the time, Belgium specifically, he was apparently deemed by someone, Theodore wasn't currently aware of who exactly made their travel arrangements, to be "close enough", and was put on a train to save money on ticket costs. Why the CIA would be stingy about ticket costs now, he didn't know and hadn't really been in the mood to ask. Besides, at the time he'd had no objections. He saw the insides of planes and the clouds around them often enough, and besides, trains were cool.

Unfortunately there had been a delay at one of the stops, and they arrived behind schedule, which consequently meant that Theodore too was late, not a great thing to be normally, and definitely not with this job. Even if he were in a situation where he could be late without issue, Ted was still the sort of person to stress himself out about such things.

As Theodore approached the man, he looked up. Perhaps his pace made his destination a bit too clear, or maybe the vendor merely thought he didn't look like a tourist. but either way, he seemed to know why the slightly hunched-over man in a business suit was hurrying over to him. He gave an amused little smile. "A little late aren't y-" Ted cut him off. Normally he was much more polite than that, but if the vendor could guess that he was late, presumably by the length of time between his arrival and that of the person before him, plus the obvious hurry he was in, then he must realize that he didn't have time for this.

"What time is lights out?" The vendor frowned slightly and muttered something that Theodore didn't quite catch, but handed him a map with the room number regardless.

As he made his way inside, now at a somewhat slower, but significantly less noticeable, pace, Ted passed a joyful looking Turkish man making his way outside. For a moment, he wondered what he had been so happy about, but then was struck by the absolute certainty that he had seen him somewhere before. For the moment however, he just couldn't place him, and he'd more important things to be concerning himself with right now anyway.

When he finally arrived outside of room 322, Theodore took a moment to straighten his suit and tie. While to anyone else it would have appeared fine already, but he could see the ever so slight tilt of the tie to the left, the way that the jacket had shifted, and other miniscule differences, and they bothered him immensely.

Once he had temporarily sated his obsessive compulsions, Ted gave two short knocks on the door, then clasped his hands behind his back to wait.

The setting changes from Istanbul to C.I.A.


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The setting changes from C.I.A. to Istanbul


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Terry wasn't satified with the older mans answer. He had never heard of these "Red Line missions" before. They operate outside the government? Is that leagal? Before he could ask anymore questions, despite Franks obvious distast for them, there was a knock on the door. The young agent tought that Al probably forgot something like his bottle. But before Terry got up to answer the knock, Frank was already opening the door.

Frank Looked the small man up and down. It was obvious who this person was- a replacement agent. Frank didn't like replacement agents becuse the agency hardly ever put any effort into picking them. From the looks of the man, frank was not impressed as he let out an audible disaprovement.

"Did he just growl?" Terry asked as he pointed to Frank with his thumb. He looked back at Jinx, taking a few seconds to admire her new look before focusing back to Frank who was out the door.

"Put your things inside and come downstairs," Frank told the new Agant, "be quick about it" He added as he past by him to get to the hallway. Another thing that bothered the old man was that his boss didn't tell him about this new last minute addition. Frank read everything about Jinx and Terry, but he knew nothing about this new guy.

Terry was more polite than the senior agent in welcoming the new addition. "Terrince Norton, call me Terry." He said as he extended his arm out for a handshake. Dispite his manors, the young agent didn't expect to see such an untreatening man like the one infront of him. "This is Agent Junpier Black, and the geltelman who just left is the one in charge, Frank. He's a little jet-lagged." Terry said half heartedly.

"Well we shouldn't keep him waiting." He nodded at the two before rushing out of the hotel room.