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Red Moon and Demon Boys

Red Moon and Demon Boys


A red moon has risen in the sky, but only she can see it. He has to get to her before one of them do.

735 readers have visited Red Moon and Demon Boys since BR0K3N_4EVER created it.


This is a closed roleplay between Broken and DieselBlue.

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"Oi! Lily are you listening to me?" a familiar voice asked, the voice belonging to Lily's best friend Rowan. The pink haired girl shook her head, turning to look at her friend with a serious look on her face, "No. Cant you tell when someone isn't paying attention" Lily questioned with a smirk, "Or does everyone have to listen to you?" she finished with a yawn, raising her arms above her head, causing the medium sized pink back pack on her shoulder to knock her slightly off balance. Rowan gave her an angry look, puffing out her cheeks and crossing her arms, "Your so mean to me!" the other girl shouted, "Honestly Rowan, I am entitled to being mean to you since your the one who keeps hovering around me. You would think a ghost would find someone else to latch onto besides a boring student like me." Lily shouted, walking away from Rowan without another word. There were more important things on her mind, like the red moon she had seen a week ago.

"What's wrong with the moon..." Lily thought to herself, staring up at the sky. There was still a week left till school, but she was often up late studying for what was to come when she went back to school. She had only been sitting there on her window seat, staring at a various few of her maths textbooks for the year ahead. Not that she particularly enjoyed studying, she would have rather been out doing something with her friends, but seeing as the year before she got a less then adequate grade in Math, she was sitting there, studying ahead so that she wouldn't have to be put through the constant nagging of her mother for a second time. Lily had only looked up for a brief moment to stare out the window, but something caught her eye, high in the sky instead of the normal pale milky white moon that she was used to, a bright crimson red moon was afloat in the sky.

That's when she had thought to herself about it, it bothered her a lot more then it should have, and evidently it bothered Rowan as well. Though she was unable to get any information out of the young ghost. Lily fussed over it all night long, ditching her work and pestering Rowan about it, but still the ghost stayed tight lipped giving nothing away to her. For some reason Lily felt as if she knew, and that bothered her immensely. So for the next week she looked up at the sky every night, wandering what was wrong with the Moon. She felt a pit of dread drop down into her stomach, slowly choking her. It was so bothersome that she had hardly slept that entire week, and had only stared at the moon, wandering why these feelings of dread were washing over her with no end.


"OI! Listen to me!" Rowan shouted, knocking Lily out of her constant thoughts. Lily hadn't even realized that she had reached the school, and that she was walking among the hustle and bustle of the kids without even realizing it. She nodded her head subtly to Rowan, letting her know that she could talk, but that she would at least listen to her. The ghost girl sighed and began to recount her story that she had been telling Lily earlier. It was of course so boring that half way through Lily stopped listening, though kept nodding every now and then so that Rowan wouldn't pester her even further. She put up a few of her books, but kept the backpack with her, looking around. Her hair was wild that day, falling every where around her head, covering parts of her eyes as she looked around trying to find a familiar face. Lily of course wasn't prepared to navigate her way around the school, she couldn't hardly even remember the room numbers of her new classes, the only she could remember was home room, class 411.

(OOC: And heres my post. Excuse me if she is a bit out of Context of her layed out personality, I wanted to give her beggining that was a bit different from her, to show how actually worried she was about the Red Moon)


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Aldan walk through the door into his father's main meeting room, wearing a black suit. Underneath he wore a light blue shirt, with a yellow tie knotted just right. "You wanted to see me Father?" Aldan paused a few feet shy of his father, and gave a light bow his arm crossing his chest gracefully.

Aldan's father, King of the White Moon, was a figure to behold. His hair was the same black as Aldans, but cut short with just a little peak at the front, light silver peppered the sides. He was only a few inches taller than Aldan but his physique was much larger and solid, his suit clung tightly to the coils of muscle under, but even his physical appearance was nothing compared to his true prowess. Aldan hoped too one day display such a respect demanding figure.

"Aldan, I know we already have three hundred of the best soldiers going down to Earth, but there is one area I specifically want monitored by someone I can have full trust in. I want you and your team to patrol this area of Earth. Our studies have shown that this area has significantly more ghost activity than any other, and I feel that the Red's will pick up on this and send a focused search into this area." The King stood and began to walk towards the door.

"Sir, what team do you speak of?" Aldan had a confused look on his face. Suddenly the King swung open the door and two familiar faces entered. His best friend Rada, and guardian Quersh(Keesh).


Today was the first day of school. They had decided to pose as teenager as the Seer had never been more than 20 in the history of the wars, so it seem a fruitful searching place. This specific school was within 1000m of the CGA(Center of Ghost Activity). Aldan strolled through the courtyard brisk but agile, sporting the uniform of the school. Both Rada, and Quersh were in their human forms, and dressed the part. Rada stood about five and half feet high, and was slim of build, his hair orange and straight, cut just below his shoulders, and pulled into a ponytail, two stray longs framing his face. Quersh was 6'4" and build like a tank. They had to get his uniform specially tailored, and no doubt only a fool would mess with him.

Aldan laughed as he entered the doorway to the school, Rada had made a crude remark about the humans stares. They were definitely an odd group, if not intimidating. They had just strolled into town with no reputation, no one had even heard rumors, and now they walked right into their new school wearing a smile and not the least bit uncomfortable. It had to be strange for anyone to see. They also possess the knowledge that they could each easily kill a human without a second thought.


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"Hey Look Lily." Rowan exclaimed excitedly, pointing to a group of people who had walked in. Lily who had previously been looking around for room 411 turned to the direction Rowan was pointing in. The good thing about having a ghost hanging around was that she was never left out of the loop. The people seemed out of place, yet they were smiling as if they belonged. Lily tried to hold back a snicker seeing as they were close by her, but it only ended up coming out as a mix between a full on laugh and a scoff. She raised a hand to her mouth and coughed, trying to hold back the laughter. These people couldn't be students, even if they sort of looked like kids around her age, they just seemed way to forced. Lily sighed, turning her back on these strangers, not even noticing when her little pink bear charm fell from her backpack, containing her name on the food of the teddy bear.

On her way to room 411 (Or at least she thought she was on her way) she met up with another friend of hers. Kimberly Castillo, a girl who was much like her, only the opposite. Kimberly was her closest friend next to Rowan, and that was saying a lot seeing as Rowan was a ghost. After Lily had died her hair the reddish pink colour, Kimberly had died her hair purple, telling Lily that she thought that dying her hair purple would make them closer. Of course, Kimberly was hopelessly in need of friends, and if they hadn't already been so close Lily would have denied the clingy girls friendship request. Lily sighed, waving and exhaling as she took a few steps forward, "Eh, Kimmy, do you happen to know where Mr.Steins class is?" She asked with much frustration. "Oh! Of course I do, and its along the way to my class! Lets get going!" She shouted enthusiastically, pulling Lily by the sleeve of her school uniform towards the classrooms.

"Thank you Kimmy" Lily said with a smile, waving goodbye as she entered the classroom and took her seat. School was easy, it was the focusing part that was hard. She often found herself either falling asleep, or not paying enough attention. Even though she got most of her questions painfully correct, she was always singled out because she chose to sleep rather then to work. Yet she couldnt help that, for the past week she had been more tired then ever, kept awake by the gnawing worry in her mind that was slowly eating away at her. Causing her to want to badly know what was up with the moon. She had asked Kimberly over the phone a few days after she saw the moon if she noticed anything different, but Kimberly had denied that the moon was red at all. This of course frustrated her even more, causing her to go into a frenzied panic. Was she going crazy? it was possible, seeing ghosts all your life could make anybody crazy.

Lily sighed, bringing out her history text book and laying it out in front of her. Noticing at last that her Bear charm was missing.


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"You sure you have everything, Sir?" Quersh stood at Aldan's doorway, currently in his demon form. A small bag was in his hand, not much of a packer obviously. Being the sort of being he was, he didn't particularly require much.

"Ya, just one sec. Have you made sure Rada is packed?" Aldan slung a long cylinder case over his shoulder, and turned to his guardian. A warm smile spread his face, unable to conceal his excitement about the mission.

"Yes Sir. He has been packed for quite some time now. Seems he is even more eager about getting to Earth then you are, my Lord." Quersh stepped away from the door and followed as Aldan headed to the designated meeting place.


Stares, whispers, even a few glares from those that felt their superiority challenged. The only noise seriously out of place was a laugh that came from the left. Its originator tried to cover it up with a cough but seriously failed. Aldan didn't care, but it obviously bothered Rada. A vein bulged from Rada's head, and about another eight steps he got up the guts to turn around and yell at the culprit, only to find Quersh right behind him. "Damn it, you big lump. Can't you just mind your own business."

Aldan turned around, "Come along now Rada, we have better things to do." As he looked back at the girl who had gotten Rada in such a fluster, he saw as her little bear charm fell off her backpack. "One second boys." Walking over he picked up the bear, and looked it over. 'Lily' Aldan slid the little bear into his pocket and walked on. "We have class now."

Aldan walked into his first class, history. He honestly knew nothing of Earth history, definitely gonna be quite an interesting day. Entering the back of the room, Aldan found himself a seat. Lily's pink hair stood out, Aldan smiled to himself.


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She had hardly even noticed when the people from before had walked in, she was still fretting over the moon, and of course her little pink bear charm. Her sister had given that to her for Lily's birthday three years before, and she had worn it on her backpack ever since. She turned her head briefly to see where the people sat, and noticed that one of the boys was smiling at her. She turned back, face slightly red as she turned to Rowan.

Lily was conversing with Rowan in hushed whispers, not suspicious seeing as everyone else was talking or doing some early studying, and to anybody else it would have just seemed like she was whispering the words to her text book aloud. "So why are you worrying about it so much, its probably nothing." Rowan insisted once again, trying to ease the worry that had seeped into Lily's mind, yet of course, Lily didn't care what Rowan said, since the damned ghost wouldn't say anything more then that about the red moon, "Yeah well I am the only one who can see it" She whispered back, trying to not elaborate on what she could see in case anybody was listening. A sudden banging of the door drew her to look up, to see Mr.Stein, walking in with a determined look on his face. From what Lily had heard from her older brother, Stein had been teaching at that school since before Lily was even born. And she could believe that, he was a balding man in his sixty's at least, with a fuzzy black moustache and cold eyes. Most said he was one of the nicest teachers they have ever had, others say he was the meanest, nobody really understand Mr.Stein or how he worked, and that made Lily slightly nervous.

"Today class, we will start on lesson 1.5.1 in your text books, turn to page twenty." He stated with a Brisk tone, turning back to the small table he had in the middle of the room, opening his own teachers copy of the book and turning to the page. Lily looked down at the page and groaned, they had covered this last year. She looked around, hearing mumbles of protest from the kids, some were down right rude, while others were just plain stupid. She sighed, well, if they were going to listen to another WWI lesson, then Lily might as well ignore it and talk to Rowan. She turned to Rowan who was staring at the page, giggling, "Didn't you do that last year?" she inquired. Lily thought about shutting the book on her, but that wouldn't do much harm seeing as she was not alive. "Yeah well obviously we didn't learn enough about it" She informed with a slightly angry look. History was one of her passing classes, but when they had to do a lesson over, she naturally got angry seeing as it would be easy just to answer the questions without thinking. She liked challenges, not do overs, and it was a bit annoying that they had studied these wars for three years in a row now.

"Mr.Stein, we have already been over this" A boy with shaggy brown hair and tan skin said, he was known as Darrell Walsh, not one of Lily's friends, but close enough to Kimmy that he sometimes hung out with them. Mr.Stein for a moment seemed like he would do nothing, but suddenly a vein bulged in his head and he turned to Darrell with an angry look, "DO YOU THINK I DONT KNOW THAT! I AM THE TEACHER, YOU ARE THE STUDENT!" he yelled loudly, then regained his composure, "Now class, read silently through the text, and then we will discuss." He said kindly. Lily was surprised, she had never seen a teacher switch from furious to kind in one swing. She wanted to laugh, but once again covered it up with a few coughs. Mr.Stein turned to give her a look, "Something the matter Miss Heart?" he asked questioningly, raising an eyebrow. Rowan snickered at Lily as the pink haired girl looked up and smiled sweetly, "No Mr.Stein, just catching a cold or something" she covered up. He seemed to not believe her, but turned back to the board anyway. Lily sweat dropped, honestly, he was crazy, no wander students had mixed feelings about him.

"Im bored." Rowan whined in Lily's ear pulling a strand of the pink haired girls hair, Lily held back a yelp, one bad thing about seeing ghosts, was that they could actually touch you if they wanted to. Unfortunate, it wasn't the other way around, if Lily ad tried to pull Rowan's hair she would only end up looking stupid with her arm raised in the air, nobody being able to see Rowan. She sighed, "Yeah so what?" She whispered, trying not to move her lips to much and make her voice sound quieter then normal. She swore that if Rowan got her in trouble because of this she would kill the dead girl. If that was even possible, she thought to herself. "Lets do something!" She whined again, pulling out another piece of Lily's hair. The pink haired girl held back a yelp as she covered that area, "Dont pull my hair, and we are in class we cant do anything!" She whispered furiously, eyes staring straight at the ghost girl.

(OOC: im going to be gone until Monday, im taking my laptop with me but service is sometimes spotty and if I can get on I cant guarantee that I will be able to post)


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Rada walked towards Aldan and Quersh, a bag slung across his back. "You boys ready?" Quersh simply grunted, and turned the other direction. Aldan nodded his head but said nothing. Down the main hall towards the door they stood by, the king himself walked, two guards on his heels.

"Are you ready to be transferred" The king waited for the three to confirm, then moved forward and opened the large door. A blue crystal stood close to twenty feet high floated in the center of the room. The three stood near the crystal, each holding their bags. "Remember, we will lose all contact for one year. You will be completely on your own, so you will have to be completely self-reliant." The king stood near a smaller crystal, that was attached to a machine with large wires leading to the ceiling above the crystal.

"Goodbye." The king lowered a lever towards the crystal, and once it made contact the large crystal glowed. Aldan reached out and touched the crystal, immediately he disappeared. Rada and Quersh both touched the crystal and disappeared instantly.


Aldan sat back, watching the pink haired girl with a bit of intrigue, because he was pretty sure she was whispering to herself. This girl was definitely a strange one. He felt in his pocket, ensuring the charm was there. He planned to return it to her, no reason to keep it from her, but he wasn't gonna let her off easy after her disrespect earlier. The door opened and an elderly gentlemen entered the room. Apparently he was the teacher. He told every one to open to the days lesson.

Aldan opened the text book he had received in the previous months. The text wasn't too hard to read thankfully. You would be surprised how many of the human languages originated as a demon one, and he had had a couple of months to work out the nuances of the language. The class moved on without to much issue. He followed along, slightly intrigued by the human's history.

When the class ended, Aldan moved to the door as quick as he could in hopes of intercepting Lily. He pulled the charm out of his pocket and swung it between his fingers.

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