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Anvain Koravelki

Soft-hearted forest elf

0 · 439 views · located in Gladitorial Stables

a character in “Red Sand”, as played by Selene Durlan



Age: 19
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”


Anvain is a very trusting young elf; often seeing only the good in people and believes when she asks the truth of someone it is given to her. If there is a conflict between two people, Anvain will be the one to separate the fight and work out a good solution. She is very friendly and loves talking to people.

Anvain is very tender-hearted and cannot stand to see cruelty especially towards animals. Her brothers had scoffed at her inability to handle killing and the fact that she would weep over the death of a deer or pheasant meant for the dinner table did not help other elves accept her.

Anvain is a forest elf so if she decided to leave the cover of trees she could develop all sorts of problems including loss of appetite, nervousness, angry outbursts, vomiting, nightmares, social withdrawal, and paranoia. Elves that are forcibly taken from the forest are more likely to develop such symptoms faster and given long enough they will be driven insane, with death soon following.

Song that describes her personality:


Anvain carries her rune covered blade everywhere, made especially for her by her father. She is proficient with throwing knives, bows, and daggers. Being small she relies more on speed and agility than strength in a fight.

Armor: See picture.


Anvain grew up in a small forest elf camp with at most two hundred inhabitants, when she demonstrated a talent for tracking and moving through the forest unseen it was decided she would train to become a Ranger, a most prestigious and important position. An elder Ranger began to teach her combat skills, which would be used for protecting the camp from curious humans and other dangerous things. Once properly trained she became one of the very best Rangers, never having killed a single intruder, she had discovered that with the correct camouflage she could fool the trespassers into thinking the very trees were alive and had been angered at their presence. It always gave her a good laugh to see them run away yelling in terror.

The trees became her life; the swinging and climbing of them was her heartbeat. As she grew closer to the forest she found it became impossible for her to hunt the animals that dwelled within. Her campmates quietly scorned her and whispered behind her back. Her mother was the only one who understood her daughter’s feelings and knew the cause for them….There were things Anvain needed to be told before she became an adult, but her mother was too afraid to tell her.

Her mother never got the chance before disaster struck for Anvain. It had been like any other day for Anvain, checking the perimeters, taking a swim, racing a deer through the underbrush. That is until she heard a faint cry near the border of the forest, caution should have told her not to get so near open ground, but someone was in distress and she had to help. Nearing the crying sound she spotted a young human child, seemingly his foot was trapped under a log. In her haste to help the young boy, all warnings of humans and their craftiness left her. The second her foot touched the ground near the boy, she knew it was a trap. A heavy net fell upon her and several burly human men came out from behind the trees and one struck her across the head before she could draw her sword, as her vision faded she saw the boy being given ten copper coins for his part in the ruse.

The cost of her freedom. Ten copper coins.

So begins...

Anvain Koravelki's Story