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King Dimitri Blackwell

"You will respect me, or fear me. I care not which"

0 · 318 views · located in Griffin Peak Mountains

a character in “Red Sand”, as played by guru101


Name: Dimitri Blackwell
Age: 50
Race: Human
Description: Image
Despite his old age the king doesn't look a day over the age of 30. One striking feature of the man are his eyes. Normally his eyes are a dark grey color, but when happy his eyes turn ice white, and when mad they turn pitch black. In the center of his chest is tattooed a large black circle.

Personality: Some say he is mad, others say he is mighty and many more say he is evil. King Blackwell is a volatile man to say the least. He is giving out rewards and gratitude one second, and the next he is running his sword through one of his advisers for suspected treachery. Only the man himself knows what he is thinking or what he will do. One factor of Dimitri that stays the same though is that he is cunning to a high degree. He couldn't have taken over all the surrounding lands without being so. Every move he makes is made to meet some personal goal of his so watch out with what you do, By denying him his wish you may inadvertently be doing exactly what he wants.

Preferred Weapons: Being the king of a militaristic and war loving civilization Blackwell is a renown warrior. He wields his enchanted twin short swords, messor and bellum, with an expert hand accomplishing feats in battle that no man should be able to do. Messor is a black blade that is rumored to have great powers stored within, while Bellum is said to give its weilder great strength and battle prowess.

Preferred Armor: The king always goes into battle wearing his red studded leather armor, with two silver bracers . The armor is enchanted for the strength of steel while still holding the flexibility of leather. The leather armor covers most of his upper torso leaving his shoulders and arms free to maneuver however he wants.

History: Dimitri was the 5th son of king Alexander Blackwell. From the moment he could walk Dimitri was taught how to read, fight, and rule a kingdom just like his brothers. At the age of ten Dimitri showed great potential and was excelling in all of his classes which did not bode well for the other brothers. His brothers fearing that he would ruin their chances and taking the throne started plotting against him planning on removing this common enemy before they continued the personal war between each other. A year later the brothers set their plan to assassinate Dimitri into motion, or at least they would have if the most peculiar series incidents did not happen. One brother the age of 16 had a accident dealing with a poorly strapped on saddle while riding his steed that morning. two of the brothers who were twins the age of 14 ended up falling off of one of their favorite play spots the castle wall to their deaths, and finally the oldest brother 18 just never woke up. He was know to have a problem with the drug known as sleep weed and had accidentally taken to much of it the night before leaving poor Dimitri alone and grieving for his brothers. King Alexander knew what really happened to his sons but did not mind. Dimitri had shown great initiative and never got caught once so all king Alexander could do was silently congratulate his only son for a job well done. At the age of twenty Dimitri suddenly left home heading east only saying something about being called there, the king ordered him to be stopped but he fought his way through ten guards battling like a man possessed. After his escape king Alexander denounced Dimitri as his son and vowed that if the annoyance ever came back that he would have him executed on the spot for defying his order. After three years with no sighting of the missing son Dimitri appeared at the castle doors wearing nothing but two swords and a large tattoo on his chest. He fought his way through his fathers personal body guards coming out bruised and bloodied but seemingly no worse for wear when he appeared in front of his father. "How dare you enter this castle after I banished you!" shouted his father lifting his broadsword in a offensive position."My dear father, is this the welcome you give to your beloved son?" Dimitri's blood cover face smiled as he asked his eyes shifting from gray to black. His father noticed the shift of eye color and balked "Where did you get the demon eyes my son.... those cursed things have not been seen in this kingdom for 300 years!". Dimitri smiled at his father "My dear king, why you banished those with eyes like mine I know not... they reveal so much more of this world than those weak mortal eyes that I left behind". Alexander clenched his sword and grit his teeth "Begone from this place you monster and never return!" he shouted as he lept at his son attacking with a great over hand swing. Dimitri easily dodged his fathers attack and battle ensued. Dimitri played with his father awhile poking small holes, and leaving small gashes in his hands face and neck. Finally Dimity had enough of the games and with a quick parry and riposte he ran his father through. As shoved his blade further into Alexanders stomach Dimitri leaned in and whispered "This world is now mine father, a man like your should be proud... you helped give birth to a legend." Dimitri grinned before ripping his blade Bellum out of Alexanders stomach and decapitating the man with it. By the time a contingent of 100 solders made it into the throne room Dimitri had sat his naked blood covered body in the throne and had the crown adorning his head. As the solders all pointed their weapons at him he stood up and and raised his hands "I Dimitri Blackwell claim my birthright to rule this kingdom and all of its inhabitants, your old king is now dead and a new lord has taken the throne. BOW BEFORE YOUR NEW KING!" he shouted and so they did. From there Dimitri began his conquest of all the realms and the rest is well known history.

So begins...

King Dimitri Blackwell's Story