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Leilatha Esta Nym

Don't worry about life, you're not going to survive it anyway.

0 · 186 views · located in Fantasy

a character in “Red Sand”, originally authored by sweet_angle66, as played by Selene Durlan


Age: 29
Race: Elf
Gender: Female


Keeps to herself as she believes there is no real need to make friends and build relationships in the line of “work” she is in. Most of the people (if you could call them that) she is surround by end up dead anyway. Occasionally she does speak her mind, however when she does she shows no signs of feeling or emotion behind the words that she says and therefore many believe she is cold-hearted.

Trust and loyalty are not her strong point, however in her team fights she does tend to cooperate with them and look after them. It’s not like she has a choice, if she doesn’t watch their backs they are not going to a watch hers. Nevertheless if she sees someone who clearly won’t make it she will not risk her life to help them only to have them bleed to death after she does.

Leilatha is also courageous being a female gladiator is not as easy as it looks especially when having to fit men twice her sizes and weight. She lives each day as it comes, not caring much for the future or having a goals because she knows that one day she will not be walking out of the arena alive.


Preferred Weapons: Blade (like in image), daggers, anything with a sharp edge really that she can use to slice across someone’s skin or stab with.

Preferred Armor: Will accept any she is given, but a cuirass (breastplate) is preferred.


Leilatha’s parents were forced to sell her in order to support the rest of their family. She knew her parents had no other option and so didn’t blame as she was taken away from her village. The next few years she spend moving from town to town, getting traded from owner to owner until eventually she found herself in the land of Diran. At that time King Blackwell was offering quiet a large amount of gold for gladiators which seemed to light up her current owner’s face as her sold her to the king. Her fighting skills were just above average, (her father taught her the basic swords and hand-combat skills when she was younger) and so at first she had a bit of a slow start in the arena but it did not take her long to build up her strengths and skills. Leilatha does really like fighting but knows she has no real choice and so gives it her all each time in hope that maybe just maybe she can get out of there.

So begins...

Leilatha Esta Nym's Story