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Rowan Verrow

"Don't worry about me... just try to stay alive."

0 · 241 views · located in Kingdom of Seria

a character in “Red Sand”, originally authored by Ginko, as played by Selene Durlan


Name: Rowan Verrow

Age: 19

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Description: Image
Rowan has an incredibly small frame, especially for someone chosen as a gladiator. His thin body lacks in strength, but makes up for that in speed and flexibility. Typically, he refuses to wear a shirt and shoes, thinking that any extra clothing would just slow his movements and thus hinder his fighting capabilities. His sharp gaze is somewhat strange looking on him, considering his size.

Personality: Rowan is very adamant about not allowing himself to fail his comrades. In fact, his biggest fear is not being able to help when the time calls for it. His usually expressionless attitude is a facade, and in actuality he is a worrisome and incredibly kind person. He holds no reason to kill, but fights only to stay alive and keep those he cares for safe. If that requires the deaths of those who stand in his way, then so be it. One trait that Rowan holds greatly is his belief that one day the Tyrant King will be dethroned, and the land will return to its days as a peaceful place, which is his major reason for fighting in the first place. If he can make a legend of himself, prove himself, then maybe one day there will be a time where he can bring peace to the land once more.
Another odd trait of Rowan's is that he seems to lack the ability to understand sarcasm, and tends to believe everything people say at face value. This tends to annoy others at times, which only tends to put Rowan in troublesome and confusing situations.

Preferred Weapons: Broadsword (Odd as that is, considering his focus on speed.)

Preferred Armor: None, Light Leg Armor, Gauntlets

History/ Feelings on being a gladiator: Rowan was born after Diran was ravaged and its people enslaved. Even at an age where he couldn’t understand why Diran was being taken over, he knew that fighting was his only chance at survival. So that is what he did. Of course, he couldn’t allow himself to be caught by the guards quite yet, so while working his younger years in the salt mines, he trained his legs secretly. That way, his clothing would hide his strong legs while showing only his weaker upper body. However, he was found out… and at the age of 18 he was separated from his older sister and his mother, his only remaining family members.
His views on being a gladiator are simple: Survive and Protect. His goal is to survive every fight, every blood-soaked ordeal, in order to protect those he cares for and be reunited with his family.

So begins...

Rowan Verrow's Story