Red Winter

Red Winter


After years of nuclear testing and environmental disater, Russia had to adapt new technology and adopt old ways of thinking, you are the liquidators the people who wikl return us to the motherland.

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in the distant future russia is devastaed by nuclear fallout and intense weather conditions
almost all the extieror land s uninhabitable o in an effort to survive the russian populace has secluded themselves in massive superstructures
food has been reduced to nothing but a bland paste with flavored vodika being drink of choice for many
there is no rel government as everyone but a small group agree living together is better than dieing alone the social structure is as follows

Liquidators, the brave men an women wo's job it is to clen the outdors up,kill mutants, and teraform old russia
Scientists, the men and women who kep the vodika tasting nice, invent new weapons and tools, and advise the liquidators in the field
CSF, the city security force who keep the people at home safe from the "undesirables"
Maintenance, the people who keep the cities working at there top form
Food handelers, the people who prepare the real food or special occasions
Custodial, keeps the cities clean
Undesirable, the people who are unemployed homeless, to mutated o work, and felons

though there is vibrant new technology people tend to stick to the old weapons due to reliability
so you may see one man carrying a bright new electrokinetic rifle, ou will typically see peopl wielding the good old fashioned AK47
everyone must complete the liquidators pillgramage to be considered an adult
first you must goto the old Chyrnobal reactor and carvw out a small piece of the irradiated concrete
o show that if everyone dose their part everything will get done eventually
thn you must goto red square nd drink to the fallen
to show respect for the dead
then finally return to the pripyat graveyard nd bury the concrete chip
to show remorse for those we couldnt save

in this world maan couldnt save all the creatures so mny became mutated
horrors tha prowl the wastes

being liquidators it is your task to rid the motherland of these beasts
nd help return man to his home

(on a side npte dont judge the spelling to harhly as this was all writen on a kindle touch not a kjndle fire)

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