Jack callaway

though he wasnt born in russia he was welcomed as if he was family, so he is willing to do anything for russia

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a character in “Red Winter”, as played by SeraphinOfGlory


Average build of about 6.3 feet tall but weighs only arpund 180 pounds due to the strictness of diet required o survive in russia

When on work he is almost all business but when back home it is so much easier ti drink vodika and act a fool
his 2 favorite vodika flavors are whipped cream and chocolate

with his past he keep more to himself most anyone knows beides hisbparents (now dead) is that he used to be an american

but his present occupation is a squad leader for the liquidators

he keep standard gear with him

his EVA suit which is euiped with a generl access data slate, water reclaimation, 2 belt flasks
and traction boots

in his containment tank he kep electricl repar tools standard survival gear (fire starters food etc.)
extra ammo for his AK47

and he keps a standard thermal knife as wll as wering his Exo Skin whih is a thermally controlled undersuit

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