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Rebecca is an ordinary 17-year-old living an ordinary life, while her mother has to deal with people from alternate dimensions. But are they truly so disconnected from each other?

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Rebecca Drummond’s father died from a disease ten years ago today, and while the memory of his passing is definitely an uncomfortable one for the girl, it’s plain to see that his death was far more traumatic for her mother, Katherine.

Katherine Drummond was a scientist and amateur inventor who worked mainly with machines and technology, living in the Scottish town of Tallowmore. She once was a positive and upbeat woman, but ever since her husband’s death she has become a lot quieter and reclusive, tinkering with her machines and inventions in her workshop alone and hardly ever interacting with anyone except her daughter. Even then, while she always treats Rebecca with kindness, it’s obvious that the two have grown distant from each other, as if Katherine feels she’s let her daughter down.

One cloudy morning while hurrying to school, Rebecca happens to hear a strange voice as she passes by a shop window in the centre of town. Slowly stopping and turning around, she sees that voice came from another girl, who seems to appear as only a reflection within the glass. The girl says she’s lonely, that nobody ever notices her and hasn’t had a chance to speak to anyone in ages. Rebecca’s naturally puzzled by what she’s seeing, and frankly a bit suspicious too, but as she can sympathise with this girl’s situation she begins to talk with her.
The girl in the window glass soon understands at Rebecca has to get going for school, but as she’s so glad that someone finally noticed her she offers to grant Rebecca a wish. This definitely makes Rebecca suspicious, but then she honestly admits that she’d like something to bring her mother out from all her work and seclusion and finally get her to start talking to people again, to feel like she isn’t worlds apart from everyone anymore.

The day goes on, and while Rebecca’s sitting silently in class as the rain now pours rapidly down outside, something strange happens all the way over at her mother’s workshop. As Katherine is fiddling with the circuits on an old device a blackout suddenly occurs, even though her workshop was meant to be protected against such things. The lights eventually come back on, but in a brilliant yet strange display of purple and yellow flashes, and the next thing Katherine knows is that a group of strange women who otherwise don‘t seem to have any connection to each other have all appeared inside her workshop.
It’s only later that she finds out that all of them are from alternate timelines on Earth, some with advanced technology, some with magical powers, but none of them anything alike, yet they were all pulled into this dimension by the same mysterious storm. Katherine may be their only chance to get back to their proper worlds (assuming that all of them want to get back) but she has no idea how to return them, interdimensional transportation isn’t exactly her field of scientific research, to put it mildly.

Game Information

Normally I highly dislike the ‘harem’ genre of anime (basically where one character, typically male, suddenly finds themselves surrounded by dozens of romantic interests, typically female, for often little to no reason), because they’re frequently sexist, overly gratuitous and lacking in originality, and that’s assuming they’re even the focus of the story rather than some unnecessary tossed-in element like in Fate/stay night or To Aru Majutsu No Index.
Basically this RPG was conceived as “If I was forced to make a harem anime, here’s how I’d do it”. It is worth mentioning however that this game features a lesbian ‘harem’ (two of them, actually), meaning that here there’s a girl in the centre of a sea of female romantic interests rather than the usual guy.

Despite the rather melancholy touches to Katherine’s and Rebecca’s backstory, this game will feature several comedic elements such as the confusion of those pulled from other dimensions, or the everyday happenings in Rebecca’s story. But of course the game will not be purely comedic, and there might even be the occasional action sequence in Katherine’s story (though not constantly).

An important thing about this game is that there’s two different storylines running at the same time, though occasionally there’ll be some overlap between them.
The first is of course Katherine’s storyline, involving parallel dimensions and how to get back to them. This is easily the more ‘fantastic’ of the two storylines (which is unusual as it exclusively involves adults), with the characters potentially coming from a multitude of genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, horror or pseudo-historical. Though initially this storyline will be set in our world, it will eventually venture into other universes, though will deal with problems from those universes before then.
As Katherine is nearing forty, try to keep any of the women attracted or associated with her of an adult age, even if this will certainly not be an explicit RPG.

The second is the ‘realistic’ side to this roleplay, with Rebecca as the main girl. This mainly concerns the relationships she makes while going through her everyday high school life, with any supernatural elements (e.g. the girl in the window and the odd reference to Katherine‘s story) kept to a minimum, even though Rebecca may still have quite a bit of interaction herself with Katherine’s story. But basically this is for anyone wanting a more down-to-earth story, a genre Katherine’s story may not really cover.

This game, while on our version of Earth, mainly takes place in the fictional Scottish town of Tallowmore (still very much a work in progress, though this shouldn‘t affect the otherworld characters too much), sometime during the late 20th century, before the turn of the millennium.

When writing out a character sheet, along with the standard parts like personality and history, please remember the following points:

- Whether your character is a part of Katherine’s story/’harem’ or Rebecca’s story/‘harem‘.

- A quote from your character.

- A detailed description of the alternate earth your character comes from, if part of Katherine’s story.

- A decent enough description of any supernatural powers your character might have, whether superscientific or magical, if in Katherine’s story (although not all characters in Katherine’s story need to have supernatural powers). Healing powers are currently not advised.

- Anime images are welcome (all other images, not so much), though try to say which character from which work the image originally represented. If you’re having trouble coming up with an anime image for a character, just ask me and I can provide possible choices.

Keep in mind I will reject any character sheet if I believe it's too simplistic, has had minimal effort or thought put into it or appears clearly rushed, try to aim for at least two paragraphs on personality alone. I don’t need heaps and heaps of information and terminology, but I do expect at least something.

Episode Guide

To give this RPG a sense of structure and make it more of a collaborative experience, I’ve decided to divide it up into ‘episodes’. Though I reserve the first and final episodes, players will be able to ‘write’ episodes of their own.

However, you will not be able to decide your episode’s number, all episodes will be assumed to happen one after the other. You will also not be able to decide the episode’s outcome or how any character besides your own acts in it, that would be railroading and puppeteering respectively.

At the moment there’ll be thirteen episodes, though this may be expanded if it appears to be just too little space. Each episode will be divided into two sections running concurrently, focusing on Katherine’s side and Rebecca’s side respectively. When writing for an episode keep in mind you won’t have to write for both sides if you don’t want to.

The episode template is below. Please send all episodes by either PM or in the OOC thread:

Code: Select all

Storyline: (Katherine or Rebecca)


Antagonist: (If any)

Setting: (If not taking place in Tallowmore)

Miscellaneous Information:

The episode list is below:

#1 - “Lightning Strike”/”The Girl In The Window Glass”
#2 - Open/Open
#3 - Open/Open
#4 - Open/Open
#5 - Open/Open
#6 - Open/Open
#7 - Open/Open
#8 - Open/Open
#9 - Open/Open
#10 - Open/Open
#11 - Open/Open
#12 - Open/Open
#13 - Reserved by the GM

Toggle Rules

1. This is NOT a fetish roleplay, keep any R or NC-17 rated content strictly away from this game, and remember that story and especially the characters themselves are the focus of this roleplay.

2. No gratuitous swearing, sexual references or gore. No matter how much it may be a part of the harem genre, try to keep fanservice to a minimum.

3. No sexism, chauvinism or misogyny or any other sort of discrimination.

4. Try to avoid stereotypes, whether stereotypes of women, stereotypes of Scottish people, or stereotypes of lesbians. Note that at the moment I won’t be very accepting of the ‘woman-who-appearance-wise-might-as-well-be-a-man’ type of character.

5. Always be aware that I may very well criticise or even reject your character, though never without some explanation.

6. Please try to maintain proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

7. You cannot control any character that is not your own, and you especially cannot kill anyone off without permission from both their player and the GM.

8. OOC, please be kind and respectful to all other players. IC, you can be a bit of a jerk, though only if this sort of behaviour is in-character for the person you’re role-playing.

9. Please don’t ask things like “When can we start?”, "Are you still accepting characters?" or “Is this game dead?”. In response to the former, all in good time, in response to the second one, if I'm not I'll say so somewhere, and in response to the latter, only the GM has the right to declare whether this game is truly over.

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Town of Tallowmore our primary setting

Main setting of this roleplay, fictional Scottish town.

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Town of Tallowmore

Town of Tallowmore by RomanesqueMarionette

Main setting of this roleplay, fictional Scottish town.

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Character Portrait: Katherine Drummond
Character Portrait: Rebecca Drummond


Character Portrait: Rebecca Drummond
Rebecca Drummond

"I don't think she's smiled in years..."

Character Portrait: Katherine Drummond
Katherine Drummond

"I don't know what's going on anymore..."


Character Portrait: Katherine Drummond
Katherine Drummond

"I don't know what's going on anymore..."

Character Portrait: Rebecca Drummond
Rebecca Drummond

"I don't think she's smiled in years..."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Katherine Drummond
Katherine Drummond

"I don't know what's going on anymore..."

Character Portrait: Rebecca Drummond
Rebecca Drummond

"I don't think she's smiled in years..."

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Town of Tallowmore

Town of Tallowmore by RomanesqueMarionette

Main setting of this roleplay, fictional Scottish town.

Town of Tallowmore

Main setting of this roleplay, fictional Scottish town.

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Moving on, not to sound rude or anything, but since you're here and all you wouldn't happen to have any sort of character in mind? If not do you think it might help if I conjured up some sample images to be used or take inspiration from?

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Not to sound pedantic, but technically this is a lesbian harem, not a reverse harem. A reverse harem is where a girl is surrounded by a horde of male love interests, a lesbian harem naturally is where a girl (or in this case two girls) is surrounded by a horde of also female love interests (though Katherine is at least bisexual).

I'm not really sure about actively destructing harem stories, while I'm certainly not a fan of the genre (at least not of the standard boy-meets-girls variety) I wouldn't want this game to get too serious in that particular direction at the expense of plot or characters (though that could tie into things). I will definitely say that this will not be your typical harem storyline.

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A reverse harem RP? Can't say I've seen too many of these (or at all).

Is this RP going to actively deconstruct the harem genre?

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