"To observe and protect, that is my mission."

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a character in “Refracted Light”, as played by XxHunnybeexX


Name: Inaoro Shadows
Age: 15
Height and Weight: 5''9, 125 lbs.
Eye Color: light blue with darker blue iris halo
Attire: form fitting black muscle shirt and tight black denim jeans
Desires: to succeed in his mission
Fears: failing his mission
Addictions: he doesn't have an addiction because he believes that he should not pollute his body and mind
Profession: he is a spy who's mission is to watch over and protect the bastard son. He excels in blue spectrum


He is a no-nonsense type of guy. If he gives an order, he expects it to be followed. He is very serious and doesn't really have much of a sense of humor. He doesn't laugh at jokes and he trusts only himself.
He is very closed off from his emotions and seems to have none. He is very prideful and will do what ever it takes to complete his mission. He may look young, but he is very old for his age. He is very smart and has a great mind for strategy.


His Blue Spectrum Luxin changes into a bow and arrow which he uses to protect his client/mission.


With his Spectrum being Blue, he has a rather good connection to the Spectrum Luxlord of Blue and works for him to keep Dazen safe and out of harms way. He was from a small family consisting of his father, mother, and two younger siblings. They were killed before his eyes the week after his 10th birthday, and a few days later, he was taken in my mercenaries that work under the Spectrum Luxlord of Blue. He was given his current mission a few months ago and has been trailing Dazen ever since. Now his main objective is to keep Dazen safe without being seen...he can only hope things go the way he wants them to at this moment in time.

So begins...

Inaoro's Story