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Jack Patene

"The walking Battery."

0 · 220 views · located in Earth

a character in “Refuge: The Beginning”, as played by TheFlag


Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Jack is a small, agile woman, standing at the height of 5'5" she is fairly thin and has a good posture, her skin is rather pale. Her hair is black and parted from the middle, tied tightly in a bun giving her the sophisticated look, her hair is almost serene in a sense that it doesn't often change. Her eyes are an piercing blue, she can look rather intimidating if she has to. Her facial features are strong and can display emotion with relative ease, her cheeks are pronounced giving her an doll like appearance. Her posture is straight and sophisticated often fooling others into thinking she is high class. In general she is a graceful woman her small height is only a minor setback, as she looks physically able and gives off the independent vibe which is easy to notice, her body language is fluid and graceful she is well spoken and easy to understand in that sense.
Skills: Jack is a skilled at Urban Exploration having practiced at a young age, this is part of where she gets her graceful athletic appearance. Jack is fairly intelligent and is good at creative puzzle solving and thinking outside the box. She is a fairly skilled in Physics due to her interest in this subject at a young age. Her reflexes are trained, this is a side effect of her Urban Exploration training, allowing her to react faster then most. Her strength is average, though she has a high cardio and can run endlessly another side effect of her Urban Exploration training.
Ability: Jack has the ability of Electrokinesis in a sense that her body can only hold so much electricity, once she runs out she either can recharge from Electrical devices or wait for it to naturally charge which takes a lot longer. When she absorbs electricity it also heals her. The main downside to this ability, if she is submerged completely into water she'll short out and die, however if not submerged nothing happens.


Personality: Jack is a competitive person and a sore loser, her personality clashes with others regularly, however she can have times of warmth and understanding though it might take time those she grows close to she'll take care in a pinch. She likes to take things head-on and deal with them, she thinks the situation would only get worse best to get it out of the way. At times she can be seen as humorless this is not the case, it's just she has an old streak of humor which could be seen as dark and disgusting. Jack is emotionally hardened and able to take on more then most, she might curdle at violence and death but she'll adapt quickly. Jack accepts reality and life for what it is, self preservation as for this drive she'll do whatever it takes to survive, being able to make impossible decisions in a blink of an eye. Jack is like ice she may be cold and calculating, but she'll crack under pressure and streaks of personality and emotions will begin to leak out.
Likes: Electricity, air, physics, competitions
Dislikes: Water, closed spaces, clowns, dead ends
Fears: Minor claustrophobia, irrational fear of clowns


Jack has a satchel on her right shoulder, filled with clothes and food and other essentials.


Jack's mutation remained dormant until she was 15, her parents hid her from society but she was a burden and the town they inhabited was under the rule of the Stripes she fled not wanting to drag her parents down with her. She gained more control over her ability in a prominent way, she fled from town to town never staying to long, but always scraping enough supplies to get by. At the age of 16 she stopped of at a house to steal supplies it was inhabited by an old woman who offered to house her for a while, and so she did but when the old lady discovered her ability, the old woman tried to kill her, Jack managed to kill the Old lady first but then realized that she would never be safe, she has been searching for a sanctuary ever since.

So begins...

Jack Patene's Story