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Regal Lands.

Regal Lands.


A medieval time,full of love and hate.

4,545 readers have visited Regal Lands. since xxMCxMIKEYxx created it.


Hestieal is medieval land,full of fields,mountains and seas.

The Canter are one house,make your character in here,and they are loyal,fun loving house.They live in a huge sandstone castle,people from around the kingdom go there,even thought it is not the capitol there is more citizens there then the capitol.Their animal is the Eagle,strong, and proud.


The Reyolds are the second house,they live in peace with the Canters.If you make your character in here they are sometimes crazy,but other wise,nice.They live in a small castle on a river,it is a small house,so there is very few people who stay there.Their animal is the Snake,small,but fast.


The Treyians,are the last house, if you make your charcter in here,they are the most vain,they can also be sweet and polite.They live right beside they sea,and are the capitol city.They don't live in peace,and usually start the wars.Their animal is the Direwolf,dangerous,and proud.


Your character is allowed to have a pet,but just use the animal from your house.if your character does no have royal blood,it can have a pet as long as it reasonable.

When you are making your character please use this desription:






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" I cant leave canter unprotected we are the middle land if they are to attack Canter is the most likely spot, however you going back is not bad idea, if you could make the king see what's going on perhaps the two lands could form a resistance as well as gather the what's left of the treyian empire." Just as Levi spoke a horse came galloping to a stop at his side. He turned his back towards Alice to grab two blades, one black and the other silver, from its pouch and turned back around to face her. "I guess this is were I say good bye huh?" he said; urguing a smile upon his face that was both sad and lovely. "So until that day or do I have to come visit your castle sooner." At that, Alice couldn't seem to restrain herself no longer. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. "You be careful, okay?" she whispered into his shirt.


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Character Portrait: Levi Canter Character Portrait: Alice J. Treyian
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#, as written by KazutoK
Surprised by the sudden emotion he froze a little but then smile and kissed her forehead tenderly his lips pressed against her skin for a while gently they parted from her skin he smiled and softly spoke, " No promises, but I can say this I wont die until I see you and the land safe I promise you that " He said as he smiled and wrapped his hands around her waist, " Best make haste for your kingdom my princess, although I would I prefer you stayed one more day" He said with a smile and the looked at the sky a grey shade covered it. " However I know the kingdoms come first, it would be selfish of me to ask" He said as he helped her into the top of the horse and looked up at her. " I'll send a escort to ride with you to the edge of the border just so your safe, I wish I could do more but the troops needs to prepare" He said a little somber adjusting the blades into his belt and then put his hood cape back around his neck the air blew in a slight breeze making it flutter around with the wind.


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Character Portrait: Levi Canter Character Portrait: Alice J. Treyian Character Portrait: Alexa Treyian Character Portrait: Fae Alduin Character Portrait: Tiny Tictoc Character Portrait: Heath McLainey Character Portrait: Abraham Von Scheim
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Ignore. Double post.


7 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Levi Canter Character Portrait: Alice J. Treyian Character Portrait: Alexa Treyian Character Portrait: Fae Alduin Character Portrait: Tiny Tictoc Character Portrait: Heath McLainey Character Portrait: Abraham Von Scheim
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"I'll send a escort to ride with you to the edge of the border just so your safe, I wish I could do more but the troops needs to prepare." Levi told Alice as she watched him adjust his blades to his belt, and put his black cloak back around his neck. "No need for that," Alice shook her head, "The ride from here to Treyian is not far."

At that, she jerked at the halter rope and before she knew it the horse went off in the direction of Treyian. She felt its back swaying under the saddle as he gallops, the gallop is very smooth barely allowing Alice to bounce on the saddle as she urged it to go faster and faster and faster. The horse streaked through the dark, thick underbrush of the forest like a bullet, like a ghost. There was no sound, no evidence that its feet touched the earth. Its breathing never changed, never indicated any effort. But the trees flew by at deadly speeds, always missing Alice by inches. She was too exhilarated to close her yes, though the cool forest air whipped at her face and burned them. She instinctively felt as if she was stupidly sticking her head out the window of an airplane in flight.

Then it was over. The horse immediately came to an abrupt stop as she yanked at the halter rope. After tying the horse to a tree, she lifted up the hems of her dress, and ran through the gates of the Treyian.

"Who is that?"
"It looks like Alice."
"It is her."
"The princess of Treyian has returned, but how can this be?"

She heard the guards exchanging conversations as she passed then, but she didn't pay any attention. She had to find her sister's, and warn her father and mother about the attack. She had only ran as fast as she could, the heels of her boots slapping to the ground, her legs working smoothly, mechanically, moving her across the cobble stone of the castle. Just as she was about to round a corner, she ran into someone. The person gripped the sides of Alice's arms, saving her from falling. "Alice?" It was Agatha, her maid. "But how did you-"

Alice cut her off. "Oh, not now Agatha," she slapped at the stunned young woman's hands. "Release me." She did, and Alice was off only this time she took long, hurried strides. "Where are my sisters?" She asked as she checked every room of the castle, none of which had neither Alexa nor Fae.

"Out looking for you," she paused. "Everyone's looking for you, Alice." This made Alice whirl around to face Agatha with a look of terror upon her face. "What? No. NO!" She paced around from left to right, rubbing her hair from her face. Her eyes began to sting, and her throat became dry as a tear trailed down her cheek, but she made no attempt to wipe at it.

"Alice? What is the matter?" Agatha asked in a soothing voice as she approached her with wide arms. Alice pushed her off. "No, do not lay as one finger on me, Agatha. Let me be, please." She threw her fists to the wall with a grunt. "This is all my fault." She hurried into her room across the room and yanked open her wardrobe, rummaged through her clothes until she found the outfit that was used at times of battle. She pulled the dress up over and off her head and adjusted herself into the warrior clothing. Once she was down and well dressed, she moved over to her bed, slid out a chest from under, and unlatched it too reveal the hundreds of weaponry; bows and arrows, crossbows, swords, daggers, everything. She took out a few daggers and stuffed them into each of her boots them grabbed for her bow and her arrow, then laid them on her bed to wrap her hair into a ponytail. Afterwards she nicely placed the arrows into her quiver, slung it over her shoulder, then grabbed for her bow.

Agatha had been watching Alice in awe at how fast she'd moved gracefully and quickly throughout her room that she forgotten she wasn't supposed to let her out of her sight now that she has returned home. "Alice, where are you going?"

Alice was just down the hall when she heard Agatha. She whipped her head around to face her. "I am not letting my family risk there lives for my own," she said. "Dead or not. It is my duty as the king's daughter, and as a warrior to save my kingdom. And my family." Then, she slid down the grand staircase railing and was out the door. This time, Agatha let her go.

The wind grew, as it violently whipped her ponytail behind her. Alice was on the horse Levi loaned to her and was now racing at blinding speed through the forest in the direction of Reynolds.


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Levi Canter Character Portrait: Abraham Von Scheim
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#, as written by KazutoK
He stood at the edge of the castle and looked down as his generals chanted the war song, He sighted and lifted his hand to stop this song which he hated it, he look down upon the land and then spoke " The seven Generals of rosecastell i give you this command i want the attack on Canter to be swift and strong not unnecessary deaths we target the head of the snake and those who protect them but no one else" He said as he adjusted his cape and then saluted them, the army saluted back and they began to march towards the border of canter and Reynolds unaware that thanks to the dying warning of their sister land Canter was now preparing its own army to fight back the invasion however would this army be enough to stop the onslaught that was coming this way.

Levi sighted as he saw the girl leave it was a painful image specially since he knew there was something brewing in the horizon a war. Levi walked over to his men and then began to speak " today we heard of terrible news of the Reynald kingdoms down fall, we have suspicious to believe whoever did this will attack canter next " He said as the soldiers face changed to a shock expression " do not be afraid my fellow soldiers we have fought two wars in two fronts and fended off both armies we are capable of fighting this new treat off i promise you that i will lead us to victory" He said lifting the spirits of the soldiers who seemed more relax " now the veteran soldiers are to be positioned in the border and the new recruits you are in charge of rounding of any survivor and refugees from the Reynolds kingdom."

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"It takes strength to be certain. It takes courage to have doubt."
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Abraham Von Scheim

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Jamie Rouven

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Fae Alduin

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