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Angel Gutierrez

"Sometimes life sucks, and it feels like I'm the only one trying to make it better."

0 · 176 views · located in California

a character in “Regis Preparatory School”, as played by No Vacancy Motel


Scholarship Student

ImageName: Angel E. Gutierrez

Nickname: Goes by Al, as its less embarrassing to him.

Age: 17

Grade: 11

Sexuality: Pansexual

Birthday: August, 16th

Hometown: Born in Wichita, but lived in L.A. for most of his life.

Height: 5 ft 6

Weight: 159 pounds

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Other: Cross tattoo on Wrist

-Hanging Out With Friends
-Playing Jokes
-Being With His Family
-The Great Outdoors

-Animals (He doesn't hate them, just doesn't like shedding.)
-Witnessing/Being Bullied or Attacked
-When Bad Things Are Said About His Family/Friends
-His Own Name

Losing his family, whether it be by death or something just as bad.
Always having to be 'that' kid who always moves around and you never learn the name of.
Being alone, he is truly afraid of ending up lonely.
Snakes and lizards, he is definitely not a fan of either.

Dreams: He wants many things for his future, but most of all he wants to be well off enough that he is able to take care of his mother financially and help out his family with all of their troubles. He simply wants to make sure his family lives the rest of their lives free of the worries his mother and himself went through.

He also wants to get into the film or music industry once he is out of school.

Sports Of All Kinds
Music (Singing mostly)

Personality: {Sarcastic, Temperamental, Obstinate, Push Over, Self-Conscious}

Even though Angel can be kind and sweet towards his family and friends he goes on the defense when strangers come into the picture. He knows that he has to get over his fear of being judged but he hasn't exactly found a way to do that yet. So unfortunately the sides of his personality that show the most are the worst sides of him. Such as his Temperamental nature, he can change from being friendly to on the attack in an instant. Though he won't be the first to throw a punch he isn't going to be the last to say something rude or utterly insulting. He is triggered by just about anything, from something being said to simply being looked at in a strange way. Sometimes he even gets a bit touchy when around his friends, but he tries his best to control his temper.

He is also extremely sarcastic, whether in a joking way or mean way depends on the situation and who he is around. Most of the time it is the former, but usually when its the latter it can mean he is in a bad mood. He is also extremely stubborn and won't do anything he doesn't want to do, or won't take no for an answer when he wants something. This means he can get on other peoples nerves pretty quickly, and has a tendency to be annoying.

Angel isn't all bad though. He has his moments but he is over all a good guy if you know him personally. He likes to joke around and just hang out just as much as anyone, and when he's in Drama class he is always super nice, helpful, and kind. Usually his mood shifts are due to if he's feeling Self-Conscious or not, because he doesn't really have the most confidence in the world and he only over comes that lack of confidence when in his element.

Being extremely family-oriented means that he is extremely protective of those he loves and cares for, and will go to any extreme to help them out. He is this way with friends as well. He can be a real push-over when it comes to friends, and has a bit of a problem saying no.

History: Angel was the product of a hazy drunken night between a confused young woman and a way older man. Angel wasn't planned at all, and his father had no problem reminding him of it every time they crossed paths. The emotional and physical abuse he and his mother suffered still sticks with him still to this day, but he tries to keep it at the back of his mind and never allows it to slip to the front. His mother was always working when he was younger, and he didn't blame her for always being away. His father was always spending the bill money on drugs or his friends and never really paid mind to Angel or his mother. A final line was crossed when the druggie stole the money that was being saved up for Angel to go to college. His mother finally wisened up, packed their things and moved Angel to California where they lived with a distant cousin for a few years.

During his middle school years he had a pretty rough time. Between trying to stay out of trouble and always getting bullied he had to always keep his head up and grades high. He wanted to make sure his future wasn't leading him to the same dark place as his father. So while other kids in his grade were experimenting with alcohol, and some with drugs he was studying as hard as he could. When he first started taking drama classes he found that he was actually not that bad at acting and memorizing things. He was in quite a few plays and though he never got the lead roles he was never a role that had less than three lines. He spent a lot of time with the other drama kids and eventually joined the club for it.

The bullying just got worse when he started high school. But despite all of it he stuck to his art and kept a hopeful attitude that things would get better...though there were a few things that started getting in the way. He got into a few physical altercations with other kids, and eventually it got to the point where he had to fight for himself on a daily basis. Most of these altercations happened around his neighborhood and not at his school, but they still started to effect him. Getting a scholarship was his saving grace, he knew if he stayed at his old school he wouldn't have made anything out of himself. He was already starting to go down that path, now he just has to knock down the defensive walls he has created around him.

ImageFavorite Subject: Physical Education

Least Favorite Subject: Trigonometry

Class Schedule:
Monday, Wednesday
Chemistry 9:00-10:00 AM
Trigonometry 10:10-11:10 AM
Physical Education 11:20-12:20 PM
Film Making 1:30-2:30

Tuesday, Thursday
English 11 9:00-10:00 AM
US Government & Politics 10:10-11:10 AM
Italian 11 11:20-12:20 PM
Drama 1:30-2:30 PM

Extracurricular Activities: Drama Club

Dorm Room:

  • Harper Grammar - I know her type and to be honest I don't think we will be getting along very well. Besides, she doesn't know who I am and it'll probably stay that way if she is even half the type of rich girl I imagine her to be.
  • Emma Bradford - Hey, she seems really nice. I don't know her of course but she seems like someone I might get along with in the long run. But then again I'm not sure if she would want to hang around someone like me.
  • Ollie Fari - I don't know him but from what I've seen of him he's pretty popular around here. I don't really know what he's like because I tend to avoid the more popular students since most of them turn out to be jerks anyways - I mean, I don't know if he is like that but its a possibility that I'm a little wary to test out.

So begins...

Angel Gutierrez's Story