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Vex Ratcher

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a character in “Regulus”, as played by Ivisbo






x x x x‣ S T A T S ‣

x x x x‣ K O R - Y 2 B ‣
KOR planets are man-made, a massive behemoth of tech circling around an artificial star. The level you are born on dictates the majority of your life- those closest to the core are engineers and working-class, their skin always sweaty and hair slicked back from the heat generated by the star. As the floors of this rotating planet of steam and metal expand outward, so do the possibilities for its inhabitants. The middle levels have more opportunities for growth- they can see the stars there and can dream of leaving this fabricated planet. The top tier is the only one open to the stars- it is full of oxygen, towering buildings, plants, and the warmth from the nearest sun.
Y2B is the year Vex’s planet was created, year two billion. It was one of the first KOR planets created and therefore its core fluctuates. It was originally meant as a home for the miners of the nearest gas giant, but that planet has since been exhausted and the gas leftover is noxious and worth very little. Y2B’s top tier has been abandoned by the elite, the plants long since dead and the oxygen-limited enough that a mask is necessary to survive. The Ratchers originally came from the inner core, historically all became mechanics and engineers by necessity, but now the star is too unstable for anyone to live that close. He grew up in the middle tiers- stuck between a dying star and a disappearing atmosphere.

x x x x‣ C Y B O R G ‣
As humans expanded into the universe, so did their evolution and the limits of their bodies. Most humans born on the KOR planets are from the same branch- early colonizers and explorers hailing from the original Earth. They rely heavily on technology to survive and therefore their genetics have evolved to reflect that- weak, less muscle, stout with dexterous fingers and a mind focused on gears. To combat this, humans from KOR planets modify their bodies out of necessity- anything and everything is replaceable as long as the brain remains intake. Like the planets they are from, KOR humans are viewed as a Cyborg race to the rest of the galaxy.

x x x x‣ C U R R E N T M O D S ‣
‣ LEFT ARM ‣ steel and metal composite, unfolds into a high powered blaster
‣ RIGHT ARM ‣ steel and metal composite, unfolds into a sword
‣ LEFT LEG ‣ metal and steam-powered, adjusts its shape for accelerated swimming, running, jumping, and fighting
‣ RIGHT LEG ‣ metal and steam-powered, adjusts its shape for accelerated swimming, running, jumping, and fighting
‣ TORSO ‣ core power surrounding his heart that runs the mods that require a battery, this is expensive and needs to be replaced every few years depending on use. It also protects his heart from damage. His digestive tract has been replaced, fueling his body and core more efficiently. Ribs are made of flexible carbon steel.
‣ LEFT EYE ‣ replaced with a heads-up display that assists with targeting and connects with his brian for language translation. He only owns the basic language package which includes 1,000 of the basic galactic dialects.
‣ LEFT JAW ‣ replaced for steel parts some time ago after being broken in an explosion. Assists with language translation package.
‣ LEFT EAR ‣ replaced after an explosion, offers enhanced hearing and assists with the language translation package.
‣ BRAIN ‣ Though mostly still human, he has a few modifications installed that are directly linked to the brain. Basic language package, Inebriation control, Enhanced targeting and display.

x x x x‣ H I S T O R Y ‣

So begins...

Vex Ratcher's Story

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#, as written by Ivisbo
Vex was never sure if there was something to fix or if Zae just liked to pull things apart and put them back together. Issue was she was currently tinkering with his installed digestive tract, the rubber tubes and wires hanging loose out of the maintenance hole in his abdomen while she dug around his insides. It felt similar to someone rooting around in your mouth after a numbing shot- the majority of his internal organs in that area were mods, so there weren’t many human nerves to react. Either way, it wasn’t a comfortable visual, especially as she turned and yelled at Sari with her arm still elbow deep. He wanted a shot, but he’d already attempted to steal her drink once- resulting in a rage of swearing as the alcohol poured through his body and out the tubes she was working near. She’d stolen his flask and he’d had to settle for a cigarette, balanced between tight lips as he scowled across the mess hall.

“You fuckin’ finished yet?”, He tapped the smoldering embers onto the floor and shifted minutely, adjusting to see if she’d made any progress or was still fucking around, “Your drinkin’ away my alcohol ration and you didn’t even tell me what’s wrong down there”

“Who said anything was wrong?” Zae looked up, giving him a wink before she went back in. Her fingers had stretched around the tubing, keeping it sealed as she moved it aside to reach in further. The further she had to extend her mass, the more dense her extension would become making sure she’d be able to maintain the integrity of her appendage.

When the hunk of metal first came on board, Zae had practically salivated over his mods and tech. He was like her own personal doll - even if it took an emergency for him to let her take a look. Networks like this were delicate, it took a professional eye to properly maintain it. Zae could see a glitch in thumb movement and narrow it down to a frayed wire in his spinal cord. It was easier just to tell Vex he was broken than actually explain what needed fixing.

“I’ll sit here all night if you close up the stomach and let me have a drink” He grumbled and exhaled, making sure to send his smoke downwards towards her smirking face. It wasn’t like he wasn’t used to Zae’s ongoing fixation with his upgrades, she just usually wasn’t pulling apart his stomach and stealing all his alcohol at the same time.

With everyone crammed together in the mess hall, Vex basically had the night off. Generally, he was either training the newer members or loitering around whatever group was on deck, making sure everyone stuck to their assigned tasks. He was fairly sure no one was going to try anything tonight, with a storm raging and everyone stuck together like space sardines.

“Stop moving and maybe I’ll finish sooner,” Zae gave him an incredulous sneer before taking another swig of his bottle, realizing she was getting near the end of it. “I’m almost done.”

Her free hand grabbed what appeared to be a pen from her utility belt then lowering inside of Vex to her tangled web of appendages below that were holding his innards in place. Despite having drank the bulk of both her options she still moved with the precision of a surgeon. A bit of smoke unfurled from inside him as the pen cauterized the split coil of one of the binders between the flex rods.

She could tell by the way he had turned to look at her when she called his name after they'd all quarantined below deck that something was off down there. It could have gone on long enough without being an inconvenience, though the mechanics around it overcompensating for it would cause his tech to degrade more quickly. As much as Zae loved keeping his leftovers when he upgraded, it pained her to see him so easily discard her work at the moment it became inconvenient.

“Alright,” Zae said as she began to close him back up, tucking her pen back into her utility belt. “That was fun wasn’t it?”

Vex stretched immediately, the mechanized joints of his body crackling back to life with the whirrs and coughs of weathered steel. The things that needed to be fixed stayed fixed- the weapons built into his arms, the hydraulics in his legs, and his newly installed spine. He oiled daily and charged every night, but otherwise Vex was pretty shit at maintenance. Luckily his job on the Regulus paid well and came equipped with its very own mechanic- who happened to be obsessed with his robotic parts and accepted outdated mods as payment. Zae was good too- noticed shit that he just chalked up to a bad night's sleep. Even now the tightness in his neck was disappearing.

“Fun for you” he reached for the discarded alcohol and gave a groan of annoyance at it’s empty contents, “You didn’t even let me get a shot in before finishing this off. Please tell me you got an extra bottle stashed away”

Zae scratched the side of her neck, too drunk to pull off a sheepish expression. She never really put much thought into saving alcohol or where it might come from, it was just there - until it wasn’t. Luckily her kind didn’t experience withdrawals like other humanoids, but Zae was significantly less pleasant with a hangover than she was cruising between a .3% blood alcohol level. After all adrenaline burned through any kind of impairment she might have within 20 seconds so it usually wasn’t much of an inconvenience.

“I mean…”, She flashed a look over to Wes, scooting in closer as she lowered her voice. “We are in the mess hall….where rations are kept.”

The cyborg focused on the cook on the far side of the room, crouched next to that twig of a cabin boy and leaning far away from their violent puking. He was glad they’d stationed themselves far away from that mess.

“He is looking very preoccupied at the moment”, Vex cast her a lopsided smirk, “You make sure he stays that way and I’ll make sure we are set for the storm?”

Zae gave him an all too toothy grin, then looking back at Sari. “Oh that’ll be no problem.”

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Give me the final piece
Little lights that lead as far as I can see
Of all the billions of stars
That are the dreams of your friends

xxx.xxxxx║ Hex: #076232

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♥♥♥♥♥♥So I'm a little c-c-crazy
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Get off my back
♥''You're curious but scared I'll give ya
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥A heart attack


♥♥♥♥♥♥So I'm a little c-c-crazy
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Get off my back
♥''You're curious but scared I'll give ya
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥A heart attack

Image Image Image║ Hex: #D2B48C

Let's get mischievous
And polyamorous
Wine and women and wonderful vices
Welcome to the cult of Dionysus

xxxxxxxxxx║ Hex: #722F37

Image Image Image

If you questioned why the crew of the Regulus was below deck, you’d only need to wait seconds before being reminded of the storm outside; rain pelting the portside, thunder clapping above deck, and wind bellowing around the boards of the ship. But you’d also hear life among the crewmates bunkering under the storm, laughter was happening, shouting, and the occasional hurl from someone; sometimes from drinking too much, or from sea sickness.

“I don’t know. She was down here when we raised the alarm to get below deck. She’s probably hiding around here somewhere, she can handle herself.” Dieter said leaning against the wall of the ship and crossing his arms as he spoke to Captain Yael Hellspear, giving his report after a head count. “Fine D. Anyways, you said Xavi reported we should be out of the storm within the night? Should keep us ontrack to our next destination.” Yael responded, Dieter nodding in response. “Relax Capt, the crew is enjoying themselves, so should you.” Captain Hellspear patted Dieter on the shoulder and nodded, Dieter standing up straight and returning the respects before the two stepped away from each other.

Xavi, the ship's navigator, had just reshuffled his deck, after giving out another tarot read to a crew member. Though he didn’t do these for free; he would ask for one half ration of alcohol per read, he knew better than to offer up quality services for free. He chuckled as Zae ruined Sari’s story telling. “Was it a ghost boat?” Xavi asked, bringing Sari’s attention to him for a moment. “I swore last time you told the story it was some sort of dragon.” He said, getting some laughter in response from some of the other crewmates. Sari’s stories were always spectacular, but the details would change just about every time she told them. Everyone knew Sari’s tales were true, but no one knew to exactly what degree unless they were there.

Between two of the storms thunderous roars, the starboard entrance to the main deck opening and quickly slamming shut, people glancing for a moment at who it was, but quickly going back to their activities and conversations after dismissing it. In the doorway stood a short woman with a rope tied around her waist, both dripping with water but a smile still on the woman's face. “Rosia! What in the sol’s ass were you doing out there? You could’ve been sent overboard, the wind could carry you with one breath.” Dieter said to the woman, Rosia, and walked over to her. “Aye, I’m fine. Had this rope around me and couldn’t be blown away. And I was just taking in the storm, it's a wild one. Last one I saw this bad was above New Dewrin.” She responded to Dieter and quickly dismissing his worries. He just let out a sigh and rolled his eyes at her.

Rosia was a unique addition to the crew since her old crew’s failed attack. Dieter was against her joining the crew, but his captain had other opinions, and didn’t help that Xavi spoke some other nonsense about it. It took them time to teach her the ways of a ship that didn’t spend all of it’s time smuggling and attacking other ships, but she did come with some advantages with her lack of worry and fear and experience in conflicts.

Rosia pulled the rope off of her waist and ruffled her wet hair, looking over at the sound of someone emptying their stomach into a bin. “Nym, you should see the skies out there.” She said with a smile, tossing the wet rope aside and leaving it for the cabin boy to pick up later, probably after Nym was done throwing up or when the store was over. “Nay. She shouldn’t. She needs to focus on her duties, and you making a mess isn’t helping.” Dieter chimed in before walking off. He was one of the few, if any others beside Captain Hellspear, knew the truth about Nym, so he did feel some sympathy watching a prince forced to do a servant's task.

Rosia rolled her eyes and took a seat at a nearby bench, sitting across from the man she heard rumored was a Sudakloren, and tapping on his book. “Hey there, whatcha reading about?” She asked, not really knowing it was a rude thing to do. But she was a bit fascinated by people reading books, when they could just watch something. Though that was also influenced by the fact she wasn’t given the attention to being taught to read during her previous life before the Regulus. “Aye Ros! Give the man some peace. Not everyone is able to keep up with your energy. He’s reading. Usually when a man reads, he wants peace. Much like I like peace when setting up my rituals and not rearranging my candles.” Xavi commented from a few tables over, before someone else sat across from him, setting a ration of alcohol on the table.

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The door slammed open, winds howling behind it as a slip of a thing tethered by a heavy rope around her waist walking in with the biggest shit-eating grin on her face. The cabin looked over at Rosia briefly, Zae giving Vex’s foot a subtle kick to signal him. Rosia had an energy about her that cultivated chaos, exactly the kind of wave they wanted to ride. Vex gave her a nod, stood, and ambled away from whatever mayhem she was about to release. His job was generally to stop havoc on the ship, so he tried to keep himself out of the limelight of disorder when he could.

Wes looked over to Dieter as he corrected Rosia, and while he was right - Nym did need to get work done - Wes preferred he was the one bossing around the cabin boy. Still, he knew better than to just outright undermine the first mate.

“I dunno, we have some time.” Wes clasped a hand over Nym’s shoulder, giving it a gentle shake. “How about it, Nym - you want us to tie you up so you can go get a look at the stars?”

Of course he knew that wouldn’t happen, but it was enough to make him laugh. If the wind didn’t blow her away, leaving her flailing in the rain in wind, then she’d most assuredly spew right into the wind so it blew back on her. Rosia had already moved onto the next corner of the room, Xavier trying his best to wrangle her from bothering the passengers.

While the room was watching Rosia, Zae had slunk in the shadows rounding until she stood directly behind Sari who had taken a seat back at the table. She made no indication of noticing Zae’s presence, but when others at the table looked behind her, Sari's shoulders tensed. Wes could sense the shift in tension in the room, glancing over to the table from the corner of his eye.

Sari’s hands thumped on the wooden table as she pushed herself up, broad shoulders only seeming to set themselves further apart. When she turned to face Zae, the morfaereal had transformed herself into a mimic of Sari - complete with the fiery red coils atop her head going in all directions. Sari stepped forward, her duplicate unmoving so that they stood uncomfortably invading one another’s face.

“Back up, shifter.” Sari growled. Zae clucked her tongue, wagging a finger in Sari’s face. Sari slapped Zae’s hand away, Zae feigning offense. “I said back….up.”

Dieter had just leaned against a wall and taken a swig of his ale as he scanned the room, and doing a double take at seeing two Sari’s and only coming to one conclusion. Zae. He set his drink down and took a step towards the two crewmates, hoping to diffuse the situation before anything happened. “Zae…” He spoke out loud, a warning.

Morphing back into her original form, Zae hardened the density of her forehead plate and knuckles. She put up either hand as if in defeat, taking a step back briefly before winding back and thrusting herself towards Sari. The beast of a woman had a moment to react as Zae tensed, one hand catching Zae’s fist as it came her way.

Zae looked at Sari with an overconfident smile, throwing her head forehead to collide her forehead against Sari’s nose. Blood immediately began to spill, painting down Sari’s face and onto Zae. Around them the room had swelled, several of the crew members finding the closest foe and throwing licks.

Before Dieter could reach the two, conflict arose; not just between them but between most of the crew as a brawl was breaking out, madness erupted and a smirk came across D’s face subconsciously. D made his way through the brawl smoothly, pulling one man into another and tangling them both up in the rope Rosia brought in earlier. Tripping one female crewmate and tipping her and a few others over a bench clearing them out of the way. A few crewmates even tried their hand at targeting the first mate, but just ended up colliding with each other and knocking each other out as D took a half step. He didn’t quicken his pace to the two main perpetrators of the conflict, taking his time in pacifying others around him effortlessly.

“Enough.” Dieter spoke, voice raised enough to reach around the room and seating in everyone’s ears. He pulled Zae back behind him, knowing it would be easier to pull her away than Sari, and inserted himself between the two.

“Nine lashes for the both of you when this storm is over. You’ll be lucky if they aren’t done by me personally.” He spoke, staring Sari down, seeing her mouth open to speak. “Hush. I don’t care.” Dieter cut her off, not breaking his stare, as if waiting for Sari to do something in retaliation.

With the back of his head turned to her, Zae stuck out her tongue making a face at Sari - enjoying herself too much. Dieter could hand out all the lashes he wanted, even if Vex actually did end up delivering them all Zae had to do was harden the surface of her skin. Sari glared at Zae over Dieter’s shoulder before glancing down in submission, taking her seat back at the table among the others.

“Exemplary work,” Zae hiccuped, giving Dieter a goofy grin and a pat on the back as she wiped the blood from her forehead.

Vex didn’t think of himself as a thief, actually he rarely stepped out of the loose rules the ship upheld. But it was a storm, the crew was secluded together in a small space, and Zae had finished off their alcohol within the first few hours. They both held rank on the ship, high enough that Vex felt that they deserved some sort of extra allotment for dealing with the crew. He knew no one else would see it that way, hence why he had left his heavy steel toed boots in favor of the silent stealth option his robotic legs could transform into. The high-tech mod had cost him well over $8,000 to add when he’d upgraded and he’d rarely gotten around to using them. Instead of steam powered, they fueled from his internal battery and were virtually silent, making stepping down the hallway outside the mess hall a breeze.

The kitchen was dead silent once he entered and shut the door behind him, the sounds of the fight dulling behind two steel walls. It was dimly lit, messy and clean all at the same time, and had the smell of two many spices caught in a badly ventilated room. Vex wasn’t sure if the cook ever got around to using any of those spices, but he kept his mouth shut on that topic.

The storage room off to the side was dimly lit, disorganized but clearly set up in a particular way for one man. Vex ignored the dry storage bins and freezer in favor of the barrels of alcohol, piled high and strapped together to avoid catastrophe. Vex uncorked the front of one of the whiskey barrels and started filling up his and Zae’s flasks.

“I’ll just take that out of your rations for next week,” Wes said from the door, one brow quirked towards Vex. “If you wanted an advance on your rations, all you had to do was ask.”

It was by no means an original idea to sneak booze from the kitchen, especially when they were all holed together like this for an extended period of time. It wasn’t even the first time Zae had tried it. That’s where Wes assumed Vex got the idea from.

“Maybe next time you two shouldn’t try to make your distraction so obvious.” He gave the hunk of metal a half smile, gesturing towards where he was sure Dieter was already pulling people apart.

Vex ran a list of annoyed curses in his brain as he finished up the first flask, tipping his head to the side as the only indication he’d heard Wes. He turned after a moment of silence, taking his sweet time to re-cork the barrel, “I doubt Zae’s got ‘less obvious’ in her vocabulary” He offered the cook a bemused smile before taking a sip of the newly obtained whiskey, “Maybe we can just leave this between us, a one time deal. I’ll owe you or somethin’”

Wes dragged his gaze across Vex, mulling over his options. On one hand, Wes took the integrity of his position with a somber sort of seriousness. However given his current position with the not-quite-a-cabin-boy just on the other side of the wooden wall it might not be so bad to have a favor with the master-at-arms. Wes leaned against the doorframe, crossing one leg over the other the exposed gears of his leg clicking as it adjusted to the shift of weight.

“Who even punishes the master-at-arms?” Wes gripped at the scruff along his jawline in thought. “I mean - I mostly just want to see how this plays out - even though you are a thieving bastard who thought he could take from my kitchen and I wouldn’t notice.”

“Technically, ours” Vex gestured with the flask at the room, grinning to show he was mostly kidding, “I’ve never been caught for anything remotely worth punishing, so I guess I don’t know. Let’s leave it that way- I’ll….” He paused and moved closer, his steps springy and light with his legs shifted to their lighter model, “I have a friend at our next dock that works in a kitchen. I bet I could get you some things you may be lacking”

Though Wes was curious what kind of connections Vex would have to procure some of Wes’s more rare “wishlist” materials - he’d much rather take the nonspecific future sometime in the future. He glanced back into the room where the ruckus had calmed down, stepping inside the kitchen to move past Vex. Wes gestured towards the door for Vex to take his leave.

“Don’t worry about it for now, I’ll let you know when you can pay me back.”

Vex moved towards the door, shuffling a bit because he wasn’t too sure if he trusted the cook. It wasn’t like an extra flask of whiskey was anything to throw him overboard for, but so far this was a well paying gig and his longest yet. He’d rather stick around.

“Thanks then. You know where to find me” He knocked on the door on his way out, letting the metal on metal be the signal of his exit as he slipped back down the hall again.

Grabbing a bit of ginger root, Wes shortly followed back into the hall. He had pulled out a pocket knife he used for peeling, whittling at the nub of ginger. When he found Nym again he handed her the bit of ginger.

“Ginger root, it’ll help with the sickness. Don’t bite it. He barely glanced at her, making sure she didn’t get the wrong idea that he cared or nothing like that. “Need you back on your feet by breakfast.”

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Wes looked over to Xavi as he inserted himself into the conversation. Any annoyance he might have felt was subsided by gratitude for not having to indulge Nym’s question. It was rare that his kind left their planet, duty often kept them bound to one another. He hadn’t come across his own for so long and while he did find comfort in it, there was a sour taste in his mouth whenever he tried to talk about it.

“I’m going to get some shut eye, keep up ‘till I come back.” Wes looked over to Nym sternly, “I need your eyes on me kitchen. Make sure no one tries to break the locks or nun’.”

He didn’t really think a wispy thing like her would be able to keep anyone out if they were determined enough, but he thought she’d like sometime a little closer to her age mentally. If she were to become a leader among their people, maybe if she learned the outside world wasn’t so bad she’d make their world more open to it. Plus he enjoyed seeing that glint in her eye at the hint of adventure, reminding him what it was like to be young and traveling through the cosmos for the first time.

The others were still drinking in full volume, but Wes had long mastered sleeping through the cacophony of the crew. Besides, the storm was still raging outside long enough that when he closed his eyes and focused on it’s sound the rest of the noise sort of melted away.

Zanzibar was the last major port on their path for weeks. This ultimate destination had been kept under wraps, though they knew they’d be going through the 36th quadrant. As they approached the floating city the clouds cleared. The current of passages in and out of the city kept the city surrounded in winds that kept it clear from the clouds.

It was one of the oldest cities in the galaxy, though it’s original structure laid in ruins below where the city now remained suspended by the giant large hot air balloons that were built around the entire structure keeping it afloat. It was massive enough from a distance but as the ship drew closer you could make out the depth of the passages that wound through the core of the city.

Regulus had acquired some minor injuries during the night, nothing they couldn’t fix up at port. Zae was one of the last to surface onto deck, having checked the machine room to make sure nothing busted during the storm. Her forehead already dripping with sweat, she wiped at it with the back of her hand as she walked up beside Vex.

“Reckon you already have some business on port?” Zae asked. She’d been trying to drag the cyborg to one of the brothels when they went into port. He had yet to have taken the bait, somehow always evading her efforts.

Wes had less give in his plans, every visit in port was a list of errands to stock up the Regulus and this one was more important than any other. They would be going past the reach, though there’d be some smaller ports along they way where they could pick up some essentials - but he preferred not to risk it. They were barely able to live on top of each other whilst drunk and well fed, take those away and it’d be carnage.

“Alright - you stay here. I need you to get that kitchen sparkling, I’ll be coming in with barrows of shit so I need every bit of space we have.” Wes directed Nym. He could’ve taken her along, he’d prefer to keep an eye on her - but he didn’t want her getting lost.

The sound of the door leading to the quarters captains flung open, Yael walking out with a stoic expression. Half of those on the deck just glanced over briefly. He never interacted much with the crew anyhow, better off leaving that to Dieter. He was much better at dealing with others than Yael ever was. He walked to port, eyes on the city as they approached. Signaling from the dock the workers guided them into an empty spot.

As they pulled in a ladder smacked along the side of the ship, two people pulling themselves on board. Yael handed over some paperwork, the three exchanging words briefly before stamping Yael’s paperwork and heading back to the dock. Nodding to Dieter to give him the go ahead that they were all processed, he turned his back to the crew returning to his quarters.

Zae had already morphed her shape into a rope like shape, throwing herself overboard before reforming back on the dock. She looked back to Vex, using her hand to block the sun from her eyes. Her nose crinkled, eyes squinting.

“Well if you get tired of your scheduled lay, I’ll be at the Red Fox.” Zae hollered up, making no attempt of discretion and giving him a big goofy smile before jogging off.

“Alright - here’s a list of all the shit I need done.” Wes handed Nym a piece of parchment, pulling a bag over his shoulder.

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Deck Hand


It had been three weeks since she hopped ship and set foot on Zanzibar. Leaving her last crewmates to be afterthoughts in her mind. They had been different from the usual types she travelled with, and it hadn't helped that no matter how hard she tried she couldn't wrap her mind around the very basics of their language. She was usually far better at that, but this time she had spent most of her time onboard struggling to understand even the basic gestures. They'd been somewhat understanding, or she thought they had been understanding. Perhaps she had misread them altogether? It was certainly a possibility. The amount of issues that delayed them along the way to Zanzibar certainly hadn't been her fault, but she knew tensions were high, continuing to travel with them would have been a mistake and sooner or later they would have likely stranded her anyways. Ismeria refused to make that mistake again.

Ismeria didn't mind puttering around Zanzibar till the next viable ship came along anyways. Mostly spending her time hunched over glasses of amber liquid, biding her time with relaxation rather than work. She had the skills to barter and trade for what she needed - that had gotten her quite far already. But she knew her time was ticking away, day by day, she would need to get out of here soon. Before she went crazy. The stillness had already crept beneath her skin, an undeniable itch that begged her to get moving. She never knew where it came from, what wild energy had been instilled in her upon leaving her home planet, but she knew to listen to it.

Sometimes she imagined that it was her brothers spirit, his sense of adventure guiding her every step.

She missed him.

"My favorite customer! Welcome!" Cried the barkeep. Ismeria smiled - every customer was his favorite customer. His greeting had been the same for every patron that walked through the door. Even if it wasn't sincere it was endearing.

Ismeria slid into a seat, "The usual please," She spoke, folding up her glasses and setting them aside. It was easier to take them off indoors, where the brightness didn't pierce so deeply. She rubbed at the bridge of her nose, where the glasses usually sat heavily, digging into her skin. She should really find a better solution, but it always seemed like an afterthought.

"Going to the port today?" He asked as he slid the drink her way, the liquid sloshing over the side and onto the tabletop. She wondered briefly if it would be rude to ignore him - then decided yes, of course it would be asshole, and nodded before downing the drink in one go. She needed the warmth that the alcohol would bring. She had spent much of her time on Zanzibar freezing her ass off, unable to regulate her internal temperature with the atmospheric change. Even her cloak had been of little help - not to mention that her clothes beneath were the same rags she had been wearing thin for ages. She could definitely do for an overhaul. She hoped the next place she landed wasn't suspended in the air, she just wasn't built for places like this.

"Something interesting might finally come along," She told him, though the annoyance in her tone belied the message. Fingernails picking at the grooves in the wood grain. She was usually naturally chatty but the extended period of time stuck here had sucked the social pleasantries right out of her. She'd spent the last three days loitering around the port, scoping out the ships that came in and out. So far anything that caught her eye hadn't panned out. Either the ships wound up being less than ideal or the crews would have no need for her.

"Well, I wish you the best luck," the barkeep seemed to finally sense that she wasn't in the mood. Ismeria didn't like to come off as rude - she was a rather nice person by nature. But she also didn't mind having a little silence while she drank. He refilled her cup before he left, and she set about the task of drinking that one down as well.

But she would take his wishes of luck. She could certainly do with a little extra on her side.

She left a few coins on the table as she went, feeling the buzz of the alcohol in her system as she began the trek towards the port. She was there quite early, but there wasn't exactly a timeframe for when ships were coming and going. Sometimes the more interesting ones arrived in the dead of night, swatched in shadows, and sometimes it would be in the early creepings of dawn, riding the same winds that kept the cloud cover at bay. But being out and about in the open while it was so bright out was an issue. She pulled her cloak tighter, making sure that the hood was securely fashioned.

Usually she stayed well out of sight, though the workers had seen her there enough times that they didn't seem bothered by her presence anyhow. She simply chose a spot to get comfortable, and waited patiently. One eye on her surroundings, as she quietly picked through a book detailing the history of the city. She liked to pick-up as much information as she could on the places she had been. Books were the best tools by far to do so.

It seemed though that perhaps the barkeeps luck truly was on her side today. It wasn't long before she noticed the workers scurrying to get into their positions. A ship coming in to land. She set the book aside, watching the proceedings with interest. She had seen many ships of all shapes, sizes, and materials in her life. This one though. There was something about it that piqued her interest - that might have simply been the desperation to leave Zanzibar speaking to her though. She didn't know, but she did know that whatever else, she had to get onto that ship.

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#, as written by Ivisbo

“Well if you get tired of your scheduled lay, I’ll be at the Red Fox.”

Vex flipped off the morphing engineer, her humanoid form stretching out from the rope as she jeered up at him and headed into the city. He’d spent the better part of the morning dealing with the shit from last night- a drunken brawl was allowed on occasion but always had repercussions. Vex personally found the fighting necessary, especially during a storm. Slapping a bunch of pent-up sailors in a single room with minimal alcohol and a tossing ship was the perfect way to shake up some tension. It didn’t help that he knew the real cause of the brawl and he wasn’t about to throw his personal mechanic under the bus.

Deiter had ordered nine lashes each, though Vex knew it wouldn't even phase the Morfaereal. She’d put on an act for appearances and possibly Sari’s sake, who’d taken the punishment with a solemn sort of dignity that he respected. He turned from the railing and eyed the pissed-off redhead standing with the assembled skeleton crew, Sari’s defeated and hunched posture signaling her discomfort. She’d taken the beating like a champ but had been pissed when she’d been ordered to stay behind on ship. Something about port plans… he’d have to remind Zae that they couldn’t keep picking on the same crew members, even if Sari were loud and easy to target. On cue, she looked up at Vex with a scowl, to which he tossed her a casual smirk and salute before quickly exiting for the ladder, glad his plans hadn't been canceled.

Zanzibar meant Tamsyn. The old floating city was a hub for ships and crew members seeking work- Vex had spent his years before joining the Regulus in and out of similar ports like this. Frequent visits and scheduled stops meant familiarity, familiarity meant he got to know people, and some of those people he’d actually started to miss. Those individuals started accumulating over his travels to the point that he rarely had to find a place to stay in port, welcome in someone's bed in most major cities. It wasn’t like he’d ever promised anyone anything and they knew him well enough not to ask, but it was nice to be off a ship with someone he enjoyed that didn’t stink of space and sweat and Wes’s cooking.

Tamsyn in particular had struck a chord with him, though he'd never let the draoi know. He'd met them on Zanzibar, Vex two bottles deep of whatever alcohol he'd scrounged up that night and Tamsyn perched on a stool like he owned the place. They were beautiful in that ethereal sort of way that seemed to be built into their plant-loving species and had wanted nothing to do with a piss-drunk sailor stuck in port. Flirting with the fuel of booze only got him steely-eyed glares, so Vex had used his favorite cyborg mod and flushed the entirety of the alcohol out of his system. He wasn't sure if impressed was the right word, but he'd at least intrigued Tamsyn enough to allow them to share a shitty bowl of nuts- and later a bed. Since then Vex had made sure to show up on Zanzibar every few months, even if it was only for a night.

The city was a dense cultural hub, influenced by the trading of crew and goods between ships. Most of the buildings had a sense of similarity, an original aesthetic from before the city had grown to what it was now. But that was before it had taken flight and changed into this menagerie of species and imports. Tamysn home was located beyond the most populated part of the city, where the buildings began to give way to the exotic flora that had once inhabited the mainland. Large growths of trees more similar to feathers draped their roots over cobblestone and grew into the sides of the buildings, making it one of the more suburban parts of town. When he’d asked Tamsyn why they’d settled so far out, he’d gotten some snide remark about sailors and left it at that.

Tamsyn had their own business that they ran out of their home that allowed them to flex their schedule, so when they received a message from Vex that he was soon to arrive at port they were giddy with anticipation. Vex had a charm that made one-night encounters leave an impression that could last innumerable voyages. Plus his journeys took him to the far ends of the galaxies often returning with seedlings or cuttings of rarer plants that Tamsyn could nurture.

Their home seemed to be overgrown with plants. There were some in incubators, others under lights but many just lived freely crawling up the walls and across the ceilings. It made it chaotic at first glance but otherwise the home was very tidy. Shoving some of their more hazardous tools of their trade into storage, they pulled out a bottle of some finer spirits cleaning it off for their soon-to-arrive guest just as they heard a knock at the door.

Tamsyn set down the bottle, grabbing a couple glasses and pausing in the mirror to give themselves a once over. Unbuttoning their blouse a bit so that when they leaned forward you could see the smooth chiseled lines of their abs, they smoothed a hand over their long silver locks giving themselves a smile. It would be a fun night, it always was with Vex.

“Hey there,” Tamsyn smiled as they opened the door, their eyes low as they took in Vex all at once.

Vex couldn’t control the grin that spread across his face as soon as Tamsyn opened the door, the sharp and striking features of the draoi a sharp contrast to the quaint warmth radiating from their home. The cyborg pulled out a small bundle from his back pocket and held them in the shade of the doorway, the phosphorescent glow of the seeds only visible in the casted dark. His grin grew at Tamsyn’s hungry expression, pulling the package away just as they reached for it.

“I’m hurt” Vex murmured and crowded them further in the doorway, “You seem more excited about the seeds than me. It’s been months Tam, com’ere” Vex reached for the other being and tugged them against him, his mouth hungry for the others.

“How dare you,” Tamsyn laughed as Vex’s lips crashed against theirs, the two wrapping their arms around one another. It never felt like much time passed between their visits, they supposed that was part of the Vex effect. “You know in my world, people have been sentenced to punishments far worse than death for keeping a plant from it’s draoi.”

Vex laughed into the kiss, a huff of breath between them as he pushed further. The door had opened wider, no longer held in place by Tamsyns hand and easy to move them inside. He tossed the seeds on a nearby foliage-filled table, hands quickly going back to wandering under the loose silken shirt and smooth skin. “The seeds and I have a deal, you get them after I get a proper greeting” he murmured in between kisses, their movements seamless against one another. Vex knew the small cottage fairly well, though he did trip over a few new pots in their frantic push towards the bedroom.

There was little room for talk after that.

Later that night Tamsyn laid in the bed with only the corner of the sheet pulled over their midsection preserving any modesty. Resting their head against Vex’s hardened chest, their billowing silver locks providing some cushion from the steel form. The room was heavy with their musk, Tamsyn hazy in the lingering effects of euphoria.

“You never cease to amaze me.” Tamsyn laughed, their fingers brushing along Vex’s metal jawline.

The cyborg smiled slowly, opening his eyes lazily to look down at his partner. The bedroom was illuminated only by the light from the floor-to-ceiling windows covering one wall, coating them both in a blue-white glow that made everything seem a little more unreal. He ran a hand through Tamsyn’s long hair, careful not to snag his metal joints on anything as he reveled in the softness even his synthetic nerves could pick up, “You just like me for my parts” Vex laughed, pulling the other in for a languid kiss, “The back is new by the way- and the spine and ribs'', He turned slightly to show off the elaborate segmented metal running up the center off his back like an exposed spinal cord, its edges molded to his human shoulder muscle perfectly.

Tamsyn's fingers ran delicately up the mechanics and Vex had to repress a shudder at the sensation, the scar tissue running along either side of the fairly new addition still sensitive, “I took a canon blast a little too close, but I’d been meaning’ to make this upgrade for a while anyway, even if it cost an arm and a leg- metaphorically.” Vex laughed at Tamsyns glance of worry at his joke, the other knowing his proclivity to overspend on whatever upgrades he wanted, "I already figured out the payment plan, don't think about it too much". This was a lie of course, but he didn't want to waste their time thinking about it.

Vex turned back around, not giving Tamsyn any more time to dissect the new addition, and rolled them so he was on top again, “The upgrades how I was finally able to do that thing when I lifted you this time, the one that made you make that noise-”

“And here I was thinking I’d just forgotten how strong you are.” Tamsyn chuckled, remembering the benefit of having a literal machine in his bed. Vex’s stamina was unmatched.

Tamsyn glanced down between them suggestively, “You’re not wasting a single moment, huh?” they teased - in no way complaining.

“Not when I have one day in port and who knows how long till I’m back. Hopefully you didn’t have plans tomorrow” Vex grinned and swooped down to initiate another round. Tamsyn wasn’t sure how much longer they’d be able to last but they were more than eager to find out, as many times as it took.