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Layla Marx

"The passion, lust, and want all mixed into one is as addictive as any drug."

0 · 527 views · located in Spencer Recover Center, Laguna Beach, CA

a character in “Rehabilitation”, as played by Gentletouchxox


Layla Elexandria Marx

My name is: Layla Elexandria Marx

But I am known as: Just Layla, or sometimes Lala.

I am this many: 18 years.

My place at the party: Party starter. Always bringing the fun with her.

I like: Boys, sex, parties, lust, and sex. Or did I already say that?

I dislike: Hate, marriage, violence, abuse, and darkness.

I am known to be a bit like this: Layla acts like she looks. Sexy. Every single thing about her is sexy. The way she combs her fingers through her long, luscious, dark locks. Or the way she plays with the edges of her always-short clothing. The way she bites her pencil when filling out a form. Every single essence of Layla was sexy. And every guy couldn't resist. Even though most would deny it, they all had some sexual fantasy involving her. She was pretty nice, funny, and easy to get along with. She was confident though. But not in an arrogant way. She liked to tease boys. Turn them on, then turn them down. Well, after she got what she wanted from them.

If you were to describe me to a blind man: I'm so vogue, baby .

The reason why I'm here: I'm an addict. No, no, not to drugs, but I can't find a better wording to explain it. It's like the biggest adrenaline rush you could ever feel. You just don't want it to end. Hopefully, I'm not sounding like a whore here. Even though that's pretty much what I've turned into, I never meant it to end like this. I had a purity ring for so long, it made a mark in my finger. But when I got to 16, I lost control of myself. When I finally allowed myself to go to parties, I would get too drunk and wake up with a guy. But now, now I stay just sober enough to get the feeling. They noticed. My friends, my parents. They all knew. They tried to help me, to warn me, but for two whole years I didn't listen. And now, I'm here. I'm doing this for myself. Not for anyone else.

My past in a nutshell: TBA in the roleplay.

So begins...

Layla Marx's Story