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Grace Marshall

"Dreams and reality are sometimes so far from each other that it hurts."

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a character in “Reignited Heart”, as played by No Vacancy Motel



Full Name: Grace Lynn Marshall

Nickname: Gracie (Usually used affectionately)

Age: 28


Grace is actually rather short, standing at 5'4" with a slim look to her. Her natural hair is long and brown, but recently she dyed it black and started curling it for a different look. Her skin is pale, and she has little luck getting a tan without being burned. While her personality mostly comes from her dad she got most of her looks from her mother. She has a scar on her left arm from a stray dog biting her when she was younger. She has no tattoos, but she does have her ears and belly button pierced.

Grace has always been a bright and kind spirit. When she was younger she could spend hours chatting with people, and was known herself for talking others ears off. As she grew out of it though she started listening more and lending herself as a shoulder to lean on. Though as she became an adult she started acting less for the benefit of others and more for herself. She became somewhat bitter about being stuck in Coon Falls and her bright outlook had dimmed quite a bit. Though she is still caring for others its not so much as when she was younger. She also developed a bit of an attitude, and can be quite stubborn. Though shes patient, if provoked her anger is explosive. She always worries about people, even if she doesn't outwardly show it.


Grace was born and raised in Coon Falls by two loving parents. She was quite an odd child growing up, and she didn't have a lot of friends because of it. She grew up in a stable environment, got good grades, and never got into any real trouble. When her mother and father divorced she decided to stay in Coon Falls with her father, because of the familiarity and fear of change. She graduated high school and went away only for a few short years for college. However she found the separation from her childhood home was a little too much, she dropped out and returned to Coon Falls, getting a job as an assistant at the local library. It didn't pay much, but it was enough that she could continue on living in her family home.

So begins...

Grace Marshall's Story


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What time it was..or even what day, Darrin had no idea. As of late, he was so drugged up he could barely keep up with the days or time. He couldn't even recall the last time that he'd actually gone downstairs to see any of his family. His mother would still come up to his bedroom to try and speak with him, or to try and convince him to leave the room. At one time, he would have been thankful for his mother's constant pestering. Not anymore. Due to the large amounts of alcohol and pills that he would take, he couldn't stand the constant pestering. He would often lose his temper with his mother. He'd recently began locking himself in his room. He didn't want to see anyone. He felt as if he was slowly loosing everything that he'd ever had. As Darrin lay in his large bed, merely starring up at the ceiling, he wondered..why had Hannah left him..them? He'd always given her everything that she ever wanted. He could see no reason for her to leave him nor their children.

Except she'd grown tired of being in his shadow. She'd met Nathan Williams, a well known CEO of a record company. Darrin had, at the time, had no idea that the two knew each other. Williams had promised Hannah that she'd be famous..that she'd have legions of fans. All she had to do was leave Darrin and their children.

As he'd just woken up, Darrin had yet to take anything since the night before. He was able to recall that his mother had attempted to get him to eat at some point though he'd refused. Gently sitting up, Darrin looked over to the nightstand. On top of it sat a beautiful lamp, a clock, a pill bottle, and a large glass container that held some forgotten kind of alcohol. Gently rubbing his face with a hand, Darrin debated with himself for a moment. Of course he knew that he shouldn't be taking the pills or drinking so much, but it helped him to forget the past three years. In the rare moments that he wasn't out of it, Darrin did feel terrible about ignoring his children. He was no good at being a husband nor at being a father. Just these thoughts were enough to drive him to quickly pop a few pills and drink a few shots of the very strong alcohol.

It wasn't long before Darrin began feeling the effects of the mixture. Slowly, he laid back down on his bed, pulling the blankets up and over his head. Darrin recalled the events that happened nearly three years ago, as he closed his eyes.
When Hannah had disappeared that awful day, Darrin had been worried sick. She had been supposed to pick the kids up from school and had just never shown up. Luckily, the kids teacher had called Darrin to let him know that she still had his children. He'd picked them up, at first being quite angry that Hannah hadn't picked them up. He'd taken them home, fixed them something to eat, made sure that they finished their homework, and put them to bed...and still no Hannah. It was by then that he'd really started to worry. Darrin had begun calling her phone, calling her family. No answer and her family hadn't heard from her that day. Becoming frightened for his wife, he called the police. They wouldn't be able to do anything for forty eight hours.

Darrin had stayed up most of that night, worrying. In the morning, he had had to get his children ready for school and take them there. He'd called Kris Manser, his closest friend, to let him know what was going on. By around noon, he received a text message from Hannah. She'd said that it was over, that he was doing nothing but holding her back. This was also when he'd found out about Williams. Darrin felt his world collapsing around him. His entire being belonged to Hannah and she didn't love him. He didn't know how to react. Slowly, as the next few days passed by, Darrin found himself not being able to really take care of his children properly. He had called his mother, asking her to watch them until he decided what he was going to do. Judith had flown out to the family's large home in California. She'd spoken for a long time with Darrin. She could not believe what Hannah had done. She attempted to comfort her son, to no avail. He was too far brokenhearted. She took her grandchildren and flew back to Coon Falls, keeping them at her small home.

Darrin stayed in California for another three months before he'd completely stopped caring about his career. He tried to leave the band, though his bandmates wouldn't hear it. Darrin resorted to calling them extremely hateful names, saying hurtful things. The other men became very angry with Darrin and at the time had not cared that he was leaving them. Darrin flew to Virginia to be with his family. He told his mother that they would be living in his large home that was located on the outskirts of the town. At first everything seemed to be all right. Darrin had seemed to be holding up as well as could have been expected. Slowly, as Judith would come over to the house everyday, she would notice that Darrin was usually drunk or had been taking some sort of drugs. He'd lost weight, didn't seem to care about his appearance, his eyes were usually bloodshot. His behavior had begun to change as well. Darrin had begun to have a bad temper, he'd lost any interest in singing or practicing his guitar, he was trying to push many people away from himself. Judith was beginning to worry about her son. No matter what Judith or her husband Mick said to Darrin, he just wouldn't listen to them. It had gotten to the point that Judith was staying at Darrin's home all the time. She was afraid to leave the children alone with the messed up man.
As he lay there, un-moving, Darrin could hear Taylor and Nichola running down the long hallway. He wanted so badly to be there for the young children..but how could he be when he couldn't even help himself?

Darrin fully snapped out of his thoughts when his mother began banging upon the door. "Darrin? Darrin..please. This has to stop." His mother called from the hallway. He said nothing for a long moment. "Please..come out and join us for breakfast." She called again. Darrin sighed softly before dragging himself out of the bed. "Go ahead. I'll be out in a minute." He finally replied. He could hear his mother going back down the steps to the main floor of the house. He quickly changed into something fresher. He ended up with converse, jeans, a black band shirt, and a black hoodie. Darrin pulled the hood up to cover his once brilliantly colored red hair that was now beginning to fade.

He then made his way down the stairs of the large home, to the living room where he was almost certain his children were. As he entered the room, he saw them on the floor watching cartoons. They glanced at him though said nothing. By now they knew better. He was, most of the time, completely out of it and they most often received no answer from him. He took a seat on one of the couches, turning his gaze to the tv. He could hear his mother in the kitchen, fixing the meal. In the past, he would have helped her.

Suddenly, Darrin heard a few knocks upon the front door. He would allow his mother to get it. He doubted that it was anyone important. None knew where his home was in Virginia. The door opened and closed and still the man did not move.

Judith had stopped what she was doing and opened the door, smiling happily at the woman. "I'm so glad you're here. Come in. Come in. I'm almost done fixing breakfast. After we eat, I can show you around the property."


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Grace felt the oncoming head ache minutes before it began to cause any real trouble. She had been up late the night before toiling away over her current situation. She hadn't seen Darrin Reed in years, and couldn't even recall the last time she spoke to him. She only remembers having to listen to his answering machine too many times before finally giving up. She sighs and takes a few Tylenol to cut back the pain in her head. She's going to be late, it's nearing the time now that Judith had specified for her to come over and she's still tangled up in her gold sheets trying to figure an excuse as to why she shouldn't go.

He probably doesn't even remember me, she thinks to herself. It had indeed been long enough that he might not recognize her, and she had changed a lot over the years. I doubt he wants to see me either, even if it would be nice to see her childhood friend again she was not under any illusion that he wanted her around. After all, he cut ties with her, why would he want to see her now? She figures this is all Judith's idea anyways and Grace would have felt bad if she said no to the woman.

"Alright Grace, time to suck it up and act like a woman!" She tells herself, tossing off the sheets.

It takes her less than twenty minutes to get dressed and comb her hair into a more manageable mess. She never did much with it these days, the upkeep of dying her roots every now and again was enough of a problem without having to deal with styling it. Grace barely looks at her clothes, selecting a plain black top and a pair of denim skinny jeans. For good measure she makes sure to grab her jacket in case the weather isn't very favorable. Her sneakers squeak annoyingly against the tiled floor as she moves around trying to gather up her stuff.

Once her keys, phone, and purse are gathered up she prepares herself for whats to come.

"I hope I don't regret this."

Grace drives on auto pilot, having memorized the directions she was given. Her head swims with thoughts and questions that probably won't ever be answered. She tries to keep her emotions reigned in, she doesn't want to show up and have the first thing out of her mouth be some rude question. Though she certainly wants to know Darrin's motives for his past actions she knows she doesn't really have a right to know, at least not yet. She recalls a particularly nasty memory from her past concerning Darrin and his apparent inability to keep in touch with her. She had been at college for no less than a year when it first happened.

She met him in a bar and that probably should have been her first sign that he wasn't exactly the greatest guy to be around. Not to mention he was way older and had a dangerous look to him. Grace knew her parents wouldn't have approved if they had met him. But this man -Anton Parelli- had the charm of an angel and Grace just couldn't resist....

Weeks later and Grace was a complete mess, failing grades and missing classes, always trying to avoid Anton but coming to find that the man wasn't so willing to let her go. He constantly stalked her, at home, while she was in classes, or even when she was out doing errands. Grace needed advice, someone to talk to, she needed her friend but Darrin never returned her calls. She didn't even know why she thought he would, he hadn't before and this time was no different.

Things escalated to the point Grace had to get a restraining order. It was a solution to keeping Anton away but it wasn't to her other dilemma of having no one to talk to. She wasn't a popular child growing up and didn't trust her friends at the college nearly as much as she had trusted Darrin....but from that moment she knew he wouldn't come to her aid, and that's when she finally stopped trying.

Grace tightens her grip on the wheel and sighs, its no use remembering things like that. This is the here and now, and she needs to focus if she's going to try and not make a complete fool of herself. Time to tune into my inner child, Grace muses to herself, realizing its going to take more than pushing it to the back of her mind to get over this bitter resentment.

She pulls up the the house nearly ten minutes later, anxious to know how this is going to play out. She cuts the engine and is thankful for the silence. The house itself is large, much larger than her little two bedroom one bathroom house that sits dead in the middle of nowhere. Of course she didn't expect any less than a large home for someone famous. It wasn't really in her nature to be jealous, certainly not of a house but she felt a little loneliness by simply looking at the house. No matter how long she worked there would be no way she could afford a house like this.

I wonder what his kids are like... She hopes they aren't spoiled brats or anything like that. She's usually okay with kids, but doesn't know if she could handle kids that throw fits when they don't get what they want. But knowing Darrin...or at least remembering how he was before she doesn't think they will be bad. Well, more like she hopes they wont be.

She sighs and folds up her sunglasses, adjusting her jacket and working up the nerve to go up to the house. After a little bit of debate and convincing herself that no, she can't go back on her word now, she makes her move.

She must look like a windswept mess, and she hadn't even bothered with make up today. Hopefully no one mentioned it, she wasn't sure if she could hold back any insecurity as well as any other emotion.

Judith answers the door a lot faster than Grace actually expects. . "I'm so glad you're here. Come in. Come in. I'm almost done fixing breakfast. After we eat, I can show you around the property." Grace fixes Judith with a wide smile, grateful to see a friendly face. It hasn't been so long since she's seen Judith, but its still nice to see that there hasn't been much change.

"Thank you," Grace answers, shrugging off her jacket once she's inside and hanging it up. "How have things been?" She asks, weary for an answer but determined to hear one anyways.


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"I won't lie. It's not been good. This is the first time in months that he's actually come out of his bedroom. When he's not keeping to himself, he's typically yelling at me. I'm just at my wits end with him." Grace holds back a heavy sigh, of course she hadn't expected any less. Grace listens closely to Judith as the older woman lowers her voice. "Don't get me wrong. I understand that he's been through quite a bit. I'm not sure how much you've heard...but the real reason that Unfinished Belief disbanded was because Darrin just lost the will to do anything. After his wife left him...he just hasn't been the same since. I've tried everything that I can think of. But, nothing seems to help. He just gets angry with me."

"I didn't hear much..." Grace says, taking in the information with a little difficulty. The image of Darrin now and the Darrin she knew as a child were getting farther, and farther apart by the second. No wonder Judith asked her to come and help out, it was obvious that the older woman just couldn't deal with all of this. "I wasn't really aware of most of that, just that he was, difficulties..." Grace didn't know why she felt like dancing around the topic, so she turned her attention to something else instead. Just trying to absorb as much information as possible.

"You haven't eaten yet?" Judith asks.

"No ma'am, I came right over once I woke up," Grace answers.

She waits for Judith to lead her into the Dining room and pauses. Grace can't even begin to compare this room to her own dining room, which is just a folding table on top of a rug in the room that doubles as her kitchen. Grace's attention is taken once again by the appearance of two children. She notices that the little boy has the most resemblance to Darrin but she also notices that the little girl has his eyes. She smiles at the two of them.

"Grace, this is Taylor and Nichola." Judith introduces the two of them and Grace takes this as a chance to talk to them.

"Hey there, my name's Grace...I'm uh," She thinks about her next words for a few moments. "An old friend of your fathers." Grace doubts they have heard of her, or much about her if they have heard anything at all. She takes a seat but keeps her eyes on the children. She notices that they are rather quiet for being so young, Grace is used to children who run around screaming at everything and each other. Its pleasant of course but she can't help but feel a bit odd about it. "What do you two like to do for fun?" She asks, trying to figure out a little more about them. Especially since she's plans on spending more time with them.

Grace isn't a stranger to taking care of children, when she was a teenager her cousins would usually spend the summers in Coon Falls and it would naturally become Grace's job to take care of them. Though its been a long time since then and she knows she may come off as a little more strained than usual.

"Do you like it here in Coon Falls?" Grace asks.


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Taylor and Nichola both eyed the woman as she spoke. "Hey there, my name's Grace...I'm old friend of your fathers." Neither of them had ever heard of this woman. How was it, then, that she was friends with their father. Taylor remained silent, suddenly turning his attention to the plate in front of him. Nichola, on the other hand, was suddenly eyeing the woman with excitement. However, she knew better than to start throwing questions at the woman.

As the small group began eating, Grace spoke. "What do you two like to do for fun?" Taylor glanced up at the woman but said nothing. Nichola took this as her chance to speak to the pretty woman. "Games!! And, cartoons or drawings." Judith smiled at the children. She'd expected Taylor to be quiet. He'd been so since Darrin had gotten bad. Nichola, though, was normally always talking. The child loved being the center of attention. She was glad that she was at least remembering her manners.

"Do you like it here in Coon Falls?" Grace asked. "Our old house was better." Taylor said suddenly, quietly. Nichola simply rolled her eyes at her brother. "I like it here!" She said loudly. "Nichola. Inside voice please." Judith chided gently. The girl immediately apologized before continuing with her meal.

The meal didn't seem to last that long when Judith rose from her seat. She began clearing the dishes. She'd already explained to the children that Grace was coming to stay with help out around the place. Taylor and Nichola had run immediately back to the television that they'd left on, sitting down on the couch together. Only once they were gone did Judith turn to Grace. "I hate to ask..but..could you take Darrin a plate and see if you can get him to at least eat something? He's lost so much weight and I know he's barely been eating. Just..don't push him too much. There's no need to make him mad if we can help it. He's probably outside. We would have heard him if he'd gone upstairs."

She had no idea how Darrin would react at seeing Grace. However, she was at her wits end. She was willing to try anything to snap him out of his depression. She offered the already fixed plate to the woman. She would not force Grace to do as she was asking, however, she did hope that the woman would try to help her in taking care of Darrin.

Darrin had continued laying, slowly smoking. It was a old habit that he'd always had, even back in high school. Often, he would find himself getting in trouble with his parents for this particular habit. Even now, his mother would still chide him for it. He'd given up caring, however.

He sighed softly once again. He had no idea what he was doing anymore. A thought that always seemed to appear once his high began to fall. He'd poured everything into the band only to end it before the time was really there. He wasn't daft. He knew that his former friends were not happy with him. Especially Liam. The other man had spent no time at all jobless before finding a new band. Something that bothered him even now. Darrin quickly tried to push thoughts of the guys away from him. It hurt too much to think about the past.


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"Games!! And, cartoons or drawings." Nichola answers, but Taylor doesn't. Grace dwells on the silent boy for a few seconds, trying to figure him out and whether he's being quiet out of shyness or something else. She decides at last in her mind that it probably has something to do with his family. No child could really brush past these kinds of family issues - and she knows from what Judith has told her that these issues are indeed no laughing matter - and not take some kind of emotional damage from it. But since Grace doesn't personally know the boy she tries not to psychoanalyze him too much, its entirely possible for him to just be quiet with no reason for it.

"Our old house was better." Taylor says to her last question, and Grace is glad that the boy has at least said something to her. Its obvious to Grace that she will worry over the boy a lot, as is her nature. Grace holds back a tiny laugh as Nichola rolls her eyes, "I like it here!" says the little girl. Though Grace can't share the sentiment she feels a little bit of pride for her home. As their meal drew to an end the children got up and left to go back to their cartoons. Grace watched them go with a smile, she misses being a child herself and all the days she would spend doing as she pleased.

"I hate to ask..but..could you take Darrin a plate and see if you can get him to at least eat something? He's lost so much weight and I know he's barely been eating. Just..don't push him too much. There's no need to make him mad if we can help it. He's probably outside. We would have heard him if he'd gone upstairs." Judith asks once they are alone once more. Grace swallows nervously, palms sweaty. Of course she was probably over reacting but she wasn't sure how Darrin would react to seeing her, and she didn't exactly know what kind of things could trigger his anger. She assumes though that Judith's reasons are good, and she can't exactly say no. This is in fact what she's here for, to help, and she was certainly going to make good on her word.

"Of course."

So with renewed determination takes the plate of food. Nervousness be damned she wasn't quite prepared for what she saw when making her way outside. Darrin was...different, a lot different. It wasn't like she hadn't seen him in a long time, TV and social media had been sure to keep most of the world updated on Darrin and his band. She still wasn't prepared to see him like this though, skinny, and sullen. He certainly looked like he needed help and though Grace was still utterly pissed at him her concern and worry dominated her thoughts now. She takes a seat in one of the chairs beside him, clearing her throat.

"Long time no see, stranger," Grace tries to keep her tone light and without resentment, but she isn't smiling and she wonders if that little detail would give her away.

"You know," She begins, waving the plate of food in the air, "Your mother worked awful hard on cooking this, and I'm sure she would be delighted if you would at least try it."

She pauses for a moment to study the sky, then looks back at Darrin.

"Its your choice of course, I just figure why not take a bite and if you really don't want it set it aside."

Grace didn't quite know if the tactic was one that would work, but she was sure using force or telling him to do something wasn't going to. And just like Judith, Grace wanted to avoid making Darrin angry if she could, considering she didn't quite know how she would handle it if he suddenly got angry. She leans back in the chair, setting the food aside to allow him to take it if he wanted it. She looks up at the sky, letting out a soft sky. Trying to think of something to say and fill the silence.

"I met your children, they seem to be great kids...."

Good, keep it casual... Grace thinks to herself. She keeps her eyes occupied with watching the occasional bird soar overhead. Because she knows that if she looks at him she's going to try and analyze him, and that was a habit she just didn't want to give in to at that moment.


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Darrin had just finished his cigarette when he heard someone exiting the house, making their way towards him. He did not move, however, remaining relaxed and eyes closed. He had been expecting his mother and yet, when the voice wasn't his mother. "Long time no see, stranger." He knew that voice. It was one that he'd not heard in such a very long time. So long, that he'd nearly forgotten it. He immediately opened his eyes, slowly sitting up. He turned his gaze to Grace, taking her in.

She was not smiling, something that he noted. However, he had no idea to as the reasoning behind it. He said nothing, content with simply eyeing her. "You know, your mother worked awful hard on cooking this, and I'm sure she would be delighted if you would at least try it." She said, trying to tempt him with the plate of food.

He suddenly wasn't looking at her, but at the pool. Almost studying it. Moments later, he could feel her gaze on him. "Its your choice of course, I just figure why not take a bite and if you really don't want it set it aside." Grace continued. Why was she so determined to get him to eat? Honestly, he had no appetite. Not that he'd had one in some time.

Darrin had no idea why his childhood friend had suddenly showed up. He was afraid that his mother had something to do with it. When they'd been in school together, he'd not had many friends yet she'd been there for him. One of the only ones that had known everything about him and had still cared for him.

The woman sat the plate down finally, no doubt hoping that he would decide to eat on his own. Her soft sigh caused him to turn his gaze back to her once again. "I met your children, they seem to be great kids...." She said, breaking the silence once again. Grace was the first person that he'd actually been around besides his family since he'd left the band. He didn't quite know how to to feel.

Darrin tore his gaze from Grace, looking down. "I suppose that that would be because of Mom." He said suddenly. Darrin hadn't even planned on answering her. He had no idea why he had. He looked back up to her, slight confusion suddenly gracing his features. "Grace, what are you doing here?" It had been a long time since he'd spoken to her..seen her. Yet, he'd never referred to her by anything save for 'Gracie'. Something that he was sure the woman would note the change.

He didn't care. There was no need for her to think that he was in any sort of mood other than that which he was wearing on his sleeve. He sighed, suddenly picking up a piece of toast that was on the plate that the woman had brought out for him. He took a very small bite, trying to stomach the bite. He couldn't even remember the late time that he'd ate. He would not have thought anything of it if his mother hadn't kept on him about it.

Judith was watching the pair from one of the windows, making sure that they could not see her. She was happy that Darrin seemed to at least be tolerating the woman. She could only hope that it would continue. She knew that they'd been very close when they'd been younger. She'd asked Grace to come in the hopes that she could get through to Darrin. However, she honestly had no idea if there was any hope for him. He seemed so far gone now. Nowhere near the man he'd been before all of this mess.

It saddened her to think about. "Nana, can we go swimming?" Nichola suddenly asked, tearing the older woman's attention. "No sweetie. Perhaps later? I'm sure that you could talk Grace into taking you out." The little girl pouted before returning to watching the television. She didn't want to disturbed Darrin and Grace. At least while they seemed to be getting along.


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"I suppose that that would be because of Mom." Darrin says suddenly, then follows by asking, "Grace, what are you doing here?" Grace feels the moment her headache starts up again, returning with a vengeance that threatens to sour her mood. Simply thinking of why she's there and giving an answer as to why isn't exactly easy. She doesn't quite know what to say in all honesty, whether to tell him she's there as a friend or that's she's just there because his mother asked. If she told him the former it would only be three quarters of a lie, even if most of her wants to deny them being friends there is still that tiny, small piece of her that remembers Darrin as a kid and still wants to think of him that way.

But she is also unsure of how he will react to the latter, whether he would be angry or not wasn't something she really wanted to test out. Even if he wasn't angry about it she doubts he would see her as helping out. Grace is all too used to being called a nuisance or annoying for having such a concerned nature.

Grace turned to look at him just as he was taking a bite of the toast. She can see he's struggling with it. Grace didn't miss the way he addressed her either. He had always referred to her as 'Gracie' and it was almost shocking to hear him not call her that. Somehow, it just further convinces Grace that being here is probably going to be a mistake.

But she isn't going to give up. She promised to help, and she is bound and determined to do so.

"Sticking my nose where it shouldn't be," Grace scoffs, "Like always."

Her answer though somewhat lacking any clear explanation is at least true. Even when she was younger Grace was always making other people's business her business. Even though she had the best intentions and was trying to be helpful, she was usually just an unwanted annoyance hovering around. As she grew older she came to see this fact, and now she can't help feeling as if this situation is simply mimicking many of those times.

"I came to....Help." She answers, "I won't sugarcoat it, you know - or, maybe you don't - I'm not someone who glosses over the bad things. Things aren't okay around here and your mother thinks I can help in some way." Grace takes a deep breath an turns to look away from him again. "So I'll be sticking around for a while," She tells him, truthfully. Grace just hopes she hasn't offended him in some way, but all of it is the truth as far as she can see it. If he can't see it for himself then its obvious he's a lot more far gone then she understands him to be. She hopes this isn't the case, it would make things easier if he didn't completely oppose her being there.

"If it makes it any easier you can just think of me as being a...nanny, or something like that, and not as Grace."


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"Sticking my nose where it shouldn't be, like always." The woman said. Darrin put the piece of bread down, suddenly giving up trying to eat it. He wasn't even sure why he'd bothered trying to eat. He just couldn't seem to stomach anything. "What are you talking about?" He asked, turning his gaze to her. "I came to....Help. I won't sugarcoat it, you know - or, maybe you don't - I'm not someone who glosses over the bad things. Things aren't okay around here and your mother thinks I can help in some way." At her words, Darrin looked from her..trying to focus on anything but her.

He did not care for her words. Who was she to come into his say that things were bad enough there that they needed help. Her help. "So I'll be sticking around for a while." Grace continued. Darrin knew that the atmosphere within the home was not what it used to be..and that it was his fault. However, he certainly didn't need her butting in where she was not needed.

They'd not spoken in such a long time. Why, all of a sudden, had she reentered his life? His mother had butted in where she was not needed. Something that Darrin was not happy about. "If it makes it any easier you can just think of me as being a...nanny, or something like that, and not as Grace."

Darrin glanced back at Grace, regarding her for a moment before speaking at last. "I think that you and my mother should mind your own business." He rose, slowly, from his seat and then began heading back towards the house. "But, if you find it necessary to remain here...let me be."

He fell silent, making his way back into the house. His mother was sitting on the couch, the children sitting upon another. Judith could tell that Darrin wasn't happy though was surprised that he was fairly silent. "Darrin.." She started, rising from her seat. He ignored her, walking past. Judith did not follow, hearing him heading up the stairs.

She sighed softly. She then asked the children to stay where they were. She then went outside, making her way to Grace. "What happened?" She knew that something had upset Darrin though she could not imagine what it had been. She allowed the younger woman to speak, listening closely. "Don't let him get to you. Be glad that he was not too angry. Come. I want to show you the property." She offered the woman a small smile.

They started with the main floor, going through the several rooms that made it up. The laundry room was located down there as well as the dining room, living room, children's play room and kitchen. Once they were done, they moved on to the second floor. On this floor, Judith explained where the bedrooms were. Darrin's was the first that they reached and it was obvious that he'd returned to the room. The door was shut and the lights were off. Across the hall, was another door. "This is the room you'll be staying in. Let me know if you need anything. You can redecorate it as you wish. Darrin won't mind." A small ways down the hall was another pair of doors, situated at Darrin's and Grace's were. "These are Nichola's and Taylor's rooms, though...nowadays they spend most of their time downstairs."

Other than that, there were a few spare rooms that littered the home. "There's only one place that you can't go. There is a large room above the garage which is all connected to the house. It's Darrin's old rehearsal room. He's not let anyone in there since he returned here. I think that it just reminds him of everything that's happened. Just..stay away from that room." She smiled at Grace, trying not to remember what had happened when Darrin had gone off about her having been in the room. "Now, why don't you get settled in? I'm going to get some cleaning done. The children will probably take a nap right after lunch so for the most part today should be fairly relaxed. We'll be downstairs." She turned and headed downstairs, leaving Grace alone.

When Darrin had headed upstairs, he'd closed his door though had not locked it as he usually did. He had immediately made his way to his bed, laying down. He'd then proceeded to take a few more pills and closed his eyes. He found himself trying to stay awake and failing somewhat. He was not happy that his mother had brought Grace there without asking him first. The woman knew more about him than he liked to admit and he wasn't sure how he felt about that now.