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Hitosurgi Inaru

You don't fully live until near death. Then, that's when all the fun begins.

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a character in “Reiken: The Search For Souls”, as played by Ketiou



*Name: Hitosurgi Inaru

*Gender: Male

Age: 19

Position: Reikon Leader.

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 167

Soul Object: Fumetsu: The Knitting Needles.

Appearance: Hitosurgi stands at a fair 6 feet 3 inches. Medium length deep red hair frames his face. Fierce Azul eyes are kept in a soul searching gaze. He constantly wears an impalpable smirk on his face. He has a total of 7 ear piercings. Two gold ones on his lobes, and three silver on the higher part of his ear on each ear. You can catch him wearing a black long sleeved sweater over an unkempt white button up. He usually dons some sort of a dark wash khaki worn loosely around his waist. His favorite pair of red and white converse shoes are always on his feet. Sometime he switches them with his blue pair with white laces. Under his eyes he has red markings. It almost looks like some sort of dark red eye shadow, but it's printed in his skin. He was born with it and never knew exactly why he had it. It's the closest thing he has to his mother, who also had these strange markings.

Likes: Cheesecake, Kittens, Furry cute things, Dancing to slutty music, Music in general, Sword Play, Manipulating people, studying peoples emotions, his team, Waffles! Fucking waffles! With syrup. TONS and TONS of syrup. Singing. Video games, drawing, writing and sex. Cute Guys, Cute Girls, Flirting and just generally being awesome.

Dislikes: Killjoys, Any kind of vegetable, Pistols, People who see through his cons, not having a place to sleep, Being alone, people who turn off his music, being forced to listen to things he doesn't want to listen to, getting rejected, historic research books, elephants, drugs of any kind.

Fears: Pistols, Snakes, Fish with REALLY STRANGE EYES, Being Forever Alone, Having no cheesecake, Horrible trips down memory lane, drowning.

History and RP Sample: Hitosurgi was born into a loving well to do family. He got everything and anything he ever wanted at a snap of his fingers. Sure, he was a bit spoiled, but it didn't matter because his mother loved him as much as she possibility could. His father was always working for some gigantic company that he ran. Hitosurgi never really knew what he did. He had the closest relationship with his mother, and since he was the only child in a massive house full of servants, his mother always had plenty of time for him.

When Hitosurgi turned 15 he started being trained to run his fathers company for he was the only air. Of course he would work for the company first, until his father would die and then he would take control of it. Honestly he could of cared less about the company, other than dealing with a handle full of shady people, he still didn't know what the company was about. They were always so damn secretive about everything. Hitosurgi would rather be the front-man of his own rock band. His passion was and always would be music. That, and studying people and understanding what runs their emotions and what makes them do what they do. He was very intrigued in learning to pry into the works of human emotions and finding ways to manipulate them the way he wanted to get what he needed from them. He would get in serious trouble at his privet school, always manipulating the children to do things they normally wouldn't do, like selling their lunch to him for 50 cents or getting his mack on with all the cute guys and girls at the back of the school.

Constantly he would land in the principle office and every time he could slyly wiggle his way out of any trouble he probably would of gotten into. One day when Hitosurgi was 15 he was having a usual training session with one of his fathers executives when, out of boredom, he decided to go adventuring around the building to places he had never been. Of course he had to open the big red door that said "Authorized Entrance only. Security: RED" What he found was horrifying beyond belief. He watched through the top window of a door where inside the next room, a strange operation was going on. He peered through and saw all these strange looking tubes connected to the person in the chair. If he pressed his ear close enough to the door, he could hear them screaming in searing pain. Hitosurgi had the strongest inclination to help, but he didn't know what he could do. Plus he wanted to find out more about what they could be doing to this poor young man. He had to be only 3 years older than Hito. He heard a conversation between the operators. "Soul Extraction process starting in 3, 2, 1."

"Initiating extraction process." Suddenly all these abnormal beeps could be heard and the mans screaming began to rise, soon evolving into an almost desperate cry. "50%, 70%, 90%" They were sucking the souls out of this living being! Right here, Hitosurgi was witnessing a kind of murder he could only read in science fiction magazines" "91% Complete." That was it. Hitosurgi had to do something. He didn't know what, but if he didn't act soon, this human man would have the life sucked out of him. Hitosurgi didn't know how or why they were doing this, but he knew that had to be stopped. Hito thought as quickly as he could and finally his eyes came upon a coat rack. That would have to do. Hito grabbed the middle of the hard wooden coat rack and with all the gumption he could muster, blasted through the door.

In a quick flash of action, Hitosurgi ran at the operators and swung at their heads with all the might he possibility could manage. The surprise got them and they went down in several plops. Hitosurgi's blood was racing through his body, adrenalin being his only source of being. "Blarm, blarm, blarm, blarm. Intruder in section 55P, calling all security. Calling all security. This is a code red breech" Damn it! Hito had to act quick or he would probably end up behind bars for what he did. Swiftly thinking, he helped the man off his feet and ushered him out the building. They did their best to avoid all personnel, and amazingly escaped without a scratch. The man thanked Hito as much as possible, and ran for his life. Hito would feel good about himself for saving a human life, but he didn't have time for that. He had to get back home to alert his mother of the horrid things that he saw within that building. Hito quickly learned how to drive by hijacking the limo he was brought in and zoomed home.

When he arrived, his mother was sitting quietly by herself, knitting some sort of hat. "Oh! Hito, you're back early. How was your training session?" She asked. She was so beautiful, basking in the sunlight through the giant window. "We don't have time for that Mom. You have to get out of here right now." She was generally confused. "What? What do you mean Hito? Why do I need to leave?" "Mom, the-the-the the building that father owns, I saw them mom! I saw them." "Saw what honey?" She asked honestly concerned. "The people in there. They were doing some sort of strange experiment that was like, sucking the life out of this guy. He was only around 17 or something and they were killing him mom! KILLING HIM! He was screaming and I-couldn't I didn't know what to do. I saved him mom I did!"

"Oh my god. Are you serious Hito? You're not playing on of your acting games are you?" Hito just shook his head, to tense to speak. "I knew Hondunta was up to some shady business in his company but I never knew it would be this horrible. Quick Hito get your coat, we have to leave this house befo-" She couldn't finish her sentence before she was interrupted by the click of a pistol. "Leave? Honey, the party is just starting." The deep, menacing voice came from his father standing at the entrance of the door, with a gun pointed toward Hito's mother. "What are you doing Hondunta?! Are you crazy?! You're hurting people." Hito's mother scolded. "Shup up, honey. It's simple. My company gives us everything we need. My company gave us all this." He gestured his hands around the room. "Now, little mischief maker over there is going screw my company up and take everything away from us if he doesn't shut his mouth. Knowing the brat, it's not humanly possible for him to not talk about something, so I'm going to have to do the only thing I can to keep, all this, with us." "YOU'RE CRAZY DAD! I-I you're not going to get away with this!" Hito screamed. Hondunta moved the gun's aim towards Hito. "Oh really? How about you ask that again. Who is holding the gun? Hmm?" His smile turned into a horrid twisted smirk.

"I won't let you do this Hondunta! Put that gun away right now! You will not aim that at my child! Do you hear me- I will not stand for this-" Her speech was interrupted by a loud, ear piercing gunshot. "Quiet bitch!" Right there. Right at that moment, Hito watched as his mother feel dead to the floor, blood decorating the carpet around his feet. "I never could get her to shut up." Hondunta quipped. Hito could feel tears coming from his eyes, but he felt nothing but pure, unadulterated rage vibrating though his body. This man took away everything that was important in his life, like it was nothing. He had to do it. He wished he could. He would of liked nothing more than grabbing that gun and giving him the same fate he gave his mother. That was impossible though. "Come on. Hito. It will be fun. You can join your mother. Maybe even have some sort of afterworld knitting party or whatever gay stuff you two did." He mocked Hito. Hito searched the room for anything he could use to protect himself. He saw the pocket knife lying on his desk on the other side of the room. He would have exactly 3 seconds to grab it and another 5 seconds to execute some sort of course of action.

"What? Do you actually think you will leave this room alive? Haha. That's laughable. Need I remind you again who has the gun. It's so hilarious how you think you can-" Hito bolted to the other end of the room as fast as he possibly could. Three shots were fired behind him, probably nicking him in the foot or leg. He grabbed the knife, flipped it open and flung it at Hondunta in a swift 3 seconds. The knife zoomed through the air and landed right in his fathers thigh. He screamed in agony and fired two shots into the ceiling. This gave Hito enough time to do what he had to do. Escape. The only way he knew was to jump through the massive window he was close to, and that's exactly what he did. Billions of shards of broken glass flew through the air as Hito fell 1 floor onto the yard outside. He didn't have time to worry about how bad that landing hurt, he just hit the ground and ran as fast as he possibly could make himself go. He could hear three more gunshots but that didn't matter, what mattered was that he was free, and he would never go back to that horrid place again. When Hito reached some sort of safety, he felt his body going limp, his heart beat started slowing down considerably and in a matter of moment he fell to the ground, his pulse nonexistent.

Incredibly, he woke up. What an incredible and indescribable feeling it was to literately face and accept death and then come back from it alive, and stronger than ever. He wasn't kidding. Ever since he awoke, he constantly felt this strange pulsating energy running through his every vein. Like he was a super self efficient generator or something. What was even stranger, was that right there in his pockets, sticking out, were his mothers knitting needles. What on earth were they doing in his pockets? He was absolutely certain he did not grab them before he left, for he didn't even have time to grab his coat. Though there they were, sticking out of his pockets. Hito did a strenuous amount of research (Ugh. He had to look through historic research books. Bleeegh) and came to find that the bullet his father shot him with was laced with a chemical called PHANTEM D-15, a drug that simulates your death for 30 minutes. He realized that his father wasn't going to simply kill him, he was trying to knock him out so that he could extract his soul. He was going to sell the soul of his son? His very own flesh and blood? That was it. He was no longer Hito's father any longer, he was a power thirsty monster, consuming everything in his tracks. Another extremely strange thing Hito found out was that those Knitting Needles were not just any regular objects. They were soul objects, and apparently after he was shot by that drug laced bullet, after he woke up he had the ability to insert part of his soul into an object. These were the objects his subconscious choose. It made sense, that was the only thing he had left of his mother, and he knew that she absolutely loved knitting hats and scarfs for him.

Hito now lived in secrecy, constantly training so that he would be ready if any of his fathers goons did find him. He conned enough people a day to make some sort of living, but most of the time he would sleep in forests or parks. It was an extremely different experience than he was used to, but those memories had a bitter taste in his mind now. He never would look back to those days. He gathered enough money to gather others like him to create the organization Reikon. He trained his abilities and sword proficiency daily, making sure he did not waste any valuable time. Except for cheesecake and music. That was allowed. The only good thing he had left was the memory of his mother and the team that he eventually created, which he would cherish for as long as he lived. His goal was to take down his fathers corrupt company and make sure that no one would ever get hurt by him again. He felt a tinge of hope, for finally, with Reikon's help, that didn't seem like such a far away possibility after all.
Hito is currently the leader of Reikon.

So begins...

Hitosurgi Inaru's Story

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#, as written by Ketiou
The silver interior of the Head Quarters gleamed so brilliantly it looked as though it was polished every second minute of the day. Everything inside these headquarters made you feel like you were in some sort of blockbuster sci fi movie set with a extremely high production budget. The walls were a pristine snow white, but not so white as you though it would make you feel like you were inside some sort of insane asylum. There were bright sources of white light all around as to brighten the environment even more. Let's face it, underground buildings aren't the first thing you think of when you think of as fancy and inviting but that is exactly what Reikon's Head Quarters were. Heck, the building even had medium sized windows that had digital simulations of weather so it really did feel as though you were not underground. Besides, it would be extremely depressing if you looked outside and saw nothing but dirt. The size of the head quarters was probably the most impressive feature of the place. It had 6 bedrooms, 2 training rooms, 6 bathrooms each connected to a bedroom, 4 game rooms a large open living quarter/lounge with a built in bar and three large floating thin 3D televisions in the middle of the room. All the chairs are as coosh or as firm as you desire them to be, you can modify them any way you please.

The main room is what Hito called the Planning room which was a massively open white room, with black furniture and a very high ceiling. Directly in the middle is a cylinder shaped white device that goes up like a pillar and connects to the ceiling. This was the Reikon Digital Monitor. It ran scans all through out the world detecting and monitoring readings of the special's energies. It also alerted Reikon whenever their was a possible chance of an induction happening in the area. It was one of the most important pieces of technology Reikon owned. Of course it was protected by the most powerful electrical shield known to man. Only registered members would be allowed to cross through the shield. Anyone else would be intensely burnt from head to toe with just a touch of the shield. The building was constantly air conditioned and heated so that no one ever complained about the heat or cold inside the building. All of the technology connected to Reikon was hand made from a black market scientist. Hito would of never even risked having any kind of D.A.N product in the HQ. He knew that anything made by D.A.N had a surveillance camera built in. Everything about the Reikon Head Quarters was warm, inviting, futuristic and highly exquisite. It made everyone who took refuge there felt at home.

It was 10:52 AM, the digital sun was a light yellow hue as it shined through the fake windows. It painted the usual calm serene white planning room an amorous gold, lighting up the room with possibility. Hito was letting out a yawn as he stretched his long arms up into the air, still getting set into his day. He already had his caramel mocha latte which should of been kicking in anytime now. He fought back another yawn while he leaned against the wall behind the pristine black table and chairs. This would be Reikon's first meeting. Hito wondered how everyone would fare together. If they would work together in some sort of blissful harmony, or would they completely tear each other apart. No one know for sure, but Hito had a feeling this day would unravel to be quite the interesting experience. Hito felt that he assembled a swell enough team but he kept on having this feeling that he was missing something, though he couldn't put his finger on it for the life of him. Oh well, it will come to me. He thought as he batted a few stray strands of red out of his face. He blew out a stream of air and crossed his arms in union.

Hito was a mixed bag of emotions, mostly nervousness and excitement fighting to be the most prevalent one. He made sure that he wouldn't show any sign of nervousness or unsureness in front of his team, because well heck, they are basically putting their life on the line for this cause and I don't know how certain I would be of my decision if the captain of the team had a bad case of nerves. Not really that reassuring to say the least. Hito sighed and tried to put that thought in the back of his mind, things like that wouldn't do him any good if he continued to obsess over it. Hito realized that the table was not the most inviting thing ever, since it was basically just an empty black table with some cool ass deco designed chairs. Hito quickly speed walked over to the coffee bar in the lounge and swiftly started throwing some coffee together. "A little bit of this, mixed with a little bit of that, perfect." Hito said in triumph for he was absolutely positive he just made the best cup of coffee he ever had in his life. "Hope these lil rascals enjoy a good brew of joe." Hito thought out loud as he set each cup in it's respective spots on the table. He even went out of his way to make a cute little "Welcome" sign folded up out of the paper he had lying around in his office/bedroom.

"Shite. This is starting to look less like a serious organizations first meeting and more like a dull company meet and greet." Hito commented to himself. "Whatever. It'll look fine." Hito assured himself as he set the last cup of joe on the table and returned to his comfy spot leaning against the back wall of the room. "All set. Looks like the fun about to begin." Hito said with as much finality he could fit into a sentence. Soon after he said this, the strange cold sensation brushing against his legs made realization hit him like a steel brick. "Bollocks! Where the bloody hell are my pants?!" He exclaimed in a panic, rushing around the building with a lightning paced run, desperately searching for his long lost jeans. Well there goes not looking nervous. Hito commented in his mind as he continued to run all around the serene white building in nothing but a T-shirt and his red and white skibbies.

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#, as written by Ketiou
It wasn't until 2 minutes after Tsukasa entered the room that Hito realized he wasn't alone. Crouched over in exhaustion from his little treasure for him pants, he quickly straightened up and fussed with his hair. Realizing he still was not successful in finding any pants, and he was still NOT wearing any, he casually folded his hands infront of him. He tried to fight back a burning spread of red embarrassment but it was no good. His face was splatted with a deep rose red blush, as though a little sibling decided that his face was a canvas for their mommy makeup. Hito took in a sharp breath and whipped his right up into some sort of half hearted wave. He forced a polite smile onto his face as he greeted his team member with the most faux casualness he possible could muster. "Morning Tsukasa. Sleep well?" He asked. He definitely needed to find something to cover his bottom half soon. He was just glad it wasn't Holland. He already didn't really take Hito seriously sometimes. Hito crossed the room to hop into the elevator.

"Will only taken a second. Promise! I'll be with you in jiffy!" He yelled across the room to Tsukasa as the chic white elevator doors closed. Once Hitosurgi was in his room which was, lets face it, a lot more disorderly then a leader of an organization's room should be. Sure housekeeping wasn't Hito's strong suit but he was definitely much better at leading a team. Maybe someone else in Reikon could take Hito highly doubted he would ever find someone who would enjoy doing that without getting paid bank. Hito surged his room until finally he found those tricky little buggers under a massive pile of dirty clothes stuffed under his bed. "FOUND YOU! You're not going to get away again, you hear me lad?" He scolded his...pants. "Oh great time lords in the sky, I'm talking to my pants." Her marveled at his moment of hilarity and slight insanity until he swished into his pants and almost galloped down the stairs back to the main lounge. He spotted Tsukasa again and this time flashed him a much more sincere smile. "Alright. I'm back. So, did I miss anything important?" He joked. The meeting hadn't even started yet. He buoyantly strolled towards the table and took refuge in a seat next to his favorite wall. He let out a long sigh, indicating that he was ready for this party to start.

The setting changes from reikon-head-quarters to Earth 2054.


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#, as written by Ketiou
After about 15 minutes of pouting in the front seat of his horribly damaged car, Hito decided it was time exit the car and follow his very brave new team mates. The driver door opened with an unsettling screech. Hito couldn't help but cringe at the almost tear inducing sound as he stepped out of the warn car onto the cold ground. He pulled his jacket together in an attempt to better shield him from the yet again freezing weather. Hito couldn't force himself to look back the full damaged state of the car, so instead he robotically punched the combination into the near by tree and sighed as he heard the sound of the crunched vehicle descend into the ground once again. Hito slumped back to the elevator which was kindly already summoned by Skyler. Hito had to admit, a heated state of the art underground elevator while stood in the comfort of the very warm and wonderful elevator.

As he left the elevator and returned to the beautifully decorated, high class white living room of their head quarters, he shared a observing look with all his team mates. He felt a swell of pride in his chest as he looked upon this brave people who just risked their life for each other. The red head broke out into a bright, shining smile. "My goodness, what you guys did back there was INCREDIBLE. You all risked your life not just for each-other but for a complete stranger? It takes quite the honorable person to do that, and you all did today." Hito congratulated his worn out team. Hito's face gleamed as an idea struck him. "And to show just how proud I am of my new team, I will make everyone a cup of my famous hot brownie cocoa." He yelled out happily while he rushed to the kitchen/cafe area. It wasn't really that he made the brownie cocoa per say as he simply imputed the ingredient list into the blue food materializer on the wall that made it for him. Still he had to make up the ingredients so he felt he could stake some ownership on the recipe.

After about ten minutes of fiddling with the damned machine, he had 5 hot cups of brownie cocoa on a red metal tray in his hand. Of course this was before the 10 times it misfunctioned and gave him the complete opposite of wanted. "God damn it! Not salad! Cocoa. Coo cooooa." He tried it again. He was utterly frustrated when again he opened the FM door to see a bowl of salad in it. "NOT. FUCKING. SALAD. HOT FLIPPIN COCOA! CO FUCKING COOOOOA!" He angrily yelled at the blue microwave looking machine. After the third time he got salad, he threw the salad across the room, landing who knows where. Making yet another stain on the white floor. "Son of a...Stupid flipping machine!" He exclaimed in beyond frustration while he launched the bowl of salad through the air into the other room.

After the 10th time and a LOT of hair pulling, he finally got the 5 cups of hot cocoa he wanted. He stood in the living room holding a red tray with 5 cups of steaming hot brownie cocoa. "Alright. Here it is. Go ahead and go at it. Enjoy!" Hito commented as he awaited for his tired team mates to claim their cup of cocoa.

The setting changes from earth-2054 to Reikon Head Quarters

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Tsukasa looked at the screen, before looking at Hito. Smirking, he reached over, patting Hito on the head. "It's alright," he murmured. "We'll get you help one day. He looked back at the screen, tilting his head to the side. Suddenly, he shuddered, recognizing the show.

"Hito, I am offended you would think I enjoy this type of trash," he was half-smiling though, his tone rather playful as he leaned back, watching the TV. "The acting is horrendous, the singing is obviously only hindered by the horrible technology of the time. No, no. Covers will not do."

Suddenly, he looked up as Skyler fell to the ground. He glanced at Hito, before getting off the sofa and crouching down next to her. He looked at her, tilting his head to the side. "You alright?" he asked. He had seen Skyler heal Asuka out of the corner of his eye, as he attempted to try to get the image of bisexual porn out of his mind. Sure, sure, he might still be bicurious, but that didn't mean he liked to watch the stuff.

Hito watching it? Well, that was something Tsukasa had not at all remotely expected. Life was full of surprises, eh?

He looked again at Skyler, noticing that she was just worn out - no doubt from all the soul energy she had just spent. He would have loved to help re-energize her, but playing a hard rock song on his guitar might just give them all a little bit too much of an edge....

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#, as written by Ketiou
Hito's face turned to a slight surprised expression as he noticed the girl had awakened from her exhaustion induced sleep. Hito was even more surprised when the girl got up from where she was sitting and snatched the pen and notebook from his very hands. Hito didn't mind, he knew that when a person is first introduced to their soul object, they have an extremely strong urge to keep it near to them. Hito observed the poor girl, dark circles painted around her slightly brighter yet still very dull blue eyes. He couldn't help but feel a sense of sympathy and closeness to the girl. It didn't matter what had happened or what he had to do, he felt immensely protective over this young lady. It was a feeling he had not felt for a while, in fact, he hadn't felt this strong of a protective urge in regard to someone since his mother. He softly stroked the knitting needles in his pockets, the feel of the warm metal was nostalgic and comforting to the touch. Hito glanced down to see the girl doing something, it looked like, she was trying to write out a message to them? Wow. She really must have exhausted all her soul energy if she lost her voice! Hito read the paper that was held up to the group.

"Haha. It's fine. Everyone feels protective of their soul object, especially when they have just received them." Hito said in a kindly matter of fact way. He watched as she scribbled something down on the paper again. He was taken back by what she wrote. It was like she could almost read his mind...He was just thinking about that situation a minute ago when making hot cocoa. When he was not too busy verbally abusing the kitchen appliances, that is. Hito ran his right hand through his soft red hair and let out a small, inquisitive sigh.

"...Sure. Of course you can. Any person who was victimized and inducted by D.A.N and some how amazingly survived always has a home here." He shown an inviting smile to the tired blue haired girl. Then it struck him. He hadn't even introduced her to the group. He playfully hit his forhead in a "Dur, dur, dur" gesture. "Derp! I haven't even told you who we are. Haha. Sorry for my absolute lack of manners. Anyways, I'm Hito. This pink haired nancy boy is Tsuka. That Pink haired mechanic girl is Skyler, the silver hair boy who carried you on his back all the way from the car to this couch is named Holland, and this firey haired mess of a guy you are talking to right now is Hito, the leader of this group, and we are Reikon! We are an organization of induction survivors who escaped D.A.N just like you. Our goal is to take down the evil and corrupt mega company D.A.N and stop them from harming anymore innocent souls. Of course that's a lot easier said then done."

Hito stopped his little speech to be sidetracked by a random thought. "Is it really that easy to say?" He asked himself as he began to repeat what he just said over and over under his breath. This went on for about 3 minutes until Hito snapped back into his original thought process. "Right, right. Sorry. I can be a bit aloof sometimes. Forgive me. Anyways what I was saying....AH RIGHT! Easier said then done. So we've train ourselves to hopefully become strong enough to face D.A.N. In the mean time we do our best to protect other possible inductees around the clock. Inductees meaning people who have the large possibility of being inducted by D.A.N thus becoming another soul sucked victim who will never be seen on this earth again thanks to the lovely company that is D.A.N. How we do this is simple. We are all what you call special souls, or "specials." No it doesn't mean we think we are better than anyone else and no it doesn't mean we are mentally retarded. What it means is that we can harness our soul's energy and insert it into some sort of sentimental object around us."

Hito drew out his two long metal knitting needles. "They are called soul objects. These are my soul objects, my mothers knitting needles. When soul energy is inserting into your soul object, you acquire powerful and unique abilities. These abilities range from creating compressed blades of air to....shooting fire out of your bum. Granted, I've never met anyone with that soul ability nor do I ever want to. The point is, is that these abilities help us protect innocent folk like you from being another statistic of D.A.N's. Why am I telling you all this? Well it's simple."

He suddenly crouched down in front of Asuka and looked her straight in her glazed blue eyes with his bright crystal azul colored eyes. His voice lowered just a bit. "You are have a special soul as well. You are what they call a "special" just like us." Hito said, a strange addition of warmth could be found in his voice. He darted his head around the room, putting his attention on his team mates for a second. "Everyone, refrain from any creepy 'One of us' jokes. We don't need to frighten the poor girl any more than she already has been."

He returned his attention to Asuka. "You see that pen you hold in your hand?" He pointed at the beautiful and intricately designed pen she held. "That is your soul object. For some reason you must have quite the connection to that pen, for your soul choose it." He continued. "We don't know exactly what your soul abilities are quite yet, but we will find out. When we do, we will train you to become stronger and more proficient in using that ability so that if you wanted to, you could join us in our quest to rid the world of D.A.N." He held onto her gaze for quite a while, everything he said was gliding off his tongue into her whole being. It was as if he was using Fumetsu's third ability, though he wasn't. He just felt that this was a lot of important and crucial information that would be majorly overwhelming if Hito just gave her the run down like he usually did with everyone else. "In the mean time-" Hito stood back up and lightly tapped Tsukasa on the shoulder to get his attention.

"You can stay here and rest up. You can't train to be your best if your not at your best...Hmm that was a lot cornier that I thought it would be. Anyways, Tsuka would you mind showing this lovely young woman her new room for me? I would do it but...well you see...I can't miss my horribly autotuned oldies covers now can I?" Hito said to Tsuka, the last part having a bit more of a lethal sting than normally. Apparently insulting one of Hito's favorite old shows was an easy way to temperately end up on Hito's vicious side. He was just as protective of his shows as he was his friends. Well maybe a little bit more protective of his friends and team mates...but you get the point.

"Hope you enjoy your humble abode here. It's not much, but it should do for the time being." Hito commented to Asuka as he reached over to the sleek black coffee table in the middle of the room to retrieve one of the last remaining cups of brownie cocoa. He gently placed the cup in Asuka's hand with the utter most care. "Here drink this. It will warm you up a bit. So you don't feel like a bloody human pop sickle anymore yeah?" He responded to his own joke with a slight chuckle. Hito stared at the young woman for a longer duration than usual, studying her delicate face, ghostly blue eyes and thin lithe body. He broke the long intense stare with a charming and genuine smile. "You'll be alright here." He concluded as he reached out and affectionately ruffled the girls short blue hair. It was surprisingly feather soft.

Hito stood up again and this time, politely sat his body on the edge of the red coach he before lazily flopped on. He didn't want to seem rude around his guest. "Now. Time for some wonderfully cheesy oldies pop!" He said with a resounding glee in his voice as he turned the volume up on the floating television. Not too loud though, he didn't want to disturb the poor girl, for he already gave her a lecture in a half. Hito was sure it would take a bit more time to process all that information. Preferably when she wasn't only a quarter conscious. Hito glanced back at Asuka and thought with that same charmingly genuine smile on his face. "Yep. She will make an excellent addition to the team. I just know it."