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Holland Tusch

I will avenge her death....Or I will die trying.

0 · 128 views · located in Reikon Head Quarters

a character in “Reiken: The Search For Souls”, as played by RARhythmBeat


Name: Holland Tusch
Age: 23
Position: Reiken Member
Height: 5'11
Weight: 147 lbs.
Appearance: Holland has a slim body build. He generally keeps his hair dyed into a dark white color while his eyes are a light shade of blue. He constantly has headphones on his ears or around his neck. Holland typically has a attire of black clothing with a light undershirt such as white. Added to his already dark top he has a pair of black jeans that he wears with a silver chain dangling on the right. He has no piercings, tattoo, or rings of any kind on his body, but does have a necklace with a emblem of a shield with the letters R.H. engraved on the back of it. Image
Soul Object: (Kumori: The Chain) A Silver Chain that has one detachable end.
Likes: Music, Chinese Food, Friends, Dogs, Random Acts of Mayhem at times.
Dislikes: Inhumane acts, Innocent lives being killed, Pickles, Mustard.
Fears: Cats, Cats ruling the earth, Complete Darkness.


Calm, Quiet, Kind, Shy, and Delusional


Holand lived a very quiet life from birth till the day he was presumed "dead". At a early age Holland's parents introduced him to classical music and wanted Holland to become a composer. He was put into many schools to try to hone his musical talents they had yet to find. Though as Holland grew older he started to dislike the idea of classical composer and decided to just be someone normal who enjoyed music. His parents were very irraitated at his decision, but supported him after many attempts to drawn him back failed. The next few years passed quietly and quick past Holland.
At around 15 Holland met a girl that he soon became real good friends with her. As the months go by his feelings start to get more and more attached to her till the same day the next year he worked up the courage to ask her on a date. The girl smiled and said yes to him which made Holland smile so wide that it really appeared that it went from ear to ear. Holland and his girl soon became inseparable from each other day in and day out. On their two year anniversary Holland's love gave him a necklace of a shield and he said, "You didn..." She put a finger to his lips and told him quietly, "Turn it around." Holland as she asked and his face immediately broke into that same grind he has two years ago.
As the years go on by they both attend the same college and worked very close to each other. As both of them finish their freshman year of college they decided to take a trip after their 23rd birthday. The day before Holland's birthday his girl was caught in a terrible car accident. He rushed to the scene to see his girl being drove away in a ambulance which he followed to the hospital and later to the emergency room. After the doctors told him there was nothing more they can do Holland broke to tears as he lost her to the great beyond.
As the "paramedics" took her out and drive he decided to follow them to ask if he can give her his last wishes before she was buried. As he followed them things started to take a turn for the worst. The ambulance started to take many turns as if they were trying to lose him, but he didn't know any better so he continued his steady pursuit of the vehicle till they started to shoot at him. Holland immediatley paniced and stomped on the accelerater. He rammed into the back of the ambulance and the collision caused him to lose consciousness that lead him to crash into a light pole.
Holland later awoke on a table with straps loosely secured around his wrist. As he looked to the left he saw his "dead" girl friend tied to a table with the machinery saying, "90% completele." Holland yelled no at the top of his lungs and broke free of loosely kept restraints. As he reached the girl the machine completeled it's soul remove from her. He was not sure of what was going on to that point, but knew he had to get out while he still can. He tackled the stunned scientist and launched a deadly haymaker on the other. He made for the door and bursted out into the dark and cold streets of the city. He continued to run as far as he can till his body refused to go any farther. He stumbled across a a underground home which he assumed was for drugs and such, but to him he didn't care all he cared for was himself, his dead girl, and his aching head. As he dragged himself into the home he passed out on the floor drenched in sweat and fear.

So begins...

Holland Tusch's Story


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#, as written by Ketiou
After about 15 minutes of pouting in the front seat of his horribly damaged car, Hito decided it was time exit the car and follow his very brave new team mates. The driver door opened with an unsettling screech. Hito couldn't help but cringe at the almost tear inducing sound as he stepped out of the warn car onto the cold ground. He pulled his jacket together in an attempt to better shield him from the yet again freezing weather. Hito couldn't force himself to look back the full damaged state of the car, so instead he robotically punched the combination into the near by tree and sighed as he heard the sound of the crunched vehicle descend into the ground once again. Hito slumped back to the elevator which was kindly already summoned by Skyler. Hito had to admit, a heated state of the art underground elevator while stood in the comfort of the very warm and wonderful elevator.

As he left the elevator and returned to the beautifully decorated, high class white living room of their head quarters, he shared a observing look with all his team mates. He felt a swell of pride in his chest as he looked upon this brave people who just risked their life for each other. The red head broke out into a bright, shining smile. "My goodness, what you guys did back there was INCREDIBLE. You all risked your life not just for each-other but for a complete stranger? It takes quite the honorable person to do that, and you all did today." Hito congratulated his worn out team. Hito's face gleamed as an idea struck him. "And to show just how proud I am of my new team, I will make everyone a cup of my famous hot brownie cocoa." He yelled out happily while he rushed to the kitchen/cafe area. It wasn't really that he made the brownie cocoa per say as he simply imputed the ingredient list into the blue food materializer on the wall that made it for him. Still he had to make up the ingredients so he felt he could stake some ownership on the recipe.

After about ten minutes of fiddling with the damned machine, he had 5 hot cups of brownie cocoa on a red metal tray in his hand. Of course this was before the 10 times it misfunctioned and gave him the complete opposite of wanted. "God damn it! Not salad! Cocoa. Coo cooooa." He tried it again. He was utterly frustrated when again he opened the FM door to see a bowl of salad in it. "NOT. FUCKING. SALAD. HOT FLIPPIN COCOA! CO FUCKING COOOOOA!" He angrily yelled at the blue microwave looking machine. After the third time he got salad, he threw the salad across the room, landing who knows where. Making yet another stain on the white floor. "Son of a...Stupid flipping machine!" He exclaimed in beyond frustration while he launched the bowl of salad through the air into the other room.

After the 10th time and a LOT of hair pulling, he finally got the 5 cups of hot cocoa he wanted. He stood in the living room holding a red tray with 5 cups of steaming hot brownie cocoa. "Alright. Here it is. Go ahead and go at it. Enjoy!" Hito commented as he awaited for his tired team mates to claim their cup of cocoa.


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Holland sat down with Skyler's jacket and thanked her quietly as he shivered. Holland watched the sleeping girl on the couch quietly, and he asked aloud to no one in particular, "So who is this girl? I mean yeah I am happy we saved the poor girl and all, but to be honest I am not sure how she will help us." Holland smiled at the resting girl and faced Skyler smiling at her also.

Holland laid down on the couch when Hito came in telling them all on a great job they did. Even with the congratulations Holland felt cold inside and he wasn't sure why. He ignored the feeling and responded to Hito, "Thanks. I guess I can trust you. Though can you explain the girl? I mean she is young and all and I am happy we saved her, but what is she going to help us in? I don't want to sound heartless, but I am curious on the explanation."

Finally feeling warm enough he got up and put Skyler's jacket and on top of Asuka. Holland got up and stretched out sore limbs. As Hito walked out with yelling behind him because of his little knowledge of the machine. He smiled in amusement and accepted the hot cocoa with gratitude. He sipped at his chocolate, slowly to savor the taste of the chocolate. "This is pretty good Hito. Thanks." Holland said.


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Holland chuckled when he saw the flash of porn from Hito's t.v. and spoke, "Alright Hito! Well you go do what you do and let me take the girls out of here then so you can do alright?" Holland flashed a tired smile and walked over to Tsuka and Skyler. Holland spoke to Tsuka in a quiet tone, "Here let me get her off your hands. She must be worn out taking down on of those..D.A.N. right?"

Holland said, "Oh yeah and sorry about before I didn't mean any offense to what I said. It is just...never mind." Holland's face turn slightly red as he tried to figure out at what he was saying.

Holland extended out his hand in friendship and hoped the Tsuka would forgive him.

(If Tsuka takes the hand)
Holland smiled kindly and Tsuka saying, "Alright then we are on the same page then I guess. Here let me get Skyler to her room. Also by any chance do you know where her room is? I'd hate to bother her as she rests just to ask where her room is." Holland kneels down and slowly moved Skyler onto his back. He whispered, "If you don't know that's fine then I can always ask Hito if you don't."

(If Tsuka doesn't take the hand)
Holland brings his hand back down as Tsuka didn't take it saying, "Alright then....Well I still apologize either way of what I said it was rude of me." Holland knelt down and slowly slide Skyler onto his back and asked, "Tsuka do you know where Skyler's room is by any chance? If you don't I can ask Hito. I don't wanna bother her rest just for that."

The setting changes from earth-2054 to Reikon Head Quarters

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#, as written by Cayleen
The cool flooring Skyler had been resting on suddenly vanished from beneath her and was quickly replaced by a new, warmer surface. Skyler pinched her eyelids tighter together before allowing a small gap between her heavy lashes, through which her hazel orbs glanced about the corridor they were now in. Skyler moved her neck slightly to the side to find what she was now resting on to be the sturdy back of her white haired teammate, Holland.

Skyler's body swayed from side-to-side with every step Holland took as he ventured through the pristine hallways in search of Skyler's room. A light giggle passed through the pink haired girl's lips and she struggled into a more comfortable position. "My room's in the other direction, ya know." She spoke matter-of-factly as she slid off of Holland's back. Her feet landed with a soft thud and her legs wobbled slightly due to the unusually large amount of soul energy she had put into healing Asuka.

When she was certain she wouldn't keel over, Skyler began to walk in the opposite direction Holland had been walking. With her back turned to Holland she called out to him, "C'mon, I'll show you where my room is." she gestured for Holland to follow as she walked.