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Jessica Johan

Bring them in and take them down

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a character in “Reiken: The Search For Souls”, as played by JessieJohan


Name: Jessica Johan /Jessie/
Age: 24
Position: Mercenary
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145

Jessie is a fit girl working out herself rather then though machines. Her long red hair was normally tided back in a pony tail and out of her face. Unlike the Picture her eyes are a deep sea green. She has a few scars on her back from her job one on the back of her neck from getting hit there on a case. Another one on her right hand from a knife wound. She has a stern face when she needs to but still knows how to laugh and lighten a mood when needed. Her eyes occasionally are hidden behind thin silver frames when she is reading she didn't think getting the surgery to fix them was worth the money when a pair of glasses were cheaper and easier. She is normally wearing a black shirt with a leather jacket and jeans A brown belt with her holster on it.

Personality: Jessie is a optimistic girl at least she was before all the craziness of the last few years happened. She likes to believe in the over all good of people though she has scene one to many times that it's not true. Although her job was grim and now her job is even more grim she still tries not to let it dishearten her.

Soul Object: Tazer

First Ability: The tazer can send an electrical current though any object and effect anything that is touching that object with anything from a mild shock to electrocution.

Second Ability: With the right amount of soul influx put into it the electric current can be turned into a blade similar to a light saber though white firm the energy surge it can't just cut though things though like a light saber but functions like a sword.

Third Ability:With the right amount of soul put in can paralyze an opponent that is in sight. This can only work for a short period of time. the more soul put into the object the longer the paralysis holds. Victims can still speak and breath however any movement is nullified.

Weakness: There has to be some form of light in the room the object has to be in view and visible to user weither it's sun light fake light or moon light.

Likes: Running and being outside, Pizza and not that crappy imitation stuff, Most animals, Guns and shooting ranges, Sparring, Fall, Ice Cream (cookies and Cream), Classic Music from the late 1900s, French Toast, Clam Chowder, Hanging out, Her Friends, The Team, Reading, Math, and Writing, Books good old fashion hard bound smelly books!

Dislikes: Sharks, being taken advantage of, Being screwed with, Technology (she's inept with it), Laziness,

Fears: Death by falling, Losing a partner (team member or loved one), Sharks,


It was a late night Jessie had just gotten off a swing shift at the local prescient in New York. Stretching she yawned a bit. "Jack Hey you up for a drink before heading home?" She asked her Scruffy haired partner as they walked down the street towards a local pub. The older man looked at her and laughed ruffling her hair. "Sure thing Jess let go your treat right?" She rolled her eyes. "Yeah sure you cheapskate." They laughed crossing the street together neither one seeing the car barreling down the road. Jack spotted it before she did and shoved her out of the way barley in time. She hit the pavement her knees scraped up her pants tore and her hands bleeding a bit but that was the least of her worries as she saw the body go flying a few feet before landing in a crumpled mess. "Jack?!" She yelled worried as she scrambled to her feet the car was gone though turned down a street she glared as she pulled out her phone. D.A.N sh9inned on the back as she flipped it open hitting 911 as fast as she could she turned him over carefully her blue tooth ringing as she left the phone discarded on the ground. "911 emergency please state the nature of your accident?" A soft female voice came over the speaker. "Hello this is officer Jessica Johan badge number 23514398 there's been an antecedent at 25th and Lincoln I need an ambulance here now!" She said as the woman spoke again. "There's one on it's way now." "Thank you." Jessie hung up and looked at her partner. "he's still breathing comon Jack stay with me you big idiot." She said as she pulled off her coat and put it under his head. The sirens were growing loader the rest seemed a blur she was talking to the EMT as Jack was taken off. When she reached the hospital they pulled a white sheet over his eyes She looked down rubbing her eyes feeling tears come out of them.

Three years later she was sitting outside the prescient eating her lunch when the chief walked out. "Jessica we need to talk to you about something important." She nodded getting up as she stretched a bit following him in. Three men in suits were standing in the chiefs office as she looked at them. "We've noticed that you have been an outstanding officer and raising to detective in just three years we've taken notice and these gentlemen from D.A.N. have an offer for you." The Chief smiled at her it was common knowledge that D.A.N. owned the prescient and well the world it seemed now. The taller of the two men stepped forward and smiled. "It's nice to finally meet you Jessica I hope we can be of assistance to both of us." Jessie looked at him not caring to much for the company on the man personally but smiled. "It all depends on what you need." She said sweetly. The man looked at her. "we are here to offer you a position at the company better pay and better benefits you won't want for anything working with us." She smiled a bit. "I'm very sorry but I must decline your offer I'm not that interested in working for a privet company thank you anyway." The men looked at her and smirked a bit. "we'll be seeing you soon if you change your mind I do hope you do you have till the end of the week before the offer closes." The two men left and Jessie didn't think of it again till one week later when she was walking out the door of her small apartment she was grabbed from behind. She went for her gun and a bag thrown over her head. She fought back braking one of the men's arm and the others nose but unfortunately it was to late She felt a sharp pain in her neck and the black world vanished from her conscious mind.

When she woke she was laying there under a sheet on a table she gasped as she clawed her way out from under the cloth she looked around. 'eugrom' was written on the door after the panic faded from her she realized it was morgue and panic set in all over again. She looked down seeing the tie on her foot and swallowed hard. "What the hell had happened." she whispered to herself breathing heavily as she pulled the sheet up to cover herself. "We need to move the body now the drug will only last so long is the machine ready?" She heard a familiar voice that damn D.A.N. agent she had spoken to. "It was a pity should would have made a great addition to the team." Her breathing slowed she needed to find a way out of here. Fast. She got up and used a few things she had available to her and fashioned the sheet into a dress mainly to cover herself as the men began opening the door. She held a glass jar that was most likely to store things in and as the door opened and the man stepped in she hit down hard on his head. She noticed he had a broken nose and glared it was them that did this to me." She looked at him he wasn't to much taller then her and not to much bigger she pulled him to the table and undressed him putting on his cloths. they were unconformable and a bit big on her but better then wearing a sheet. Something felt different but she brushed it off as adrenaline. She didn't get to far when she ran into another man his arm broken must be the other man that attacked her. She began to fight against him though at a straight disadvantage he hadn't come back from the dead just a few moments ago. The man over powered her in a few moments once again she felt the world go black as she heard the words. "We got another one."

As the world came to again she was sleeping in a bed this time big improvement over what fuzzy memories she had. A man was sitting across from her in a chair. He smiled looking at her as she panicked a bit. "It's alright Jessica no need to worry you are quite safe here." He smiled as she looked down in Camo pants and a black shirt she looked up at him. "What's going on where am I?" The man smiled. "Your home now there were a few problems but nothing you need to worry about any more." She blinked a bit looking at him. "Home now..." she said her voice slightly drone. "Now dear welcome home you'll begin your work here soon." She nodded a bit. "I understand."

After several months in training she began her field work rounding up people who were deemed dangerous sent out only on important missions lately she has been on the hunt for a rumored group of renegades called Reiken. He job is to bring them in /dead/ or alive to be questioned at least as far as she knows. She doesn't question orders or what she is doing there after that day.

So begins...

Jessica Johan's Story