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Tsukasa Aoyama

"I am but a slave to the music."

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a character in “Reiken: The Search For Souls”, as played by akai-pyon


Tsukasa Aoyama

Age: 18
Position: Reikon Member
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 132 lbs.
Soul Object:
Yusaburu - The Guitar

Appearance: Slender and almost feminine, Tsukasa does not look like he'd be very strong, or very fast. And both of those are true. While not particularly fast or strong, Tsukasa possesses a very flexible figure. He can bend, twist and contort himself into almost any shape, squeeze his tall body into the smallest of spaces...With an odd sort of hair, loose and falling to his shoulders, and whose color has changed from its original pale blond, Tsukasa is often mistaken for a girl. In an effort to change this, Tsukasa started going to the gym and his once soft body is now getting more and more defined by the day.

He strongly dislikes being called a girl, but his soft-spoken nature and his now pink-orange eyes do nothing to dispel the illusion. He usually wears his school uniform, not because he wants to, but because it's one of the only clothes that fit him perfectly/haven't ripped yet from the odd and extreme positions he forces his body into. Usually smiling and pleased looking, Tsukasa has a glare and a scowl that can make Hell freeze over.

He has a piercing in his left ear, and carries his guitar strapped over his shoulder.

Personality: Generally easy going, Tsukasa takes everything in stride, letting it all wash over him. However, there are quite a few things that tick him off very easily. His temper flares quickly, if less often than some, and lives a very long life. While in this mood, it's very hard to reason with him. He's rather stubborn most of the time, believing that he is the only one who can understand who he is, and thus be the only one who can carry the burden that he does. Tsukasa doesn't like to see those around him get hurt, and he has a very strong consciousness. His moral streak runs high and he's usually rather appalled at the idea of killing.

Until, that is, his soul was nearly extracted. When that happened, besides the physical changes to his body, Tsukasa also developed a second...more...blood-thirsty, violent and volatile side. This side usually comes out during battle, where Tsukasa will draw himself into his own little world, his guitar screaming all the terror and all the pent up agony he built into his system. He has a hard time recognizing allies from enemies while in this phase, but it often leaves just as fast as it comes. Tsukasa is usually left an almost empty shell then, sentenced to a few minutes of wandering alone and lost until he regains his self.
- Music, especially Broadway music and classical
- Cute pencils and accessories.
- Learning languages and instruments
- Reading
- Puzzles
- Songbirds
- Blood (usually)
- Needles
- Going to the doctor's
- Being the third wheel
- Animals with a lot of fur that shed (he sneezes a lot around them....)
Fears: One of Tsukasa's main fears is that one day, he'll kill someone close to him. Oh. Tsukasa's also rather afraid of mannequins and puppets.

History: Tsukasa's family had been middle class. Not wealthy enough for three houses and a full staff in each house, but wealthy enough that Tsukasa could go to a good school without worrying about financial aid. Born the third son, Tsukasa knew he would never live up to his parents' expectations. His oldest brother was the smart one. The second oldest, the athletic one. That left Tsukasa as the artistic one. He never took well to drawing - his lines were always lopsided, his circles more like ellipses. But when his family bought the piano, Tsukasa seemed to gravitate towards it.

His parents paid for lessons and soon, Tsukasa began exploring other instruments.

In particular, the guitar. Tsukasa, at the age of eight, was inspired by his older cousin, a young music major named Kazumi. Although blind, Kazumi could play the guitar better than any person in the vicinity who had their sight. Kazumi gave Tsukasa his first lesson, teaching the young boy how to play acoustic guitar. However, Kazumi was killed in a horrific freak accident, in which the taxi she had been riding to the airport to visit Tsukasa's family flipped over on the Interstate, having slipped on a patch of black ice. Tsukasa always felt as though it were his fault, as though if he hadn't asked her to visit, she wouldn't have died.

He couldn't pick up a guitar for the next few days, even though a package arrived a day after they received word of Kazumi's death.

Tsukasa, it read. This was my first electric guitar. Take good care of it - Kazumi

Tsukasa opened the package, and sure enough, it was the guitar that he had admired the first time he saw Kazumi playing. It was older than most, but it was still pristine, the designs flawless, the sound as brilliant as any new guitar, perhaps even better. But Tsukasa never played it. He never touched it, until the day his brothers came home, and it was his older brother's birthday. They were also celebrating his brother's newest success - the winning of the Nobel Physics Prize. Tsukasa was asked to play, not the piano as he usually did, but the guitar. News had gotten out that he used to play and well, his brother wanted to hear him again.

As Tsukasa went into his room to get the guitar, pulling it out of the bubble wrap that had kept it safe for well over five years, he felt the strange sensation of fainting.

When Tsukasa woke up, he was in a strange room, hooked up to a strange machine. He was growing weak, the edges of the room fading around him as darkness threatened to crash onto him yet again. "Soul Extraction process beginning..."

Tsukasa bit back a scream, as pain previously unimaginable raced through his body, setting every nerve, every fiber of his being on fire. It was an all consuming flame, burning and destroying everything in its path. And when the fire receded, it felt as though there was nothing left to him. But Tsukasa was still alive. His soul was still intact, still burning brightly inside of him. It flared back to life, pouring strength into his limbs. His hair color changed, his eyes flashed a different color than before. And when he reached his hand over to unhook himself from the straps, he found his fingers brushing the metal strings of the guitar.

There had been music playing over the loudspeakers, the kind meant to make patients calm down and relax. Tsukasa didn't know what he was doing, but the moment he touched the guitar, the guitar that Kazumi had left him, he knew he had to do it. He picked up the instrument, strumming out the first chord that came to mind. It leveled the space he was in, allowing him to escape. But escape was never easy. Bolting for the now hole in the wall, Tsukasa swung the guitar over his shoulder. He had to get out of there fast, and he had to find some way to disguise himself. He'd stand out like a sore thumb if he kept his pink hair and his pink eyes. All the while, he couldn't stop thinking... Why pink?!

In retrospect, it would have been idiotic to think that. After all, Tsukasa was escaping from people that had managed to "kill" him and nearly extract his soul from his body. Tsukasa didn't have time to wonder about that though. Shouldn't he be dead? He threw the thought away, choosing instead to take off the old country road, hoping, hoping that he would reach civilization soon. He was picked up by the Reikon a few days later. He learned within his first week on the Reikon that he had to carry some source of music with him at all times - it was why he couldn't create the same earthquake while on the open road. There had been no electronic source of sound.

Now Tsukasa carries two iPods with him. Just in case.

So begins...

Tsukasa Aoyama's Story

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Tsukasa looked at the screen, before looking at Hito. Smirking, he reached over, patting Hito on the head. "It's alright," he murmured. "We'll get you help one day. He looked back at the screen, tilting his head to the side. Suddenly, he shuddered, recognizing the show.

"Hito, I am offended you would think I enjoy this type of trash," he was half-smiling though, his tone rather playful as he leaned back, watching the TV. "The acting is horrendous, the singing is obviously only hindered by the horrible technology of the time. No, no. Covers will not do."

Suddenly, he looked up as Skyler fell to the ground. He glanced at Hito, before getting off the sofa and crouching down next to her. He looked at her, tilting his head to the side. "You alright?" he asked. He had seen Skyler heal Asuka out of the corner of his eye, as he attempted to try to get the image of bisexual porn out of his mind. Sure, sure, he might still be bicurious, but that didn't mean he liked to watch the stuff.

Hito watching it? Well, that was something Tsukasa had not at all remotely expected. Life was full of surprises, eh?

He looked again at Skyler, noticing that she was just worn out - no doubt from all the soul energy she had just spent. He would have loved to help re-energize her, but playing a hard rock song on his guitar might just give them all a little bit too much of an edge....

The setting changes from reikon-head-quarters to Earth 2054.


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"You can stay here and rest up. You can't train to be your best if your not at your best...Hmm that was a lot cornier that I thought it would be. Anyways, Tsuka would you mind showing this lovely young woman her new room for me? I would do it but...well you see...I can't miss my horribly autotuned oldies covers now can I?"

Tsukasa looked over at Hito, smirking slightly as he noticed Asuka move closer to Hito, practically sitting on his lap. Talk about love at first sight. Never one to believe in these things - unless it was for an instrument - Tsukasa stretched his legs out, leaning back against the sofa from his position on the floor. He had yet to move, and seemed to have no intention of doing so.

He looked up at the TV, before finally answering Hito.

"If she would like me to," he murmured softly. "I'd be glad to show her her room." He kept his hands at his side, turning his attention to the screen. Again...what was going on? Something about high school kids with high school drama? They had no idea. The only notice Tsukasa had to the fact that he had been digging his fingernails into his palm, biting through skin and drawing small pinpricks of blood was the sudden stab of pain up his arm as he moved his hand.

He glanced down at his palm, starting in surprise at the red marks there. He sighed. Again? Note: Self-mutilation will not help your current situation. Tsukasa had discovered rather recently that over-using his soul powers would force himself to do odd things in the middle of the night, the strangest of which had been sleep walking into the training room, wrecking the place, returning to his bed, and waking up the next morning with no recollection whatsoever. The only evidence had been the smoldering once-a-strong-and-quite-awesome-training-room, now split in half, one half taller than the other.

He got to his feet, before looking over at Hito and Asuka. He couldn't help but feel rather amused at the sight. The girl was somewhat adorable, and Hito, well, she had no idea what she was getting into. He would say nothing to her - she could go on with her infatuation, and Hito could continue leading her on. After all, the redhead was probably not going to do anything too bad with her...

Tsukasa couldn't really tell, however, as he began to walk towards the kitchen. "Napkin...napkin..." Blood was already starting to dribble down his hand, from the little crescents his nails had created in his palm. "Another note to self: cut nails." Finally, Tsukasa found the paper towels. Who knew where Hito had strewn them - probably why none of the messes were ever cleaned up. He grabbed a sheet, never one to waste anything. Sticking his hand under the faucet, he winced as the water cleansed out his wounds. "These might scar," he sighed, before wrapping his hand in the paper towel, which he folded until it was like a small band. Clasping it with a safety pin, Tsukasa returned to the main room, plopping down right where he had started.

"Is this show still going?" he drawled.