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Reiken: The Search For Souls

Reikon Head Quarters


a part of Reiken: The Search For Souls, by Ketiou.

A literately underground building.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Reikon Head Quarters, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The interior is shiny, shimmering metal objects everywhere. Everything is made out of some sort of top noch material. In the main room there is a tall device in the middle of the room with several thin floating screens hovering above it. There are absolutely no windows in this building, but it is still very well lit.
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Reikon Head Quarters

A literately underground building.


Reikon Head Quarters is a part of Reiken: The Search For Souls.

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Hitosurgi Inaru [4] You don't fully live until near death. Then, that's when all the fun begins.

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#, as written by Cayleen
The cool flooring Skyler had been resting on suddenly vanished from beneath her and was quickly replaced by a new, warmer surface. Skyler pinched her eyelids tighter together before allowing a small gap between her heavy lashes, through which her hazel orbs glanced about the corridor they were now in. Skyler moved her neck slightly to the side to find what she was now resting on to be the sturdy back of her white haired teammate, Holland.

Skyler's body swayed from side-to-side with every step Holland took as he ventured through the pristine hallways in search of Skyler's room. A light giggle passed through the pink haired girl's lips and she struggled into a more comfortable position. "My room's in the other direction, ya know." She spoke matter-of-factly as she slid off of Holland's back. Her feet landed with a soft thud and her legs wobbled slightly due to the unusually large amount of soul energy she had put into healing Asuka.

When she was certain she wouldn't keel over, Skyler began to walk in the opposite direction Holland had been walking. With her back turned to Holland she called out to him, "C'mon, I'll show you where my room is." she gestured for Holland to follow as she walked.

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john simply fel asleep after placing his deck in his shirt pocket. The closness of the object was calming and he fell asleep quickly. hopefully when he awoke he could make heads or tailed of this place. He simply fallowed a man here by chance and wasn't noticed by anyone but they all seamed to be going to sleep so he fallowed suit. This amnesia thing was really messing with him.