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Jeremy Everett Courtenay

"I never realized how much I needed you..until I almost lost you."

0 · 161 views · located in Calvin County

a character in “Rekindling the Flame”, originally authored by EllieElektra, as played by ClaudiiBear




Full Name:
Jeremy Everett Courtenay

Jeremy has never cared for his first name, and goes by his last name to most everyone on the soccer team. He prefers Jay when he’s with Eme, however.

Jay is seventeen years of age, as of December thirteenth.

Mother: Eileen-Margaret Courtenay
Father: Declan Alexander Courtenay

Jay’s best friend is Emery; the guy he spends most all of his time with when he’s not at a soccer practice or at a game. He’s good friends with most all of the soccer team, and is popular around the school. Male 1 is another close friend of his, one of the only people he feels comfortable enough to talk about his true feelings for Eme, especially after the ‘accident,’ as he calls it. He used to date Female 1, but isn’t sure if there’s any friendship there at this point.

Jay doesn’t have any pets, although he would like one. He simply doesn’t have time between soccer, school, and friends.

Jay was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder a year before, and has a short temper because of it. He’ll get upset over the smallest things, things that ultimately lack importance. The one thing that sets him off the most, although he doesn’t want to admit it, is when someone flirts with Eme.
Since the accident with Eme, he’s turned quieter, and some of his friends have begun to question whether or not he’s becoming depressed.

+Working out
+Soccer, he’s spent most of his life playing, and plans to take his career on after high school.
+Video games, although he doesn’t play as much
+Eme’s cat, Buja, although he picks on Eme saying that he doesn’t.
+Sleeping in

-Waking up early
-The sun, although he’s in the majority of his time with soccer
-Strong Perfume or cologne
-Diet soda, he prefers the real thing


Class Schedule:
First Block: Algebra II
Second Block: Psychology
Third Block: Personal Fitness
Fourth Block: AP Biology

Does your Character skip a lot?:
Jay doesn’t care either way, he’s the guy that can maintain all of his grades regardless of whether or not he studies, or even bothers to show up. Lately, he’s been missing classes more than usual.

Favorite class:
Personal Fitness, no surprise. He cares a lot about his physical health and appearance.

Lunch: Second Lunch

Extra-curriculum classes:
Jay isn’t in any extra-curriculum classes, and wouldn’t be able to fit any into his schedule anyways, with soccer.

Jay lives for Soccer, and used to be into Cross country, but it never stuck with him like Soccer does.

Jay currently isn’t in any clubs, and doesn’t see the point of it.

Physical appearance
Standing at just under six feet, Jay is tall and built in such a way that shows. He has a muscular body from all of the soccer he plays, and takes pride in that. He has dark brown hair that gives off the appearance of being black when in the sunlight, which he wears styled in that messy kept up look. Underneath that, he has striking blue eyes that stand out against his naturally pale, porcelain-like skin. When he’s not smirking which is rare, and actually smiles, he has a set of perfect teeth, never having had braces to get them to their perfection.

When it comes to how he dresses, Jay tends to pull off a casual look, usually a pair of tightly fitting jeans, and v-necks in an assortment of colours, topping that with a leather jacket. He tends to layer his outfits, and has the overall appearance of a bad boy. He currently has no piercings or tattoos, but is considering getting tattoos in the near future.


When it comes to Jay, the phrase ”Don’t judge a book by its cover” could not apply more. Although he does come off as a typical jock, there’s more that lies beneath this soccer star.

Jay is cocky, there’s no denying that. He’s confident in himself, making him come off at times, even as snobby. He can start a conversation with anyone, and always knows what to say to get out of a situation. He doesn’t care what other people think, and, this can sometimes make him seem cold and insensible. However, he can be one of the nicest guys to the people that mean the most to him. He works hard to keep smiles on the people that he loves and cares about.

His flaws? He can be crazy over-protective, without even realizing it. He’s not necessarily ‘clingy,’ but when he wants something; he automatically expects to have it. He doesn’t like to share, in other words, which could come from being an only child his whole life.

So begins...

Jeremy Everett Courtenay's Story