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It's been several years since Kota and Nana have seen each other, will they remember one another?

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Kota and Nana were close friends, but Nana was told she had to move, and the two were separated. After quite some time, communication cut off, and they were left to live their separate lives each made their own friends, and it seemed like the two would never come to see each other again.

That was not the case.

Nana moved back to the same neighborhood as Kota and began attending the same school, though she didn't stop to think about that fact. Too much time had passed, and she'd had no choice but to move on, as probably had he. Now, on the first day of school, they will have a fateful encounter. Will she recognize him? Will he recognize her?

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#, as written by Zetsuna
It only felt like a minutes passed the previous night when Kota's eyes, at one point, felt revealed to the darkness of his room only to see the tranquil light of the moon shine through his window. This may be familiar moment to any who rests upon their bed only to think of what may be of the next day. In particular, students on there first day of classes never seem to go to sleep easy with thoughts and wonders of the new semester and year that is beginning to them. It was a time when new things could happen and tonight was no exception at least that is what Kota thought as his eyes grew heavier. He slowly blinked as his eyes shifted ahead looking up at the ceiling as his arms shifted up before sliding his hands underneath his pillow. He could hear the his arms moving against the cloth sheets of his bed as the fan hummed in the background. A sigh came from his mouth as he blinked once more only to once again make his thoughts setting down to focus. The boy only found the thought to be a reminder that even though he had gone through his first year and was beginning his second, nothing had changed or perhaps none that he truly noticed or wanted to acknowledge. He could give a short hum in thought wondering why he felt such a way. The young man did in fact meet new friends during his first year and did have some happy moments but were they really not enough to say that it wasn't anything new? He continued with the thought as he claimed it wasn't like anything too big happened. Other then going up a grade he felt normal as if something was missing. Kota at this point began to allow this thought and feeling slowly drift back with all the others that swam upon his mind as his eyes slowly closed hearing the fan hum as and even that to seemed to drift away and eventually go blank.

As it seemed his eyes were closed but suddenly the feeling of the atmosphere around him became peaceful and so suddenly he found himself in the local park not too far from here sitting on the swing. Kota couldn't help but look over when he heard the swing next to him moving. The screech of the chains echo'd into the boy's ear followed soon after by a cute giggle and soon after being called out by the same voice which seemed so close. His eyes finally moved down only to see a young girl swinging with a smile as her hands gripped the chains that held her swing up. Her eyes covered by the long veins of her hair. To Kota dreams such of these have occurred more then once but never was he ever able to see her face nor did it seem like his dreams ever let him ask the name. The lad could only go with it. Smiling back before having a small conversation with the girl and oddly enough it for some reason brought joy to him. Although the feeling was so familiar as if it really happened, Kota knew it was just a dream yet at the same time his mind seemed to nearly make him forget about it and he'd find himself conversing with the girl whom he did not know. Eventually the scene had changed and he found himself on the hill looking over Hasugami, a place of memory for Kota. It was one of the places that he was able to pend time with an old friend. Here he found himself moving towards the girl which then suddenly began speaking yet to Kota no words came out. It was as if he had just went completely deft. Kota could only suddenly frown and eventually felt pain in his heart as if he could hear the words the girl spoke and it only placed wounds upon his heart. His right hand rose to his heart clutching onto it, not as if he was in pain physically but as if he was being broke emotionally. Eventually the boy could feel his legs going weak as his eyes once again closed. Reopening with himself watching a car leave. He could only shake his head before suddenly hearing the sound of an irritating siren. The sound only grew from a faint sound as it became more real and it was in this moment that Kota was reminded that he was in a dream. The time his body shocked him back to reality was now as he could completely hear and feel the sheets beneath him. It was then when the boy realized he was finally awake.

Immediately the boy stretched out his arm, reaching for the machine and pressing the button upon the top, suddenly turning the alarm off. It was then when he felt his heavy eye lids slowly rise to be revealed to the morning sun. Kota could only find himself laying there as he drug his hand over his forehead to block some of the sun. A gentle sigh came from his mouth as his eyes looked up at the brightened ceiling he was looking at to what felt only minutes ago in the dark. His mind felt more at ease then it did in the night yet when he tried to remember what he dreamt, only small second pieces came in to where he couldn't even remember where he was properly. the boy sighed as boy flung his hands to his sides upon the bed before pushing himself up before propping himself up, crossing his legs with his head down. His eyes obviously heavy as any who just woke up. Kota rose his hand and scratched the top of his head before pulling the sheets from his body before lifting himself up to start his first day. Starting by going to the restroom and splashing water upon his face which was a normal thing for him to do. It never failed to wake him up. After that he immediately went to the shower where he could only think of how tiring the first day would be having to stand in the assembly and meeting his teachers. It wasn't that he disliked the free day without any homework but the day itself just seems dull. The boy sighed as he rested his arm upon the wall as he could feel the water sprinkling upon his back. The soothing sound of the water splashing upon the floor of the shower was relaxing as anything in the morning of a school day time was rushed and it had to come to an end.

After his shower and making sure he was dry, Kota got dressed in his uniform and then styled his hairstyle in his normal wild style after looking in the mirror. When the boy was finally ready he gave a smile before grabbing his student case and made his way into the hallway of the the home. He listened for only a second but not much was heard other then the sound of an old clock hanging on the wall. This was normal since his mother had to wake up early and head to the cafe but through her kindness managed to always leave food on the table ready for Kota. Once the boy got downstairs, he immediately sat down at the kitchen table and ate his breakfast at a normal pace until noticing he only had about thirty minutes to get to his school. Seeing this on the digital clock never made him feel good and at times he'd wake up with only fifteen minutes to do everything, he considered himself lucky. With that Kota lifted himself up taking his toast with him, holding it by his mouth as he locked the door with the case in left hand. Once his hand became free again, it had risen to once again hold to the toast as he turned to see his neighborhood lit up by the warm morning light. It was then when the boy finally began making his way towards his destination and the beginning of his new year.

As Kota walked down the street and got further into town, he made sure to stop by the cafe. Immediately opening the door made the bell upon the door ring and in that moment a woman who looked to be only five foot three, Light brown eyes and brown hair rose her head with a smile. She was cleaning a glass along with two college looking students who seemed to immediately go about waiting their tables for the few people that were there. The woman grinned towards Kota, setting her glass upon the bar counter over a napkin before walking around raising a finger to point at him.

"Oi! I'm surprised, Y'know I was worried you would sleep through your alarm on the first day. Especially from how you jacked up your sleep pattern during summer hehe" She said looking down observing if her son had dressed properly. Her eyes drifted onto to his waist before lifting up again to make eye contact. Her arms folded as Kota began to speak.

"Mom, you know the alarm never lets me sleep that long. Anyways, I was just coming by to check up on you" Kota said with a smile as his hand went to scratch the back of his head. He then looked around noticing there wasn't much customer's in today but that was natural due to the fact that it was around eight-fourty.

"Hehe what a good son! I am fine, you need to hurry along though. I'll be home late as you know but I'll be sure to leave you some food on the table!" She said turning around heading back to the counter. Kota smiled and nodded turning around once again placing his hand upon the latch of the door as he pushed his way out making his way into the warm sun again. Only a gentle breeze went along his face he turned to the right making his way to the crosswalk waiting for the sign to change. As he waited he noticed kids around the neighborhood walking from all directions to head towards the school's courtyard which was straight ahead. Shopkeepers were out preparing the stocks and cleaning the ground in front of their doors. Cars of course made there way through the traffic lights as well and after waiting only a minute Kota found himself walking across the street along with a couple of other civilians who just happened to be going the same way when the sign upon the machine changed.

Kota had finally made his way in and begun to walk through the courtyard until he suddenly heard a girl's voice from behind him call out to him with a smile.

"Kota! Hey!"

Kota turned with a smile, before stopping waving towards the girl. Who appeared to have red hair, oval glasses, and green eyes. She was rather small and fun sized. Along with wearing the typical uniform for females, she had two green braids in her hair. The hair length came to her shoulders. Kota often thought she was rather kind and adorable looking, always seemed to smile yet at times was very fragile. Always had a 'hello' for everyone. Kota turned back around as soon as she caught up. They always seemed to walk side by side in the courtyard if they managed to see each other but it was obvious they were just friends, especially when a familiar guy showed up.

"Yo! Boss!"

A boy with short straight black hair, fairly tall called out to Kota. The boy seemed to be jogging towards the two who stopped and waved. As soon as he caught up the three once again began walking normal pace before talking.

"Kaoru, Yuta. ready to start the new semester?" Kota had asked looking down at Kaoru who was the girl, closer to him and then lifted his head to Yuta, who yawned and stretched. The red head decided to speak first as both of her hands were upon the handle of the case.

"Yes, I worked on my garden and then went to my grandpa's farm to assist him for the summer!" She said. Kota nodded giving a simple reply that it seemed nice. Yuta seemed to nod with an agreement before speaking.

"Boss, you and Kaoru should've came with me to Okinawa City for the week! It was great. The bands, shopping and just endless fun!" Yuta said excitedly expressing himself with his hands.

"That sounds great but then I'd be like how you are now and in that mode, I would never get up from my bed" Kota said teasingly and in response the two next to him laughed. Along the way, a few girls had waved at Kota and his friends as well as a couple of guys. Eventually they found them in front of the assembly hall's door which they opened and immediately went into place standing in their class "2-B" waiting for the assembly to begin.

With only five minutes of waiting the assembly started at 9:05 exactly and only lasted fifteen to twenty minutes hearing the regular speech that it is a new year, how they wish everyone to succeed but what seemed so different was when the principal got to the last part.

"You have all endured so much and we're proud of you. Know to all of you, this is a time of change, when you figure out what life has in store for you. This semester will be different and perhaps you will meet with fate. Every step of the way leads some where and each of you are on the right path."

Although that had been meant for everyone, it made Kota feel as if he could exclude everyone from the room as if he was sitting down in his chair and the principal was speaking directly towards him. The boy blinked as the quote went through his head only to regain sense when the assembly was over. Yuta and Kaoru decided to go on ahead to check with old club mates as Yuta just sat there for awhile letting everyone clear only to watch everyone clear the hall to get to their home-room.


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Anaru let out a low growl as her slumber was interrupted by the loud screech of her alarm clock. She rolled over onto her side and reached out her arm to turn off the annoying alarm. She barely had a wink of sleep last night, for she was too anxious about the first day of school. Not only is she a new student, but a female president at that! How could you become president before school even starts you ask? Well, let's just say Anaru's father is really good friends with the principle. Honestly, she didn't want all the extra work, but he insisted. But, hey, it's only for a semester or two... right?

As the girl found herself just feeling cold air, she slowly sat up. Frustrated, she grabbed for the plug and pulled it out. There, that should do it. Although, that just leaves her more trouble tonight when she has to reset it. Anaru let out a yawn, pulling her legs out of the bed and giving them a quick stretch. Afterwards, she flicked on the light and picked up her president uniform. The only real difference was the coloring and a ribbon on the chest. Anaru hanged it above her bathroom door and quickly hopped into the shower.

After her daily routine, such as showering, brushing her hair, getting dress, etc, she grabbed her backpack and threw it over her shoulder. The brunette took in a deep breath, and then exhaled through the nose. Just like that, she was off on her walk to school.

As she entered through the front doors, she found herself alone. However, that was expected, she had to get to school the time the teachers arrive. Anaru made her way to where the assembly would be held, and met the male president, along with the vise female and male president. They all greeted her in a formal matter, and then continued their own thing.

By the time the assembly started, Anaru had to sit in a row of 4 chairs on the stage as the principle gave his speech. She scanned the room of students; there were a lot more then she expected. As the principle went on, she tried to do something about her 'antennas'. However, no matter how much she pulls them down, they pop right back up. Eventually giving up, Anaru slouched into her chair until the principle's speech was over with.

She was suddenly snapped out of her thoughts by the sudden sound of clapping and sat up. Soon, everyone was clearing out to homeroom. Anaru let out a sigh of relief, standing up and pulling out her crumpled schedule stuffed into her pocket. She slowly made her way down the steps as she scanned it over. However, she found herself suddenly coming to a hault as she found a male student still hasn't made his way out. Anaru frowned, approaching the student. "Excuse me, but you do realize you have to head to homeroom by now, do you?" She asked in more of a concerned tone then rude.

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