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Elisheva Vitalievna

"No one really cares until something dramatic happens."

0 · 528 views · located in Manhattan, New York

a character in “Remember Me For Centuries”, as played by fading-into-eternity



{"Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes CHAOS.” }
This Will Be the Day || Uprising || 쀑독(Overdose) || μ „μŸμ΄μ•Ό(This is War) || Time to Say Goodbye || I Burn


|{Full Name}|
Elisheva Zoya Vitalievna β•‘ Π•Π»ΠΈΡˆΠ΅Π²Π° Зоя Π’ΠΈΡ‚Π°Π»ΡŒΠ΅Π²Π½Π°

β€˜Eli’ β€˜Zoya’ β€˜E’

Savage β•‘ Π΄ΠΈΠΊΠ°Ρ€ΡŒ


March Fifteenth

Russian in America


Enhanced Tracking


{"The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom of fear.” }
-Aung San Suu Kyi


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
grinning widely at inopportune moments β˜€ dancing to music that only she hears β˜€ flexing and releasing her hands β˜€ biting her lips so hard they bleed β˜€ digging her nails into her cut up palms β˜€ smoking when she’s bored or stressed β˜€ tapping her finger whenever she is still β˜€ ripping napkins and pieces of paper to shreds

⚘Enhanced//Long-Range Tracking:⚘
β˜€ enhanced senses β˜€ hunting intuition β˜€ psychic navigation β˜€ sensory tracking β˜€

|{Power Weaknesses}|
⚘First & Foremost: Water⚘
β˜€ hydrophobia β˜€ intense/overpowering smells β˜€ psychic blocks β˜€ lack of focus (tracking requires it) β˜€ distance to tracking source β˜€

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
⚘In one word: Creation⚘
β˜€ pottery & ceramics β˜€ drawing β˜€ origami β˜€ charcoal & pastels β˜€ portraiture β˜€ weight lifting β˜€ flexibility β˜€ weapons making and maintaining β˜€

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
⚘The Lacking of Social Skills:⚘
β˜€ parties β˜€ social spaces and environments β˜€ conversation making β˜€ a resting bitch-face β˜€ aggressiveness β˜€ speaking rashly & boldly without warning β˜€

β˜€ drawing people β˜€ sharpening & fixing weapons β˜€ smoking β˜€ forming little trinkets out of clay β˜€

ΓΈEven the Fearless FearΓΈ
β˜€ water β˜€ losing her way or her progress β˜€ tyranny β˜€ death without meaning/in vain β˜€

β˜€ not killing the president & his second in command β˜€ getting caught β˜€ not escaping sooner β˜€ killing her mother β˜€ leaving her home for good β˜€

✀Some Things She’ll Never Tell✀
β˜€ technically no one knows she killed her mother β˜€ crippling depression sometimes ensues β˜€ she’s a total virgin β˜€


{"nyctophilia nycΒ·toΒ·philΒ·iΒ·a (nΔ­k'tΙ™-fΔ­l'Δ“-Ι™)
A preference for the night or darkness.”

For someone as intelligent and skilled as Elisheva is, those who don’t know her well categorize her as mentally unstable. Her actions are often violent and exaggerated, and match perfectly with her warped personality. Elisheva is wild, untamed, and striking, she has a dark sense of humor, and a dark way of thinking, always assuming the worst and carrying out the worst. Like someone insane, she rips paper methodically and sings to herself, often grinning about things that no one else knows about or understands.

As it turns out, her mother had a huge influence on Elisheva’s person. Being a drug addict and clinically depressed, much of her actions and words affected her daughter negatively, and made her rebel. That is another truth about Elisheva, she is a rebel. Always trying to break the rules and stray from the norm, it is no surprise that she is part of the Rebellion. Like this, she can't sit still ans always has to be moving even in the littlest way, like fumbling with something in her hands, she is always ready for action in some way.

Elisheva does not pay attention to other people’s thoughts or views as much as she should, and she often goes out and does things of her own accord, without permission or sometimes even meaning behind her actions. She is not a social person in the least, and would rather kill than socialize. She also, like her mother, inherited depression, but represses most of her feelings so as not to seem weak or vulnerable.

{"The woods are lovely, dark and deep; but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.” }
-Robert Frost


β˜€ black coffee β˜€ cigarettes β˜€ sharp things β˜€ weapons β˜€ disobeying the rules β˜€ messy hair β˜€ sore muscles β˜€ charcoal & pastel sticks β˜€ ceramic clay β˜€ big dogs β˜€ pelmeni β˜€ shashlyk β˜€ pirozhki β˜€ the smell of wood fire smoke β˜€ cobblestone streets β˜€

{"Let your plans be dark, and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” }
-Sun Tzu


β˜€ water β˜€ long hair β˜€ overly-happy or talkative people β˜€ illegal drugs β˜€ Immortals β˜€ the presidential Tate family β˜€ vice president Coin β˜€ containment β˜€ following the rules β˜€ milk chocolate β˜€ freezing temperatures β˜€ sitting still β˜€

{"No one really cares until something dramatic happens.” }



|{Place of Origin}|
Novgorod, Russian Federation


|{Family Tree}|
Elisheva is a full blooded Russian, with both of her parents migrating to the United States with the hope of a better life. Because of the feud between her parents and heir families, Elisheva has not seen or heard from any of her family back in Russia since they left when she was twelve. Her father and mother were never truly in love and he left before her mother died.
Lara Grigorievna / Mother / 39 / Deceased as of 5 years ago
Rudin Vitalievich / Father / ?? / Unknown location & condition

|{Happiest Memory}|
The only thing she remembers clearly from Russia is sitting on her babushka's lap while the old woman braided her hair and told her stories of old Russia and fairytales filled with magic. This memory makes her feel warm and nostalgic for simpler times.

|{Saddest Memory}|
The death/murder of her mother, and the regret after committing the horrible crime. As well as the disappearance of her father, it left Elisheva with no one to rely on, even if that person was incapable of being relied on.

{"The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules.” }

β€œThey see you as small and helpless
They see you as just a child
Surprise when they find out that a warrior will soon run wild

Prepare for your greatest moments,
Prepare for your finest hour
The dream that you've always dreamed is
Suddenly about to flower

We are lightning
Straying from the thunder
Miracles of ancient wonder

This will be the day we've waited for
This will be the day we open up the door
I don't wanna hear your absolution
Hope your ready for a revolution
Welcome to a world of new solutions
Welcome to a world of bloody evolution
In time-your heart will open minds
A story will be told
and victory is in a simple soul

Your world needs a great defender
Your world's in the way of harm
You want a romantic life a fairytale that's full of charm

Beware that the light is fading
Beware as the dark returns
This world's unforgiving
Even brilliant lights will cease to burn

Legends scatter
Day and night will sever
Hope and peace are lost forever

This will be the day we've waited for
This will be the day we open up the door
I don't wanna hear your absolution
Hope your ready for a revolution
Welcome to a world of new solutions
Welcome to a world of bloody evolution
In time your heart will open minds
A story will be told
and victory is in a simple soul”

{"Regret something that once made you.” }

❣Because the government and many others are on the lookout for her, Elisheva often changes her hair color and looks to avoid attention.❣
❣As her main weapon she uses an axe, but also carries throwing knives and a gun for cleaner kills.❣
❣Even though she always looks dirty, Elisheva always smells good, its strange since no one uses her scent to track her.❣

|{Costume : Uniform}|
Costume: A skin tight, inconspicuous, bulletproof suit. /here/
Mask: A creepy skull mask, she usually covers her hair as well. /here/

Character Dialogue || #cd3700

Face Claim || Jena Malone

So begins...

Elisheva Vitalievna's Story