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Now that he knew Ana was coming home with him, he was immensely happy. Dr. Antonini's comments had gotten to him, and for a moment there, he was afraid that she would refuse to leave with him.

While she was getting dressed in the bathroom, he finished filling out the forms and gathered their things. He put the cards and gifts in a bag and carried the many flowers in his hands along with the balloons. He was sure looked ridiculous with the amount of items he was holding, but he had always been a gentlemen and wasn't about to let her carry anything.

When she walked out, he took in her appearance. She looked more like herself now that she was in her normal clothes. The only thing that appeared different was the scar on her forehead, along with other smaller scratches and bruises. The scar already looked a lot better than it had when she first got to the hospital. After she sat the gown down on the hospital bed, he gave her a cheeky grin. "Ready to go?" He asked, but was already heading out before she answered him. The doctor said his goodbye's to them as they made their way to the elevator.

With his hands chalk full of Ana's stuff, he took up most of the space inside the elevator. After a bit of walking they finally made it to the parking garage where Sawyer led her to their family vehicle. It was a brand new Ford Explorer they had just picked out a couple of months ago. Sawyer had basically picked it out himself as he wanted something durable that was big enough to haul a lot of people, and Ana didn't care much what they got since she had just gotten a brand new car for herself. He unlocked the doors, and popped open the trunk so he could get the flowers and balloons out of his hands. Sawyer kept the balloons because he knew the kids would want to play with them.

Once he had everything in the car, he went over to Ana and opened the door for her. She was exactly a foot shorter than him, and he loved to tease her about her height. This car didn't sit up that high, so he didn't have to help her get in. His youngest sibling, Connor, has this really big truck, and Ana and Sawyer had to ride with him once and he literally had to lift her up to get her in the truck. He'd never let that go, and liked to remind her of it whenever he could. It was sad to think that memories like that were lost to her. He could only hope that they would come back someday soon. Outside, the sun was beginning to set, so by the time they reached their house it would be dark.

After picking up some fried food as promised, he tried to fill Ana in on important tidbits about himself and their life. "So, I guess I should properly introduce myself." He cleared his throat. "I'm Sawyer Woods, my middle name is Michael. I'm 32 years old and was born and raised in Big Sky, Montana. I'm the third youngest of 6 children, and have 4 brothers and 1 sister. I went to college at The University of Montana and got a job as a pharmacist shortly after." He glanced at her briefly before focusing his eyes on the road again. "You were 20 when we first met, and I was 4 years older than you at 24 and was fresh out of college. My youngest sibling, Connor, went to Harvard like you, and I ran into you while I was visiting him." He chuckled lightly, thinking back to that time. "Needless to say, I was wrapped around your finger within a couple of days and moved into an apartment that was about 10 minutes from the Harvard Campus only two weeks after that. I got a new job at a pharmacy down there and everything. I told my family it was because I wanted to be closer to Connor because we are really close, but everyone knew that you were the reason I moved."

A smile covered his face as he continued, "Anyways, we got married about a year after we met and then you had our two kids." He was kind of cautious talking about their children because he didn't know how she would react to them, but they were going to come up eventually. His sister probably had them at the house already as he had given her a spare key while she had been watching the two of them. "We have Leila, our feisty four-year-old, that is both a tom boy and a girly girl in certain ways. Then there's Jude. He's only two and is a little bundle of energy." Talking about his kids made him feel at ease. He adored them both and could talk about them for hours. Once again, his eyes shifted to briefly look at Ana in the passenger seat. "He is a Mama's boy through and through. He even looks like you, but with blonde hair. When I was young I had really blonde hair and I think that's where he go it from, but I imagine that it will change to a darker shade similar to yours once he gets older."

Just then, their house came into view. "And this is our house." He said as he pulled into the driveway and opened the doors to their garage. The garage was pretty big, it sat tucked back on the right side of their house. Katherine's car was parked at the front of their house beside the fountain. "That's my sister Katherine's car, she's been watching the kids and taking care of our pets since I have been at the hospital with you."

Getting out of the car, he turned on the lights and shut the garage doors. He offered Ana a hand to help her out of the car and shut the door behind her. Pointing to the car right beside them he said, "That's yours. And that 1969 Mustang back there is mine. Though I have been driving the Explorer since we got it because it runs so smoothly."

Opening the trunk of the car again, he grabbed all the stuff and unlocked the door in the garage that led to the mudroom. As soon as the door clicked open, the barking began and clicking could be heard as the dogs came running for them. Sawyer dodged them with a series of hilarious movements so he wouldn't drop anything, but all four of them were heading for Ana. A laugh escaped him as the dogs practically attacked her. "They missed you." They were jumping all over her, their tails wagging as they vied for her attention.

"The Siberian Husky is the only female dog, her name is Isis. Sherlock is the German Shepherd. The big Pit-bull is Moose and his son is named Waffles, Leila named him. We also have two cats. The female is Tabby named Nancy and the male is a Manx named Walter. Walter is a total asshole though so you better watch out for him." Sawyer walked into where the kitchen and living room met and sat his stuff down on the nearest table. "We're home!" He heard talking upstairs and then he heard the thump, thump, thump of Leila coming down the stairs.

In her pajama's, with her hair flying everywhere, she bolted towards him and launched herself into his arms. "Daddy!" He laughed and spun her around as he held onto her. When he stopped, she must have saw her mother standing behind him because she began struggling to get out of his hands. He sat her down and she wrapped her arms around Ana's legs. "Mommy! You're not sleepy anymore!"

He looked towards the stairs and Katherine smiled at him as she walked behind Jude who was crawling backwards down the stairs. Once Jude reached the bottom, he didn't even look at Sawyer, he went straight for him mom as he yelled for her. He grabbed at her and reached his hands out for her to pick him up.

Katherine came by and pulled Sawyer in for a hug. "I'm sorry, Bub." She whispered to him. After releasing him she went to Ana and patted her on the back. "I'm glad to see you doing better, Ana." Then she headed for the front door, waving her keys in the air. "I'm heading home, I'll talk to you guys later. Bye kids." The kids told their aunt goodbye and Katherine left, leaving the four of them and their pets alone.