Lucian DeCicco

"Live life, Grandioso."

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a character in “Renaissance Academy for the Gifted”, as played by Vasilisa*van*Morren


Name: Lucian DeCicco
Age: 17
Gender: Male
House: Music
Student or Staff: Student


Lucian has well, an Italian complexion, dark but pale comparatively, resulting from hours and hours of indoor musical practice. Standing at a little over six feet, he tends to loom over his classmates, but his excellent composure adds inches to his height, having resulted from an extremely strict piano teacher. His sapphire eyes appear dull unless listening to music, and his black hair falls jaggedly over his angular features.


Personality: Taciturn and observant, Lucian rarely speaks more than is absolutely necessary. Habitually introverted, he tends to avoid becoming lost in the crowd, though would never miss an opportunity to people-watch. Rarely does he boldly express emotion, preferring to channel feeling into his music. Though reserved and generally placid, he can become deeply attached to the fixed objects (including people) in his life, and consequently is averse to drastic change. Yet he finds he is the most musically inspired when in conflicting moods...


History: At a very young age, Lucian was pressured into the art of music. Coming from a prominent Italian family, he was constantly immersed in the ballads of Italian composers. His father was the composer of an orchestra, and when Lucian attended his father's debut at La Fenice Theatre, he discovered his rare gift. A common trait for famous musicians, Lucian could taste the music, and he saw colors according to the mood and style played. Ever since, his parents have pushed him to become the best. His mother made sure he could sing before he spoke, and his father had him playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Le Coucou on the Grand before he was five.

When Lucian was eight, his father passed away due to a pulmonary embolism. He and his mother moved off to the countryside, where music became their sole comfort and passion. For hours a day, music would fill their small cottage. He lived and breathed music, learning to play multiple instruments. His rebellious stage consisted of playing the classical guitar instead of the violin, like his mother wanted. Now, he enjoys the rubato of the trumpet, the lull of the harp, and of course the piano. He never sings in public.

Other: Primary language: Italian. Secondary: English.

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