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Culsa Alastor

"Don't make me cut you."

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a character in “Requiem for a Fallen”, as played by HansenetteHeart


Name: Culsa Alastor, to you, you disgusting mortal.

Age: My age is higher than you can count, you ignorant fool.

Gender: Oh really. You honestly need verification there? I'm a female. Well done if you managed to guess at home.

Sexuality: Well I, myself, prefer people. Not to rain on beastiality's parade or anything. But yes, apart from than, I have no preferance of gender. And besides, slightly more pressing things going on at the moment, don't you think?

Role: Demon


Personality: Well, my main problem is possibly my perchant for murder. Oh, how a good, sweet death can make you feel alive. Not to mention the fact that warm blood is like honey on your tongue. But yes, my personality. Aside from having a slight leaning towards violence deaths, I don't care very much for people. Or angels. Or demons. Honestly, they could all just die in a delicious lava ball for all I care. I much prefer to be by myself as other people tend to grate on my nerves. With their opinions and voices, urgh. It irks me, it really does. I suppose many people would describe me as "unfriendly" but really, they are merely annoyed I didn't accept them. I have standards and people must meet them or I will simply ignore them. Simple, no?

So, perhaps, my brash personality wounds some people. That doesn't mean they can send exorcists and religious zealots after me, does it?! No. Then you understand just why I had those "unfortunate" accidents. Now, let us carry on before I decide to cut you into sawdust.

Abilities: My speciality is shapeshifting. I can take on the form of any animal I choose and a few human froms. However, I much prefer to take the form of more feral animals than of boring humans. You know, local wildlife. It's always easier to hush up a lush murder on a simple animal attack, don't you think? In demon form, I can shed the animal's restrictions and lose control a little. Just a little. Nothing to merit all those wards against me in central Europe.

Bio: Well, I have led a rather colourful life in regards to humans in which they take my harmless jesting the wrong way. Really, I didn't mean to cause all that damage. It was merely a by-product of an entertaining chase! It was worth it though, the spoils of the chase are always worth it. Now, demon wise, I don't play very well with others. My habit of gruesome murders seem to ward a few folk away. It's odd as they are demons yet the act as if I am another level of twisted. Not my fault blood tastes so good straight for the heart, now is it. I do wish people could be more open minded but I suppose it is not meant to be.

Not that I care. Those shunning me were probably too boring to be seen with anyway.

So begins...

Culsa Alastor's Story


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Culsa lifted her long dagger up, basking in the pure fear the pathetic being below her was giving off. Her eyes gleamed as she plunged the knife into the man's chest. Red hot blood began frothing up and the demon smirked. It always did taste better fresh. She leaned down and lapped up a little of the red sweetness. She licked her lips and grinned.

"I was correct! Blood from the heart is the most sweet. Almost like baby blood. Or that of a virgin. Not that I target children but you realise demonic rituals involve baby blood quite a fair bit. Not that we kill the child! Stop looking at me like that!" The demon looked at the cooling corpse of the man she just stabbed and drank from. She frowned and manipulated his features from that of horror to questioning.

"Better. But virgins are entertaining. They always scream "Oh, I'm too young to die!" And everyone knows that they really mean "don't kill me yet! I haven't been laid!" I ignore them because as far as I can tell 30 years is a long time for humans and if that woman couldn't get a man to fuck her by then, she had no chance." Culsa said, sitting on the dead man's chest. The dead man who was piled upon a few other corpses.

"What?! Don't look at me like that! I was peckish and you are dead. Thus, you can't judge." She continued, crossing her long slender legs. The demon twirled the knife between her fingers, licking the blood from her pale, pale face. She looked back down at the dead man and sighed.

"Would you quit the "looking all judgemental" thing you've got going on over there? You are a drug addict, you aren't exactly in the best postion to be judging. Even if I did brutally kill you and suck you dry." Culsa paused before shrugging again.

"Well, you have- oops, had- your drug and I had mine. Mine is just a little more common. And apparently more damaging. I don't see how since my addiction merely kills people and everyone dies eventually. I merely...sped up the process." The demon swept her long hair back onto her shoulder. "Although in your case, I didn't speed it up all that much. At the rate you were going at, you were going to die by tomorrow morning." Culsa lifted herself up off the pile of dead bodies and turned, her hands on her hips.

"I gave you a more dignified death. Instead of overdosing, you gave a superior being sustinance. I'm pretty sure that gets you a few brownie points with the feathered freaks." The demon sighed and walked out of the alleyway, feeling secure in the way she arranged the bodies.

Those stupid mortals would think it was just a little gang tiff or something. Something she didn't really care about all that much. Culsa's shoes clicked against the concrete with a harsh snap but when she was about to leave the mouth of the alley, a noise caught her attention.


"Oh, not you again." Culsa groaned, her eyes rolling. She could not be bothered to deal with this little pest today. She turned on the spot and glared at the ball of fluff that glared up at her.

"What the hell do you want." Culsa stated, eyes becoming an icy blue. The cat just stared back up at her and Culsa scoffed.

"I don't care if they need me. I am VERY BUSY over here." The cat just blinked at her and looked around her legs. The demon crossed her hands and glared at the familliar.

"I got hungry! Don't think I don't see you skulking around looking for mice!" The cat looked at her dead in the eye. "Yes, I may only know you do it since I do it as a wolf. Although I go looking for much bigger prey. Jeez. Get off your high horse, you little rodent." The cat looked up, putting it's little nose up at the demon. Culsa growled and lashed out. Her foot hit the cat's underbelly, sending the little monster flying through the air with a screech. Culsa couldn't help but feel a bit better as the cat wandered out of the bins covered in grimmy black stuff. She sniggered as the cat toppled to the left a little before falling over on it's side.

The demon sauntered over and prodded the cat with the tip of her shoe. The cat hissed and attached to her leg, claws digging into the skin. Culsa growled and suddenly, the demon's body writhed and a huge grey wolf stood in her place. The cat yelped and sprung away from her, fur on end. Culsa morphed back to her human form, hands on hips and smile in place.

"That's what I thought too. Now, transport me home, chop chop." The cat gave the demon a hard glare before the demonic portal opened up on the concrete. Culsa sighed heavily, wiping the remaining blood from her chin. She looked back at the pile of bodies she was leaving behind and sought out one in particular.

"Toodles, Mr Drug Addict. I enjoyed talking to you but now I've got some more pressing engagements at the mo. Don't worry though, with your track record, I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again very soon." And with a smirk and a wink towards the mutilated corpses, Culsa stepped into the demonic portal and the alley faded away.


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#, as written by Igari
Lucian did not bother to look up towards the voice that filled the area, already knowing those lucid tones to belong to Janus. As always, the demon was eager for a new body, antsy to push the boundaries of what was just barely acceptable. This failed to faze him, in fact, it had done nothing of the sort the very first time they had met millennia ago. He supposed the only downside to being a time mage was that nothing seemed to surprise him in the slightest, which may or may not have ruined the little "gift" Janus had sent him some years back. He slid blank eyes to the far side of the room, a few seconds in advance before another figure appeared, this one female. She had long red locks of hair but the first thing Lucian noticed was not her frame (which most tended to catch on to first), but the smell of lust that she carried with her. Of course.

She looked a bit miffed, as she had been interrupted from something important. The woman cracked her neck as a sudden burst of flame engulfed her; when the smoke cleared, quite a different creature stood in her place, with crimson skin and tattered wings and two massive horns curving over her head. Xana looked around the room, flames rippling across her arms, and smirked at the other figures in the room despite her hunger--Lucian was always difficult to get any sort of emotion other than apathy, and Victorica was merely tired from all of her traveling about. Janus, on the other hand... he was always easy to feed from--so easy to get any sort of reaction from, especially when he was angry... Her tail flicked back and forth in anticipation. "Better be worth my time away from feeding, Lucian..." Xana growled, rolling her neck and letting the cracks echo through the chamber. "You know how I get when I'm hungry..."

Lucian didn't spare her much of a glance but he did so long enough to let her know that clearly she would not be here if it were not imperative. It wasn't but a few seconds more that another woman appeared, this one with stark white hair and a few blood splatters here and there on her clothes. Culsa was baring her teeth, looking ready to pounce on the cat that was already scampering back over to its Mistress. In fact, she was going to. In the time it took him to merely yawn, she was already shapeshifting into a wolf to terrorize the tiny animal, who hissed and tried to take refuge behind the gatekeeper. Very typical, very expected behavior indeed. He ignored the proceedings going on with the gatekeeper, sparing Janus a look before sighing and leaning further against the wall in a bored fashion. The sounds of an agitated fight continued, up until the deeper, firm voice of the gatekeeper spoke up.

"Enough you two, cease your bickering," Victorica wasn't able to use her normal commanding voice, given her weakened disposition, but it was still enough to snap Culsa and the cat out of their spat. The cat fled behind the larger lion and the gatekeeper released her breath. She fought to stay balanced correctly as she leaned against her weapon, eying the group through slightly narrowed orbs.

"I've summoned all of... most of you here..." She amended, taking note of the missing demon from their midst's. "To brief you on the current situation." Victorica tried to straighten to give more validity to her words, as she knew that any signs of weakness would cause her statements to be dismissed by the other demons. Perhaps not Lucian but certainly the others. "Currently, we are in a precarious state of pandemonium." She paused to gesture to the Gates that stood behind her, now just a mere shadow of what they used to be. Much of the fine metal and appeal of the portal had been torn away and destroyed, leaving tattered chains and chunks of marble here and there.

"I am not sure what has caused it but there has been an unnatural influx of spirits and wraiths that have swept through the gates... While I must remain stationed here, to ward off any potential threats that try to escape as the others have, I have received orders from above. You are all to travel to Resmyrd, to join the Angels and Exorcists respectively to eliminate this threat and restore the balance to Purgatory." She shot most of the demons a dirty look, for there was some undertone of "Isn't this the stupid plot to every adventure story ever" lingering about. She adjusted herself, snapping her fingers. Her lion familiar was the one to position himself this time, moving to the center of the area.

"I will transport you all there. The higher ups will be expecting updates... but they will explain the situation more in detail when you arrive." And before waiting for any questions, she hit the ground once with the hilt of her weapon and her familiar roared, creating a large portal. Lucian pushed himself off the wall and was already stepping into the portal before anyone else with a smooth fluidness. He had done this so many times before yet there was something that felt just a tad different this time... He could only hope this gut feeling would actually come to pass.

The setting changes from Purgatory to Resmyrd


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Meister Elegia
⌈"Sometimes, your enemy is the one beside you..."⌋

Treylion flicked his gaze over both and not even taking out time to alert them before he was already moving forwards, grinning smoothly. He raised one of his arms and with a great flourish summoned a ball of flames which hovered inches above his palm. With a flick of his wrist and a smirk across his face, several orbs shot out toward the exorcists. Instead of being one-directional, they gravitated towards the females, almost as if drawn to them, homing in on their position. A rush of air and heat as the orbs began to swirl chaotically around them, remaining close enough to maintain a sense of danger but still just out of reach enough to not physically harm either of them.

Snapping her attention to the Demon Commander, it seemed he had no qualms taking both of them on. Now this was the kind of opponent that she liked. Ignoring Virie's presence and the string of incoherent words that spilled out of the younger girl's lips, Elegia readied herself for the fight that she had been itching to have for so long. However, she was ill-prepared for the fiery orbs flying toward the two of them. Well, it goes without saying that she should have expected something like this. Still, she wanted the more physical approach of things. It would be entertaining to say the least to gauge her strength against a demon like him. But for now, she has to ease her excitement to a tolerable one. After all, she has a fight that needed to ended with her win.

Perhaps Virie shouldn't have been overly taken aback by this tactic, in fact, she welcomed the use of magic. It just showed that her preferred choice of offense was the right one. Reika was already on the alert but Virie quieted her down--she did not want to rely on her youkai, not in this fight. She quickly opened her spellbook, the pages well-thumbed. She brushed her hand over the page, speaking quickly in her spell-tongues to summon up a controlled whirlwind around her body to keep the flames naturally at bay. Creating a water torrent would've been too predictable and she highly doubted that would've dispelled the fire anyway. The winds sped around her body at a moderate pace, from a distance, it would appear as if a small tornado had appeared around the exorcist. (And little Reika held on tightly to her Mistress' leg--oh god those winds, IT WAS EVEN WORSE THAN WHAT HER BODY PRODU... something.)

From the corner of her eyes, Elegia could see that Virie was already preparing her own set of theatrics. Well, there was no way she was going to lose to some demon-wannabe or whatever she calls herself nowadays. Raising her right hand upwards, a translucent glow began to emanate from her fingertips. Soon enough, it cascaded down to her form similar to a big gelatin case and it did not take long enough as well for it to create separate entities of sphere that resembled of floating bubbles. Her eyes were narrowed to show the concentration that was being placed into this ability of hers and with a small smile gracing her lips. The said spheres floated around in an erratic manner or is it now?

"Let the fun begin."


Snapping her fingers, the floating spheres attached itselves to the flaming orbs of demonic fire. Engulfing them without much interruption, the effect of such a move was yet to be seen. However as time lingered on, the flames that posed such dangerous intentions were slowly diminishing in its hellish fires. As if, the air and heat were being sapped out of them. Thus, it did not take too long before they were no more within the bubbles that Elegia had released.

The fires that he'd launched at the two women were easily dealt with. Treylion grinned wholeheartedly. He enjoyed a good fight, and it seemed the two women exorcists that had engaged with him were going to bring even more excitement than usual.

"Be careful," Rai warned softly off to the side. The Demon Commander glanced over his shoulder, narrowed his dark eyes and frowned at the shorter, child-like Angel.

"Che, they are only humans," he replied shortly and turned his attention back to the women. His hand opened a second time, once again summoning his fires from hell. The red and orange ball of light twisted and turned, licking his hand as he fed the fire more fuel. It was soon swirling around from his palm and up his arm. A wide grin split his lips and he turned his hand with the flames outwards to face the women.

Launching the fire at them, he watched the flickering serpent of deadly heat snake outwards and strike lightning fast at both women, splitting at the end into two heads to get at them both.

Virie narrowed her eyes, able to hear full well what the Commander had just called her. Only human, hm? She felt a flash of anger. There were very few things that could get under her skin, as she prided herself on the strictest control over herself. After all, demons did not have true emotions, merely put on displays. She instantly dismissed her winds at this, the gusts fizzling out and leaving her unfazed, if a bit windswept. Raising the arm that held her book out in front of her, she turned over her palm so that it faced upwards. The book levitated a little in front of her, flipping to another well-thumbed page. The words upon it began to glow and inky scarlet and she muttered faintly under her breath. If she wanted to make an impression, she was going to have to be unorthodox... and cruel.

So, the Demon Commander looks at them as mere humans who can't do anything significant to hurt him or more so to defeat him. Elegia smiled at this notion. She liked it when the enemy underestimates her for it is more worth it beating them to a bloody pulp. Her floating bubbles were dispersed without much a wave of a hand. The snake serpent that was aimed towards her had been blockaded by her barrier. Even without the need to summon, it has an inherent tendency to protect her from all danger. Once, the fiery snake of flames was tackling to pierce through the translucent shield. She concocted two invisible panels from both its side and squeezed it out of existence. It was after such an act that she took notice of what Virie had done on her end. However what met her was...

A flash of a smirk unfurled on her features as she snapped her fingers and the words on the page floated off of them. They began to vibrate, almost humming, as they wound around each other. Each word formed into a solid chain, glyphs for air carved into each one. She gestured and the chains shot forwards through the air towards the flame serpent that was bounding at her. Her chains first caught it around its claws, the beast spewing flames out at her in protest. She smirked just a fraction of an inch more and the chains tightened, binding around the serpent even more. They wrapped around its torso, around its neck and with a flick of its wrist, twisted all the way through and decapitated the creature. But no, she wasn't done, not by a long shot.

With a bit of a flourish, more for show than anything else, she directed her chains in a whiplash at the commander. The metal had already dispelled the heat, the air glyphs working as a counter-measure against them. She muttered another verse and several spikes shot out of the sides of the metal. However, right before they even touched the commander, the chains abruptly turned and shot out at the girl that was supposed to be her comrade. The girl who, to her annoyance, had tried to proceed before her. An underling, a servant, a waste of existence. And who did she think she was anyway, bursting in on her initiation? It would be better to just relieve herself and others of the insignificant presence of that twat. Yet, faster than even she had anticipated--just as her chains were about to cut into that thing and bring up the sweet, scarlet substance, the demon commander had caught her chains with his bare hand. She grimaced and her lip curled in disgust.

"Enough," Treylion said, not relinquishing his grip on her chains. She would've persisted but trying to push herself against him would've been a bit too much. So she relented, much to her own disappointment, and let her chains alter themselves back into words. Once they had safely returned to her book, the commander resumed a more relaxed stance.

"There is no reason to continue this game, you've both made it clear where you each stand." He said, addressing them. "Witch, you will be paired with Janus and Ryu--I'm sure you'll find your demon companion to... share some common interest. And you, meister, you will be with Culsa and Caelestis." Virie made the briefest of bows towards him to symbolize her respect before turning on her heel, disregarding the girl she had been so intent to kill just moments ago and walking over towards her new partners. This had better have been worth the effort.

The reputation attached to Virie was without doubt correct in every way. Treylion had halted the attack intended for her. Elegia had a very cold look in her eyes of mauve that seemed to be replicated by the younger girl. She knew that it would do no good for her to lash out and place that arrogant b*tch in her rightful place. So for now, she well it slide and decided to end this initiation by going to her respective team as announced. Although, she wondered what was this Culsa and Caelestis were like. She hoped that they were not going to be hard to deal with just like that obnoxious Exorcist.


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The setting changes from Resmyrd to Arkanvale


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Culsa let out a heavy breath as she watched the night sky. She was bored and a bored demon was never a demon you wanted to encounter. Although, demons of any mental state were usually better avoid but when Culsa was bored, she got stabby. Never good for the wandering blood bags. The demon lazily regarded the body lying to the side. She had gotten hungry and munched on another druggie. Never good since she got a little...fuzzy after drug tainted blood but beggars can't be choosers. And besides, there was something tasty about blood from a person completely off their tits. She had been wandering about chewing on brain stems since her little group had wandered out of the exorcist battle royale. The little angel had taken off to do some angelic business or something almost immediately and she had never even met their exorcist. This did not bode well for the whole "put the damn spirits and wraiths back where they damn belong, those little escapist shits" thing. Although, it did allow Culsa the opportunity to get some yummy sustenance.

However, as nice as it was to go on a blood sucking rampage, stuff did manage to get a bit boring. No one to pester, no mischief to cause. Hell, she couldn't even go scare the crap out of people by dressing up as Death anymore. The humans were getting wise to her. The pricks. The demon lurched to her feet. She should probably go find something constructive to do. Or at the very least, make a little mayhem. Maybe she could be a black dog again and chase people, pretending to be a hell hound. That sounded fun, or at least, more interesting than sitting around doing sweet FA all night. Culsa stumbled forward, colours blurring into a big swirly mess of stuff. Damn druggies. Couldn't they try being a bit more reserved in their dosages? Well, at least it wasn't an alcoholic. They always stank and their blood was a weird taste. And after a little intoxicated blood, the world suddenly became a lot more sideways. Culsa blinked back the influx of colours and shapes before stepping forward, into a puddle of blood and other fluids. Human were always so icky. She made her way over to the exit of the alleyway, booting a decapitated head harshly as she did so. That guy was annoying and a pervert. He had tried to make a grab for her before she ripped his head clean off his shoulders. Where were people's manners these days?

That and watching the guy's head bounce down the alley was kinda hysterical. It occurred to Culsa that she must have been the cause of many cold cases. She never cleared up after herself and she wasn't exactly going to broadcast the fact that there was a dead body lying about. It took away from the hilarity when a jogger discovered a rolling head. It was always the joggers for some reason...The demon stumbled down the road, her blood stained clothes warning people away from her. She supposed she should change. Blood drenched hair and wet red clothes did tend to draw attention. She opted for a stray dog look, her fur a dark brown and ears ruffled. She had to say, she looked pretty cute. Not as intimidating as her preferred wolf form but nice nonetheless. Besides, if that damn gatekeeper's cat came sniffing about, she could kill it and claim she thought it was a stray. Always a plus.

She sauntered down the street, her tail low and eyes keen. Dogs obviously weren't as drug sensitive as humans were. Although, she did tend to burn through the effects of drugs quite quickly. More of a tolerance to them. Her canine nose picked up a myriad of scents but she controlled the instinct to run like a mad woman (or mutt) after the tantalizing smell of food. (What kind of human would be making food this late at night?! She would never understand those walking blood bags.) Instead she sought out a helpful scent. Not those damn humans or freakish angels. She sniffed the air for the scent of a demon. A demon that might have a better idea of what was going on. Although, hopefully not one of the higher ups, they always got a little pissy when she tracked them down and asked questions. She finally picked up a demon scent and trotted off to find someone who actually knew what they were doing.