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Aweh Dynissi Torar


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a character in “Requiem of Reality”, as played by BumbleDrop


❝Aweh is my name and whispering’s my game. You might ask yourself what is so great about that, but it is something I take pride in. I whisper to one of my best friends, Hugo. He is a shadow that is trapped inside my teddy. Does that scare you? Well I hope not! I protect you and you and YOU! ❞


Theme Song

[color=Pick One]Basics[/color]
”Quote About Him/Herself”

Aweh Dynissi Torar [Aw●eh Dye●ne●see Tore●are]

♒Aweh never really knew why they named her Aweh, but she did know what her middle name came from. Her great grandmother,on her father’s side, was name Dynissi and she was said to be the sweetest woman you could ever meet.


A lot of people call her Aw, well most people call her that anyway. It all started from her mother, whom to be honest had no idea why she would start that.

Shadow Slayer



Romantic Interest(s)
He/she can have more than one. Might want to mention past flames, if they’re important.

[color=Pick One]Sexuality[/color]
Aweh is straight as a nail, but has a tendency to come off as flirting with everyone.

[color=Pick One]Appearance[/color]
❝I quite like my appearance. This dress elegant with its keys! And oh, the best part…my hair! Gold and rainbow make such a good pair, don’t you think? ❞
Aweh’s hair was naturally a gold/blonde color. She started dying her hair when she was twelve, always doing rainbow of colors. She likes to keep it down, unless in a fight, then she puts it up in a ponytail.

Aweh ‘s left eye is green and her right is gold. She does not wear glasses or contacts, nor is she blind.

Aweh is pale, due to the fact that she spends a lot of her time out at night.

She has no markings.


Is she/he going to be casual or formal? Maybe a certain color he/she refuses to wear? Stuff like that.

Does he/she have something always on his/her person? Maybe he/she can’t go two feet without a necklace? Include jewelry/piercings here.

Most of them probably won’t have weapons, and will depend on their skills, but you never know. Also mention where he/she keeps the weapon when he/she isn’t using it.

[color=Pick One]Skills[/color]
”Quote About Skills”
Natural Skills
Did he/she have a knack for numbers? Quick fingers? Stuff like that. I’m limiting it to three.

Learned Skills
Can he/she pickpocket? Maybe he/she is a fashion diva? Things like that. I won’t put a limit, but… Come on.

Is he/she bad at working with others? Can’t fight to save his/her life? Again, no limit, but at least three.

[color=Pick One]Mentality[/color]
”Quote About Mind/Personality”
Not required.

At least five.

At least five.

At least three. They don’t have to be big. Some description as to why, please.

Be creative! Are they a fantasy-junky? A reality snob? A mix in-between? None of the above??? At least three paragraphs!

[color=Pick One]Personal Life[/color]
”Quote About Life”
[color=Pick One]Significant Relationships[/color]
Family, boy/girlfriend(s), friends; everyone he/she is very close to.

Mom, Dad, siblings, and the like. Maybe there is a loving grandmother, or maybe he/she is an orphan. Include if they're alive or deceased--if they're deceased, add why.

Just what you think might come up/be important. We can always add/edit later on.


So begins...

Aweh Dynissi Torar's Story


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Micah Volfkin

Blow me down, a blaze!

“There are Shadders… Micah, Nezzy and the sky… is angry…,” Ely said, approaching Micah and Nazzy. Although he felt a slight tension between Nazzy and Ely, he knew that both of them could appreciate each others’ value. Despite their individual uniqueness, both of the girls resembled each to some extent. "You saw them too?" Nazzy questioned, a frown dominating her face, now. "Are you okay then? Did they get to you at all?" She'd begun to grab for girls arms, at which point Micah opted to pop out of the situation to let the girls do girl things.

Micah’s disassociation was erupted with a loud "Library!" The damn strangers! "Books!" The sea-dog scratched his head in dissatisfaction, wishing to avoid the traffic-ridden library at all costs. And the strangers. And the shadders. And the impending storm – a Hurricane, if Micah’s nose was right. For a moment, Micah flipped his heel back to his intended path and began wal – only to be interrupted by the sweet, green-haired girl.

"Do we...want to follow them, perhaps?" Nazzy stumbled to ask. "I mean, maybe, it might be a good idea. Libraries tend to be old buildings--that is, um, they're often foundation pieces to a town and, well, they tend to be built with the intent of lasting through the ages. If anything in this town could hold up against a hurricane, I think that might be our best bet, if--if you all think so too, that is." She'd avoided eye contact the entire time she spoke, gaze downcast to rest squarely on their chins. Micah hated that. He HATED not keeping eye contact. Can’t trust no dog that can’t see ya’ eye to eye. Ain’t got nothing but a knife for your back! But Nazzy wasn’t a dog. She was a girl. A girl! Not just a female, but a young woman yet to reach adulthood. Still in her prime. Micah knew to trust her. Micah trusted her more than he trusted himself.

He hadn’t much time to register her request, however, when a bright flash atop the library took flame. “THAT’S YOUR CUE TO RUN!” the group had heard from the roof of the library. He had less than a moment to react; shadders began swarming from all around the city, he felt it. Nazzy and Ely had seemed to run ahead of him when he heard Lucy’s voice shout “Micah! Get the girls in here!” Micah thought to himself, Dammit, that boy’s voice is gonna get me my guts cut someday.

Micah had blackened out, though he had only to assume that he ran ahead and lead the girls into the Library. As to why and how he now found his feet plainly planted in the middle of a library lobby, he wasn’t sure. The girls were there, including an unfamiliar yet friendly face, and of course Lucy. He offered Lucy a hug, opening his arms and staring at the other boy’s face with despair. Despair? Micah never felt despair. Indeed, sometimes he was the only one in the group that COULDN’T feel despair. Why on Earth had Lucy’s face forced an eruption of emotion and puppy-dog whimpering was beyond Micah.

”Alright, ladies, ‘seems we’re in here for the vespers. We might as well make the best of it. Introductions will have to be made when we have a more established nest, a’ight? Commands were Micah’s only way to cope in stressful situation. It was a characteristic he picked up in his fantasy, back when his crew and his ship were all he had and he had them well. His commands, however, were interrupted when the bright-colored strangers broke through the front door.

He took one look at them, and felt a new, resounding responsibility to an even larger group. A white-haired boy, an azure-haired boy and a pink-haired boy. Not that the hair bothered him at this point. Pink? He was already used to that with Lucy. Blue? Perfect! Reminded Micah of the endless seas. White? Means the boy wasn’t a shadder. All three looked unkempt, tense and not so friendly. At least they were all pretty cute looking. Damn my sea snake in the middle of a storm! Micah said to himself.

Taking a moment to breathe, he motioned for the three new boys to come closer to his growing group of pups. Without waiting for acknowledgement, he shouted loudly, ”We need to find ourselves a room that seems safe from shadders. This room is fine f’r now, but soon the outside will be crawlin’ with the creatures and they’ll see right through this glass. I ain’t lookin’ f’r heroes or martyrs, so we’re not splittin’ up. If you don’t want in, then stay here. But I’m gonna be lookin’ to make a fire, eat something, pass out and kiss somebody. Not exactly in that order. Come with me, we’ll cut through the belly of the beast. If not, have fun playing ‘buccaneer’s bet’ by yourself. Any questions?” With that he waited for questions and then motioned to whoever to follow him.

He went into the closest hallway and started down to find a set of double doors – they were oak, boring and exhausting. He tapped three times, out of habit, and broke them ajar. His knife drawn, Micah breached through the darkness of a large auditorium, possibly once a lecture hall. ”No shadders. Lucy, hand me that-” his words broke, finding himself falling on the floor and blacking out.