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Requiem of the Condemned

Requiem of the Condemned


The Avatar is dead, and the cycle broken. The Fire Nation has taken over the four nations, creating a reign of oppression and fear. Hope is gone, and those who would rebel are silenced. What will it cost to bring balance back to the world?

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"Grief knits two hearts in closer bonds than happiness ever can; and common sufferings are far stronger links than common joys. " - Alphonse de Lamartine







                One hundred years ago, the Fire Nation committed an atrocious crime. The death of the avatar—and the genocide of an entire people—hit the world a blow so hard, it was as if the spirits themselves wept. Not all of the Air Nomads perished that day, however, and many of them sought sanctuary in the other nations. The balance between war and peace had tipped over, drenching the world with the banners of the Fire Nation. The world hoped and prayed that the Avatar would return, that the cycle would continue once more, and balance would be restored, however; he never came.

                Without the threat of the Avatar, the Fire Nation conquered the other lands, giving each village and city an ultimatum: surrender or be destroyed. Victory was almost certain with the only one who could oppose them, gone, and the Fire Nation wasted no time subjugating the others to their rule. The world wept, and through its tears, hope slowly faded from the hearts of those who wished to believe, however; their pleas did not go unheard. The spirits—the ones who bestowed the gifts to the Avatar—protected and cherished their returned gifts, waiting for those who would inherit them to be born. The world however, has progressed slowly, and any advancements halted by the rule of the current Fire Lord.

                Hope burns dimly, however; it still burns behind the eyes of those who live in the last stronghold against the Fire Nation: Ba Sing Se. With, or without the aid of an Avatar, there are those who wish to rebel against their jailers. They gather in the underground of Ba Sing Se, waiting for their chance to strike, however; they must unite as one. Can those who wish for change, manage to pull the world together, restore the balance, and reawaken the cycle of the Avatar? Nothing is certain, and no one can know the outcome, however; the fate of the world rests within their hands, and their abilities to shake nations and bring together those who are divided.

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others." - Groucho Marx

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                    Please refer to the Creation tab before creating your character. There is some information that you must know, information that might save your life! Not really, but still, please read it.

                    Be courteous to your fellow roleplay—that should be a given to any situation. Your character can be however you want him or her to be, however; how you conduct yourself out-of-character, in my threads or writepad, will determine how long you are a part of this roleplay. I will not tolerate any kind of conflict within my roleplay or its threads. If you have a problem with another roleplayer, please settle the matter through PM's. If I have to intervene in any squabble, I will kick both parties out. This is meant to be fun for everyone—don't ruin it because you can't get along. We're all adults here, right?

                    Word counts. Those always seem a little intimidating to people, and I can understand, however; I am not going to impose one. This is meant to be a literate roleplay, for sure, but I am not going to enforce a word count just to prove you are a literate player. If you can string a sentence properly, use the proper grammar, and have spelling under control, you are welcome to post as much (or as little) as you like! Now, with that being said, this is meant to be a highly collaborative story, meaning that the use of a writepad will be present. It helps posts and the story move a little smoother without having multiple posts of one character going back and forth with another.

                    On the subject of posts, since this is a group effort (i.e. collab's), please do not put headers in the posts. I know those are somewhat of a thing here, but they will not be needed. There will, of course, be some headers, but they will usually denote the passing of a chapter, or arc or side-quest. For Example, one post may have CHAPTER ONE: INSERT CATCHY TITLE HERE or it may be something a little shorter like CATCHY TITLE HERE. Depending on how long each chapter is, there will be new headings and such. You are, however, free to create a heading for a personal side-quest, but that will be explained in the Creation Process
                    While this roleplay will apply all standard rules (i.e., godmodding, powerplay) of the site, there will be additional warnings. This is meant to be a mature roleplay. As I understand, mature can mean a myriad of things, however; my definition of it will be simple. There will be mild explicit situations, but there will also be a healthy dose of violence, and adult situations. Of course, they should all be done within the site's rules, but it may push that boundary a bit, depending. There will be some exploration of uncomfortable situations—you have been warned. Romance and all romantic situations are usually fine, however; keep all explicit situations out of the roleplay itself. If you really want to delve into that portion of your character's development, take it to the PM's. Violating this will be a sure way to get yourself kicked out.

                    On the subject of romance, please keep it tasteful. Keep in mind that these characters are not exactly inclined to romance (in the beginning), but shit happens, bonds are made, and sometimes they progress to something deeper. All I ask is that you allow it to progress naturally—or as naturally as it can. Please make sure that your character's partner is also on the same page as you. Do not force pairings—it's not necessary, is it?

                    Fair warning: people will die. Not necessarily player characters (unless you want your character to), but non-playable characters who are vital in some form or another, will likely lose their life. It's just a natural process, and it may (or may not) have some sort of impact on your character. Not everyone will make it out alive—that's just life (see what I did there?). On the subject of NPC's; if the NPC is not yours, and you have not obtained permission, please do not control/maim/kill them unless you have been given prior permission. All NPC's should be treated as if they were player characters.

                    If commitment is going to be an issue for you, please do not join. I understand that life can be a little crazy, and there are other roleplays you may be part of, however; if you find that you cannot commit to this, do not join. If, for whatever reason, you find that you can no longer participate along the way, please let me know. Do not just drop off the face of the Earth and never contact me. I don't want this story to get stuck because someone decided to disappear.

                    I know this might seem a little long to read, however; please keep in mind that I worked hard on this and I would appreciate it if you followed and read all of the rules. Other than that, do try to have fun! I would really enjoy getting to know you all and forming a story we can all be part of and come to love. If you have any questions, concerns, would like to have some input or suggestions somewhere, feel free to shoot me a PM. I will answer it as swiftly as I possible can.


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[color=#HEX1][b]AGE [/b][/color] age
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[justify][font=cambria][size=90][color=#HEX1][b]PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:[/b][/color] Physical appearance here. Expand on what cannot be seen, if you desire. Doesn't necessarily have to be long.[/size][/font][/justify][/list][/list][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][list][list][right][img][/img][/right][justify][font=cambria][size=90][color=#HEX1][b]QUIRKS:[/b][/color] Their oddities, quirks, ect.,

[color=#HEX1][b]SKILL AND ABILITIES:[/b][/color] Their skills, prowess, ect.,.

[color=#HEX1][b]HISTORY:[/b][/color] History here. Doesn't have to be too long. However long or short you want to make it..[/size][/font][/justify][/list][/list][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]

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