David Doxel

"It may be the end of the world, but look of the bright side."

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a character in “Resident Evil: Awakening Revamped”, as played by TheFlag


Name: David Doxel Image
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 176.1lbs
Hair: Light brown, brushed backwards usually to keep the hair out of his eyes.
Eye color: His eyes are a muddy hazel, which are blood shot, as well as bags drooping underneath.
Skin tone: Pale shade of white, with slight blemishes on his face and around his shoulders.
Blood Type: O
Rhesus Status: -
Personality: David is a fun type of guy, the one who tries to never let a dull moment darken his day his cheery optimism usually annoys most, but it does offer comfort as well. He'll always find something to smile about, even if the world is being engulfed by a zombie plague. He also packs a head-on attitude, wanting to get things over and done with before they can escalate into something bigger thinking it foolish to deny the inevitable. He is also somewhat of a joker, trying to lighten the mood with sarcasm, and goes out of the way to embarrass himself to achieve this, and keep moral of his friends up. His moral status is in high regards, as he never stole when he was little, and was taught by his family right and wrong, however he can disregard these values quite easily if in a certain situation. When in a fight, he'd choose flight often thinking it better to run away from one then to go looking for one, some would call him a coward he however, says it's self preservation, however when backed up against a wall, he'll fight tooth and nail for his survival and people close to him if the time calls for it.
Dress: David is wearing a white hoodie, with a faded umbrella insignia on the back, underneath he is wearing a black kevlar vest, along with a pair of stonewashed combat jeans, and his feet is clad with Combat boots. He also has two holsters underneath both his arms, along with a holster for his baton down his right leg. He found his gear in the case which was where he woke up.
(Project Dual Genesis only)
Series: Alpha
Weapons: David found in his room dual pistols, Glock 17's as well as a metal baton, and several tactical equipment which he used to strap his equipment onto himself.
Powers: Telekinesis, rapid healing, heightened senses, speed and agility, proximity sensor of your series, kinetic absorption, innate capacity
Location upon awakening: Pearson City, Sweet Heaven Hospital, Ground Level inside a dimly lit room, with a Crate bearing Umbrella Corporation Insignia.

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