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Eric Pepper Grimford

A reporter with determination in his work, a writer as well, showing he not a shallow as most would think he be.

0 · 282 views · located in Rekken Island, Modern day Rhode Island

a character in “Resident Evil: Rekken Island”, as played by Scarlet Bullets


Name: Eric Pepper Grimford

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Occupation: Reporter and writer.

Reason Coming to Rekken: At first, it was to learn about the college and the island it’s self, a boring story, then the cancer curing virus… He then determined to get the front page of any and all newspapers being on of the first reporters to learn of this amazing discovery. Something tells me he has much more to write about.


Appearance: He stands tall of 6 feet. Though with a small slouch, it looks like he seems shorter. He is a bit of an old guy. As in he looks older than what he really is. With his face a bit tanned as well for being outside constantly. Even as a writer, he tries to be an outdoors man. Very rarely would you catch him indoors unless using his grandfather’s type writer. He seems a bit muscled but not by much. His eyes are brown, his hair dark brown, with very, very, little grey hairs, do to stress. His voice is a bit low and grumpy.


Personality: Eric is a well-mannered, yet adventurous man. He sees no boundaries for others or himself. He is mostly an open book, loving to talk about his past accomplishments, sometimes called an egotist. He very sociable, he hafts to be, he is a reporter. He sees things in grey, never black and white. His mind is very opened minded to ideas though in tough situations, he tends to either go his own way or be doubtful of others. He usually tries to take command, though he not the best of leaders. Though his heart is in the right place, being a reporter influences his ideas, right and wrong, brave and stupid, etc.


His clothes show in the picture, and a taser he hides in his pocket. Just in case. Reporters need something if there of on a dangerous story.


Bio: Growing up in a large city, Eric family owned a newspaper company. With that he grew up in the business, loving writing, reporting, and reading articles in the newspaper. It was his childhood life. Soon, he started to go around the world finding great stories and slowly became a slightly famous reporter, from the slow yet informational stories, all the way to putting himself in harms way with the heist. Eric showed to be one of the greatest writers and reporters in his life time.

Extra: Blood type: B+

So begins...

Eric Pepper Grimford's Story