Erik Skratch

"I'll steal your bones right from under your nose. Then I'll steal your nose, too."

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Name: Erik Skratch

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Role: The Thief/Savior (depending on who's side you're on)

Appearance: Black hair that blends with the shadows, mangy and bewildered like the fur of a rat. His eyes are as red as fired coals, holding a slight in. His short stature makes him a difficult target to hit, and his reasonably-kept body can squirm out of numerous traps and holds, his flexibility above average. He prefers to wear camouflage fatigues and a black t-shirt, a modified black trench-coat on his back for warmth.

Likes: Loot, food, sweets, friends, anything shiny.

Dislikes: Cats, hunger, failure, dying, being broke.


Erik is like the ultimate salesperson personality: anything he needs to say or look to slip by, he'll do. He is like a personification of a rat: he is not one to be easily trusted, but anyone who has dealt with him long enough and can still call him "Friend" would find the devotion and care from him immense. In truth, he is very loving and caring, but those to feel this care must overcome his love of food and loot first. Also, like a rat, Erik is surprisingly intelligent and is a master at solving puzzles (like combination locks).

He is more likely to bluff his way past an opponent than fight--but if that doesn't work, his instinct is to flee rather than stay. It would also be unsurprising to mention that Erik is a moderate kleptomaniac, stealing to live just being the excuse.


Erik is a thief and a pickpocket--so it is reasonable to presume he's got all kinds of tricks up his sleeve.


No one really knows where Erik was first born or where his alliance stands, and he prefers it that way. It makes it easier for him to go around every city, town, and home to steal things.

So begins...

Erik Skratch's Story

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Erik stood at the door of the huge mansion, giving an impressed whistle. He put a hand through his matted black hair, his eyes examining the patched palace that had certainly seen better days. Although, he guessed it was a lot better than what most people in the village about ten miles out had. It was, compared to the modern mind, what could have only been a shantytown with old-Western layouts.

But, then again, this was not modern times.

Erik had traveled all this way to trade with "The Boss", the "Head Honcho of the South". The greatest bone collector in the nether regions of the country. Hopefully, he/she/it--he never figured out the graverobber's true gender--would find his offerings intriguing. He patted his side, assuring his treasure was still there. It was. Excellent.

He gave a knock, but, as usual, no one answered. At least, not fast enough. It only took a minute before he got bored, knocking one again before making his way to the side of the building, pushing away some vines to reveal a hole in a wall that no normal man could squeeze through. However, Erik was a professional rat--no ordinary man. He squeezed through without a problem, slinking his way into the kitchen, which was gratefully empty. He spied some apples sitting in a basket on the center table. He snatched one up, munching on the fresh delicacy with a smug grin.

He once again got bored, his silence bringing no people running to check the happenings. Pulling a beer out from the icebox--which was nothing but an over-stylized food chest, being anything but icy--he snuck behind the door, sticking the bottle into an unknown depth of his jacket, never to be seen again.

The person entering was one of the few maids the Boss hired, apparently tending to some need of the Head Honcho or his/her/its apprentice. The maid did not see nor hear Erik as he slunk behind her, waiting for her to set down the glass in her hand before touching her lightly, making her jump. "Mr. Skratch...!"

Erik laughed. "Aw, c'mon, Sue. You still haven't learned me by now?" It was true that Erik's antics and love of pranks would tend to annoy the villagers, especially that of his frequencies at the manor. He was just glad that no one had started putting two and two together as to why their stuff would disappear... "Where might I find Ol' Grumpus?"

The maid knew that the endearing nickname meant the Boss. "You'll have to talk to the Apprentice first. She's in the fifth door to the left." Erik gave thanks and left, leaving the maid to wonder where her seventh silver spoon went...

Erik entered the room of which the Apprentice was in, giving an almost comical bow. "Madam Devitt," he stood upright as he patted his side yet again. "I have an item that may be of some interest to your master. I have come to trade."

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Anastasia laid across a large, throne-like chair, her legs haphazardly thrown over the arm rest. Her long, brown hair spilled over the other arm, nearly dragging the floor. The young girl had a cigarette blazing in her left hand and was clothed head to toe in gouache clothing. She gazed over at the rat-like man, her green eyes piercing through his very soul.

"My master is... unavailable...right now, but I already know what he'll say.." she says with a small grin, "That we should kill you."
She smirks at him, her full champagne lips curling up in the cruel gesture.

She flicks the cherry of her cigarette to the ground and butts it out, pulling herself up out of the throne, walking toward him.

"Don't like that deter you from showing me your..object of interest though," she coos, dancing around him.

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Jaylin padded through the house, she had let herself in with her key and needed to discuss some minor details of some recently named deals with Mr. Devitt. Of course like everyother time she came to the house she went to see Anastasia walking in she saw a rat, litterly, "Mr. Skratch...How grand you to grace our preassence." SHe spoke codly with a playful hint in her voice as she walked in behind him and smiled at Anastasia. They might not be 'friends' but they were friendly, they did work closly together after all, Pulling out her ciggerette she offered a second to Miss. Umbridge.

Her blond hair was pulled into her normal slightly messy bun and she wore a loose tunic shirt and leggings with soft leather boots, if it wasnt for the respect that most showed her you would think at first glance that she was a small time grave robber. "Anastasia do you know when...The master will be accepting visitors. I need to discuss some things with him about the fellows who he sent to me." She said carful not to give to much information away sense she didnt know how much Anastasia knew and knew that Mr.Skratch wouldnt be the best person to let the info on the deals get to.

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Apollo sat at his desk going over a few numbers, the boy was a genius he was practically a human calculator. He gave a sigh as he heard a small quite knock on the door of his office. Almost as if the person knocking was scared of what would happen when he answered. He set his pen down, making his way to the door. He gave the guard standing at the door an irritated look, speaking only with his eyes, yet the guard understood.

“Mr. De…Sir” he started out, his voice shaky “Your, sister, Miss. Devitt is on her way here. She found out you had guys watching over her.” He stated, causing Apollo to roll his eyes. “She’s not happy and I thought you’d want to know, she should be here before the weeks out.” He spoke pausing waiting for the orders from his boss.

“Aww…but is she ever not mad” he smirked a bit thinking to himself “Well we will show her some southern hospitality when she comes now won’t we.” He said grabbing his coat, putting it on with one simple movement. The winters were harsh this time of year, even in the south. “Make sure everything is prepared for her arrival. Nothing is to be out of place or it will be your head.” He said in a serious tone as he with the guard.

He cut off down a separate hallway that lead to the outside, it was a shortcut that only he knew about, leaving the man to his orders. The estate was huge, he could remember getting lost as a kid, though now he knew the manor better than anyone, including its secret rooms and doors. He made his way to the place where he knew Anastasia would be, the place he had given her while she stayed with him the guest house (more like a normal size house big enough to have its own staff) and he needed to warn her about his sister. He hadn’t even told her he had a sister and to be honest not many people knew Apollo had a younger sister. The door to the room was unlocked and he could hear talking, which meant the window must be open. He frowned gently how many times had he told her to keep that closed. He took a deep breath and his eye grew dark and cold as he opened the door. He cleared his throat making himself known to the three.

“Am I interrupting.” His voice was strong and it had a hint of darkness to it that could send cold chills through anyone’s body. “I don’t remember giving you permission to come on to these grounds any time you please.” He said staring straight at the black haired man. “My patience is wearing thin with you Erik.” his cold eyes going from Erik to Jaylin, his eyes softening, only enough so she would know he wasn’t upset with her. “Good afternoon, nice of you to drop by and to answer your question, I won’t be accepting visitors for some time I am a busy man you know” the cockiness was apparent in his tone. His hazel eyes then looked to his apprentice “Anastasia, when you are finished playing with your friends I’d like a word with you” he smirked his famous smirk that could make any girl’s heart melt.

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Erik gave a slight cough as the women began to smoke, trying his hardest to breathe without inhaling the smoke of the expensive all-tobacco cigarettes. While Erik liked to carry them for trading purposes, he hated the smell, which burnt his nose and made his eyes tear. Regardless, he gave a polite bow to the new woman, "Miss Tyme. A pleasure to be graced."

It was then that a man entered, followed by a bodyguard. The Boss.

Erik wished to give a roll of his eyes and give a smartass comment in return to both the Master and Apprentice for their smartassery. But Erik was wiser than that. He knew that would only cost him his head. The fact alone that the Master had come down to where they were, rather than have them enter a darkened room that sealed away his being from true recognition, showed that his patience really was wearing thin. And the man looked much like a cat, eying him with a sense of death. Painful, slow, agonizing death. He would have to choose his words carefully.

"My sincerest apologies, sir." Not that he really was, but his tone of voice and body language spoke as if he were truly sorry. "I do let my impatience get the best of me. I shall do my best to hold control my patience next time." Fat chance, but he wasn't going to say that. Luckily, he could stop using his truthful-sounding lies, and speak with an excitement that was more than just sounding real.

"However, sir, I think that you'll be grateful that I came by this time around. I have an object so very rare that you won't be able to refuse to at least take a look at it. Besides, I haven't disappointed in our past trades, so what reason would I do so now?" This much was true. Erik undoubtedly brought in the rarest and most exotic of items to trade, never a disappointment with what he would bring. It was also true that the Boss would not buy these items occasionally, due to a high price for impracticality, but Erik knew that the Boss was always at least entertained and amused with his objects of trade, for he had yet to lose his head, always shushed out with a "no thank you" rather than a bullet to the brain. "And the best yet, sir, is that this gift is actually practical for use."

The bodyguard gave a snort. He knew Erik's type. "Oh?"

Erik reached into his bottomless jacket, pulling out the object with a quick motion, his arm going in a wide arc which passed all in the room. One his hand stopped, it was apparent that what he had was a gun. However, as he softly cradled the weapon, it became appearent that this was no ordinary gun. "'Oh', indeed. Had this gun been loaded, cocked, and fired, you would all be wounded or dead." He held it out to be seen a little bit better. "This is the Mini Uzi Submachine Gun. A fully-automatic weapon from before the End."

While guns were known in this era, only the elite owned them, and even then, they were sparingly used due to a shortage of bullets. During the End, in which all the world fell to Hell, Governments gathered up as much weapons as they could and destroyed them, attempting to gain martial control by controlling the greatest weaponry. However, mobs do not need guns. Only a cause. So to find such a powerful weapon--and in such nice condition--was near a Godsend in itself.

"However, I bring more than just a fancy gun." He opened the right side of his jacket to reveal six long, black rectangles. "Six extended magazines, intended to hold thirty rounds each. Three of them are carrying the full thirty rounds, two are holding about twenty each."

This was a Holy Grail of any man seeking defence or power. And it was a offer the Boss couldn't refuse: if he didn't buy the gun, there was no garentees that it wouldn't end up in the hands of a Northern Gravelord...

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Anastasia paid no attention to the rat as she sauntered around Apollo, ready to strike at anyone who dared to threaten them. Her eyes did, however, grow wide when she realized just how rare his bounty was. A smirk spread across her face as she thought of the damage she could do with that gun, though she was almost sure she'd never have it in her possession. Erik was too smart to give her a weapon of that caliber, and as far as she knew Apollo didn't trust her as far as he could throw her.

Her eye shone intensely as she glowered at the rat, and then flickered a glance of respect to Miss Tyme. She strutted over to the rat whispering just loud enough for only him to hear, "How exactly did scum like you get a hold of something so pretty?Because..you know, thieves aren't welcomed in this house. The boss doesn't like 'em," Her cold breath ghosted across his ear, the smell of tobacco and winter green filling his nostrils.

She waited patiently for an answer, walking back over to the grave lord. As always, she stayed close to him, like a shadow. Her green eyes flickering about, analyzing each and every move that the people around her made.

She smiled at Jaylin, is wasn't exactly a warm smile, but it wasn't an icy cold one either.

"If you haven't already gathered the..vermin wants to trade, and as if that isn't enough Miss Tyme needs to speak with you about her...deal. Then we can talk. Would you like me to stay or go while you handle this?" she asked Apollo, pursing her lips ever so slightly.

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Apollo looked to Erik as he pulled out the weapon. His guards slightly defense of the man, Apollo constantly had his guards around him. More than once people had tried to assassinate him. He sighed not exactly wanting to make a business deal at the moment.

“I remember now why I have yet to off you.” He spoke in a serious tone. He glanced to His apprentice as she spoke to him. He gave her a small smirk “Why don’t you sit in on this deal.” He offered as he glanced back to the man holding the rare items. “It is apparent that I must make time for you, although I don’t have the time” he sighed “Come we must make this as quick as possible.” He said glancing to Jaylin “We will speak after dinner of your business.” It was apparent in his tone he wasn’t asking her to stay for dinner he was ordering her.

He gestured with his whole arm for Anastasia to go out before him. Letting her take the lead as his two body guards fell in place behind Erik watching his every move. The walk to The Grave Lords Conference room, which like most rooms in the estate, was large and modernized for the most part. Items from his many years of trading.

“Please. Take a seat” he said sitting at the head of the table. The room was sound proofed, allowing no one on the outside to hear the business that Apollo went over with his traders. “How much exactly do you want for both of those pieces” he said getting strait to the point.

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Erik gave a sincere smile to the Miss Tyme, dispute the cough that arose from the nasty smoke inhalation. "Miss, you wound me," He whispered back before she retreated to the Boss. Like a fat cat and a kitten. Bah. "It isn't stealing if it doesn't have an owner."

This was close to the truth. As it turns out, at the End, high-ranking politicians and persons of power built bunkers to protect themselves from the outside world, hunkering down for years. Eventually, these poor souls simply suffocated as the electric generators halted, trapping the unlucky people with no oxygen hundreds of feet into the earth. Erik had happened to stumble upon such a bunker on one of his adventures through thieving in a faraway city. Curiousity led him to break the lock of the door, heading down into the dark abyss of concrete stairs. What had alerted him to the fact of lessened oxygen was the dead guards in the abyss who had apparently tried to escape, as well as the eventual extinguishing of his flame. He also began to feel the effects himself, lightheadedness and dizziness almost making an end of him. After regaining his breath and flame, he set down again to scrounge the bodies of the guards, finding the Uzi, as well as a pelethera of ammunition and several other weapons. And he knew there was more down there...

As he sat down across from the Southern Gravelord, he stated simply, "Scuba diving equipment." Noting the look of the bodyguards, he gave a chuckle. "I know, I know. No one's ever attempted to scuba since the End. But I think, if I can figure it out, there'll be a bounty of rare items to retrieve." He smoothly added, his poker face long since put on, "Besides, even if I perish, it'll only save you the trouble." He leaned forward a little, looming over the items in debate. "I want some of those oxygen tanks from the End--I know you have at least two." The question was whether or not he sold them already. "The more, the better. I'll ask for less extra on top, like three pounds of sugar-candy, one half-ounce of gold or equivalent silver, a bag of twenty Digits, an arm and a leg, and an apple."

He leaned back, giving his preference for trade. He knew he shouldn't be an ass, but he couldn't resist remarking, "You may start ripping me off, now."

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Anastasia lead the group willingly, taking her seat at the table next to Apollo. One would think she was in love with the man from the way she clung to him, but he knew better. If she felt anything at all for him it was a sense of comfort knowing that she wasn't alone in the world. Other than that, she was cold blooded. Hell, he'd only seen the girl cry once when she was very young and he shot a man dead in front of her.

"I would watch your tongue, Skratch," she warns, cocking her gun for good measure and laying it on the table.

She chewed the inside of her cheek in a rare moment of weakness, she was nervous about this deal. The bad vibe she let off was all too obvious, and she tried to hide her discomfort.

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He listened to the man for a moment, allowing him to offer his price which in all honesty was not a lot. He ignored his snarky comment, for the moment. He had the scuba tanks, if fact he had a good amount of them. He had a good amount of everything. He rubbed his forehead for a moment. Something he did when he was thinking, his eyes looked back to the trade make. He gave a simple snap, causing one of the guards to fetch him a pen and paper. He jotted a few things down silently before placing the pen down and leaning back in his chair, as he glanced to apprentice. Giving her a small smile, he knew she was uncomfortable. He hoped his smile helped.

He turned his gaze back to Erik as he finally spoke “I’m willing to make you a better offer.” He said in a very business-like tone of voice. “I’ll give you four oxygen tanks, two pounds of sugar-candy, your half ounce of gold, a bag of ten Digits, two arms no leg and three apples.” He said firmly as if not willing to change his mind. “And I’ll give you a horse, one of mine finest.” The guards eyes widened a bit, horses were practically impossible to get unless you were brave enough to steal from the rich and powerful or you were able to tame a wild one. “But, the horse is my payment if you agree to do a job for me…which I’m sure you’ll quite enjoy” he smirked a bit.

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Erik successfully resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the Apprentice, knowing full well that she wouldn't dare make a move without the approval of the Gravelord. Her feeble attempt at hiding her nervousness amused him; however, the amusement was void from his face, nonexistent.

However, the words "better offer" brought a small shock to Erik. Everyone knew that Gravelords never, ever offered better than what you did. If anything, they only shifted it to what items they did have that were of about equal value--and to do that required great skill as a salesman and haggler, and even then it was near but impossible. To be offered more, especially with what the Gravelord was offering, had to have a catch...

"A job?" Ah, there it was. Doing some dirty work. He stroked his chin in thought. In reality, he was pretty much held to take this job. He would be a fool not to. But he wasn't going to give the satisfaction of that knowledge to the Gravelord. "Go on."

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“A dear friend of mine is making her way here” he spoke smoothly “I’m sure you’ve made trades with her in the past. The Gravelord of the North Miss Finch” he smirked a bit. “What I want you to do…take you band of thieves and scare her a bit nothing to bad. Just a little scare” he said absentmindedly tossing the pen between his fingers. “But I must ware you it is a dangerous job. Her body guard alone is a force to be reckoned with, let alone Finch herself.” He spoke as if it wasn’t his sister he was talking about, just a client, but that was the point she didn’t want anyone knowing Apollo was her brother and he respected her request.

“You will take Anastasia with, it’s about time she sees of the work that others do. Aside from the work I’ve been teaching her.” He said glancing from Erik to his young apprentice. “But, I assure if you take on this job and Miss Umbridge or Miss Finch is harmed, I will not hesitate to kill you.” He said leaning forward on the table with his fore arms. “Maybe I can even offer you some higher paying jobs. I may not like you Mr. Skratch, but you have proved to me time and time again that you are excellent at what you do and I respect you for that.” He smiled “So do we have a deal or not?” he stared straight at the man waiting for his answer.

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Erik gave a small smile at the name. "Ah yes, Miss Finch. We've traded eggs-for-bones before." The saying, eggs-for-bones, was almost like the modern-day version of 'it's not a big deal'. In this instance, Erik was stating that the trades made with the Northern Gravelordess were insignificant.

At the correct accusation of his line of work, Erik pretended to be slightly offended. "Thieves? Why, sir, you appall me. Such a band of distrusting fellows with an adventurer and humble trader as myself?" He shook his head, but then gave a true an honest smile. Erik liked a challenge every once in a while. "Nonetheless, I accept your offer. Miss Finch is good as scared." Already, the gears were turning, cognitive cogs grinding together to formulate a plan.

He was about to offer his hand across the table for a good ol' fashioned handshake, signing that the deal was done, when a question struck his brain. "Just, ah, a few questions, sir. How scared do you want this Miss Finch? What's the message I'm supposed to send?" This would be important, and highly change his approach to the challenge. "Am I looking to scare her away? Or am I to simply remind her of whose territory she crosses in?" And on that note... "And what would you consider 'harmed'? I don't want to give either of the Missuses a few scrapes and lose my head..."

Regardless of what the Gravelord would tell him, once his questions were answered, Erik would extend his hand. In a way, he really didn't have a choice. He did, but he was too wise to refuse such an offer as this. "Pleasure doing business with you, sir." Once the hands were shook, the deal done, Erik stood to take his leave. "My address has not changed. I presume I will find the goods delivered by the morn, yes?" The thing that Erik did like about the cold man was that he was very prompt with his payments. He left gun and ammunition on the desk, as usual, so that he may collect them. Erik was never worried about not recieving payments. If they were not made, he would simply steal them. And his traded item, as interest.

After speaking to the Gravelord, he turned to Anastasia. "Well, Miss Umbridge, I am uncertain if you wish to follow me now or arrive with my payments, but if you are to follow me now, I am taking my leave." He knew that when she would leave was entirely up to the Gravelord, but it was simple civility to ask the woman herself.

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When Apollo stated that she was going with the rat Anastasia shot him a look that could wilt a rose. She wrinkled her nose up in distaste, but did not voice her protest. It was not like she had a choice, besides, this would be a good experience for her. She brushed a piece of hair from her face.

She marveled at the gun for a few moments when Erik laid it down, nearly drooling. She loved it. She would literally kill to get her hands on it, but she knew she never would.

"I am not a delivery man. I will be leaving tonight if I am leaving at all," she replied for herself. She tried to seem independent, but she glanced at Apollo for approval.

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“You will remind her that all though she may be considered a Gravelord I am still the best” he smirked at the thought knowing that got on his sisters nerves. “Also I want her to realize that all though she may scare some people she is still a lady and a fragile on at that” he sighed “Anastasia comes back with no marks. Miss Finch however, just don’t be too rough. If you can even get close enough to her. Don’t harm that body guard others either. I don’t care what you do to him just do not kill him” he stated firmly.

The deal was made the moment they shook hands. He nodded to one of his guards who headed out of the room. The signal was clear, to prepare the goods for delivery.

“She can go with you now, if she wishes, but you know the rules you must see Miss Tyme so she can finalize everything” he said as he led them out of the room. “It has been my pleasure doing business with you. For now I must retreat back to my room” he said excusing himself.

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Erik gave a polite nod as the Gravelord left, knowing that it was now time to start putting a plan into action. Even though the Southern Gravelord Finch would not be arriving for another few days or so, he needed to start preparations now. He looked to Anastasia, giving a small smile as he walked out of the meeting room, down to see Miss Tyme. "Come along, if you please, Miss Umbridge. If you are to be leaving with me tonight, I would suggest you gather your things quickly. The woods are not a nice place for walkers by night. That, and we must begin preparations for Miss Finch immediately." The words Erik spoke were not exactly commanding, sounding more like an suggestion, but there was a smug tone that he allowed her to hear so that she knew that he knew that she was forced into this, no matter what he said.

Oh, what fun this would be...

Not looking back to see if she followed, he stopped by the Office, where Miss Tyme was. "Miss Tyme," he said with a slight bow. "Has the Gravelord told you the trade for tonight for the records?"