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Say hello to my little friend!

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a character in “Restless Corpses”, originally authored by FunnyGuy, as played by RolePlayGateway


Appearance: Image
Name: Christopher “CJ” Jones
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 205
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: African American
Previous Occupation: Gang member, drug dealer
Current Location: Harlem

Personality: CJ is a hotheaded and stubborn individual, and doesn’t involve too much cleverness in his plans. He doesn’t like being told what to do, and feels that the person with the most firepower should call the shots. He lets vulgar comments pass through his teeth as well as insults. He seems to always hold this serious demeanor, but you can crack a laugh out of him if you know his type of humor. Death doesn’t seem to bother him too much, but it isn’t something he just looks past. He can lie to be manipulative or to get something he wants. He’s not too fond of most people, and would rather be alone after it seemed that his entire gang, the Bloods, was decimated by Merus.

History: CJ had born into a low income family in the vast neighborhood of Harlem. He grew up without a father, who had walked out on his mother shortly after his birth. Though CJ’s mother had high hopes for her son, the streets seemed to have swallowed him whole. He got involved with drug use and stealing at first, but soon enough he joined the Bloods, which had become a wide spread gang across metropolis areas in the United States. He ended up dropping out of high school and devoted his entire life to the Bloods. When Merus was released, his gang seemed to break apart, leaving every man for their selves. Though CJ doesn’t want to face that reality, he believes there are members still out there. He even still represents and talks about his gang to others

Other information: He has managed to get a hold of his glock pistol and a submachine gun. He is currently partnered up with Michael Rodgers.

So begins...

CJ's Story


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Six Days After...

Six days… That’s how long it’s been since the once tourist attracting, booming city to become its own circle of hell. Within a week, the bustling city streets had fallen silent. The bright lights that once seemed to give life to the cities nightlife, gave no impressions. Anyone and everyone in the city were looking for some way out, but right now it seemed like the only way out was death. As most saw it, you could do one of three things. You could try to escape the city with the risk of being put down by the military quarantining the island. You could also try to just stop everything as it was by putting a bullet through your own skull or jumping off the highest building you can climb. The last option is what the most hopeful and willful people trapped in the city decide; survive. The one word answer isn’t as easily done as it is said though. The last thing not mentioned, was that the city was infested by what most call zombies. Others see these mindless husks with the insatiable craving for human flesh as just…

“Restless corpses… Yeah, let’s just call them that.” A young man by the name of Michael Rodgers said as he looked off of a high rooftop. Small beads of sweat seemed to roll down his face as he just took the time to observe what was going on down below.

“Listen man, they look like zombies, act like zombies… They’re fuckin’ zombies!” Another man seemed to reply. Compared to the lean athletic looking gentleman, the one who just spoke had a more muscular build. He also seemed more aggressive in his nature than Michael as well. His name was Christopher Jones (CJ), a member of the gang known as the Bloods. The two were now exchanging looks as a disagreement steadily arose.

“Really? I’ll call them husks before I call them zombies.” Michael said with an unpleasant look. “Zombies sounds too… too silly man.”

“Man, forget you then. I’ll call ‘em whatever I want. You know what I mean when I say it anyway, right?” CJ said with his intimidating attitude. The two men young men had been together for less than two days, and it was easy to tell. For one, Michael and CJ were on complete opposite sides of the rooftop. The two barely made eye contact, and when they did, it seemed like some sort of standoff in an old cowboy scene. They were like most survivors at this time. Trust ran thin, high hopes were far from the spirit, and fear seemed to creep up on everyone. No one could forget the endless screams that echoed across the city for the first two days, or how horribly their legs and chests ached from running for so long. The same trauma affecting the many people still left in the city, was ironically keeping them apart. Even with their differences though, Michael and CJ, and perhaps many others will realize that cooperation was more than just necessary. “So, when we heading out?” CJ asked.

“You wanna go get the food now? The sun is still out, and it’s our best bet.” Michael said as walked across the roof and grabbed an aluminum baseball bat. These days, you had to use whatever you could against the infected. “You know Harlem better than I do. Where’s the grocery store.”

“Just follow me kid.” CJ said as he approached Michael who was now opening the door that led into the building’s stairwell. “What we gettin’ again?” CJ asked, before Michael sighed and shook his head.

“Just wait till we reach the lobby.”


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"Good shit, CJ."

As the two men approached the door to the stairwell, CJ reached into his back pocket and grabbed a small flashlight. Since there was no power, the stairwell was pitched black. It had been one reason why the two sought to move from where they had been. Having to use a flashlight all the time, made the two men vulnerable to the infected. It was like using yourself as live bait.

“Over eight flights in the dark… Good shit, CJ.” Michael said sarcastically as he grabbed the railing to aid him down the steps. CJ just ignored Michael’s comment and lit the way. They had traveled up these steps earlier today after escaping a small horde of zombies.

“Yo, how about we stay in this place man. Think about it. I have the key from dealing my shit in here. We got two locked doors between us and the outside. Between you and me, we’re set up real good.” CJ said as the two moved down the steps a bit faster. Michael remained sile nt for a moment as he thought up the cons of being here.

“But we don’t know what’s in here with us. Eight floors… Eight floors with apartments that could be filled with those things. I’m sure they’re not good with doors, but I don’t wanna take that chance…” Michael said bringing CJ’s thoughts on a plan down. “We do need to really ready up though. We can’t keep roaming, and we can’t stay in one place without any way to fight back. For now, we can stay here, but we gotta hit up 125th street for supplies.” Michael informed before hearing CJ suck his own teeth.

“I like how you think you the boss and all, but I’m the one with the guns. All you got is that bat, and that shit ain’t gonna save you for long kid. I’m only keeping you around, because I like how you think.” CJ said before the two fell silent. Fortunately for the two, there seem to be any of the infected on the stairwell. There were a few dead bodies however. The virus killed off most of the people that were left in the city, so most of the time survivors would often run into plain dead corpses. It was good to always be careful though. When entering the lobby, the two men looked upon it with widened eyes as they saw several of the infected roaming it. “Aw fuck!” CJ yelled before trading his flashlight for his pistol.

“No! I got this!” Michael said before running up to a zombie slamming its skull in with his bat. Michael flinched as he heard the cracking sound the bat made after making contact with the zombie’s skull. “Fuck.” Michael cursed under his breath before turning to CJ who held his gun up. “Don’t shoot!” Michael demanded over the groans and moans of the restless corpses that seemed to head toward him.

“Fuck that!” CJ yelled as he moved up close and pulled the trigger of his gun right into a zombie’s head. The semi-automated pistol sounded off, echoing through the lobby.

“Use him! Use the body for a silencer!” Michael shouted before swinging his bat into the side of another zombie causing it to hit the ground. Disgusted by Michael’s advice, CJ decided to shoot at the zombies dragging their feet toward him. Michael couldn’t believe what CJ was doing, but he wouldn’t complain about it since he seemed almost invisible to the zombies headed for CJ. After bashing the face of the zombie he put on the ground, Michael stalked behind a zombie going for CJ while the man shot another zombie in the head. CJ knew he wasn’t the best shot, and that’s why he took his time. He wasn’t too bright, but he needed to conserve bullets as best has he could. After taking out the second zombie he had shot at, he caught Michael take another one out with his bat. With a quick pull of his trigger, he shot the zombie in the shoulder before cracked it’s skull with a swing of his bat. The two looked around for a few seconds before their eyes locked onto the entrance. The windows in the doors had been broken into, but there were no signs of any more zombies arriving yet. “Great job… asshole.” Michael said as he breathed heavily.

“Who you callin’ an asshole, bitch?!” CJ questioned as he pointed his gun up at Michael. “Those zombies would have been all over your ass!”

“I told you to silence your shots.” Michael now said in a whisper. “I fucking told you.”

“You think I was gonna touch that thing?” CJ protested before Michael shook his head. He didn’t speak for a while until he heard the sound of what he could only describe as the horde outside the entrance into the apartment building.

“Fuck! Fuck it!” Michael shouted before jogging back to the door to the stairwell. “Let’s go… I think we might have a fucked up plan B.”


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Five Must Be Our Lucky Number

Michael and CJ hurried up the stairwell, not even cutting on a light to see where they were going. The adrenaline seemed to pump through both their systems as they never thought to stop until Michael tripped up the stairs. Michael grunted just before getting up and dusting himself off. CJ just stopped and panted beside his companion.

“I wonder what… floor… I wonder what floor we’re on.” CJ said as he stood up and walked to the top of the steps Michael had tripped on.

“Don’t go in yet!” Michael said as he moved in front of the door to enter the floor’s hallway. “Get the flashlight out so we can see.”

“So you don’t bust your ass?” CJ said with a snicker. This was no time to laugh, but he couldn’t help it. He grabbed his flashlight and before getting ready to push the door open. As much as CJ wanted to just burst in, he felt a tug behind him.

“You’re not even gonna use the window on the door to see it we’re clear?” Michael asked before shaking his head and gripping his baseball bat with both hands. Michael was glad about only one thing in the situation, and that was the fact that the door had to be pulled open to enter the stairwell. That didn’t seem to change the fact that the two men couldn’t leave the building from the base. “Just open it.” Michael said before CJ pushed against the door.

“Anyone home?” CJ said as he flashed his light from left to right. “We need a better flashlight man. I’m tired of having to move this shit around… Oh look, we’re on the fifth the floor.”

“I don’t care what floor we’re on. See that apartment with the door opened? That’s us.” Michael said as he stared toward the dimly lit doorway.

“What about it? There’s supplies, but…

“Exactly. Supplies. Maybe we lost the first floor, but we have the other seven plus the building beside us. We have a whole building of supplies!” Michael said with a smile. CJ smiled as well, but then a confused look came across his face.

“Wait hold up! You said, being here was a bad idea.”

“Well there is a chance there will be infected in the building, but I thought of something just before I was thinking about swing this bat across your face… There can’t be that many people in here after the evacuation was issued. Even after the infection spread, I doubt anyone could get back in… If we siege one apartment, we can get the rest day by day. We can even take our time because we can lock the doors behind us. Think about it. Food, bed, security! We’ll even have a peephole. Now you ready to check it out. You can use the gun since we’re basically fucked already.” Michael informed as CJ took everything he said in.

“Damn, we hit the lotto Einstein!” CJ exclaimed.


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Three Makes a Party

“The fuck!”

“Shit!” The two men cursed before turning toward the man that had just entered the dark hallway. Michael had his bat ready for a good swing, while CJ held his gun and flashlight pointed to the stranger’s face. CJ might have fired his gun if the guy hadn’t hollered, but he kept his weapon raised. The men were all silent until Michael took a breath of relief and leaned against the wall. “You say you have weapons… and transportation? You’re not useless then… That doesn’t make you safe though. Anything those things bite becomes one of them.” Michael said as CJ used his flashlight to examine the man.

“He looks like he’s okay, but we can’t trust that.” CJ said.

“We can’t do anything else though.” Michael responded before turning toward the new guy. “My name is Mike by the way. The gunshots were from this idiot over here named CJ.

“Yo shut the fuck up!” CJ yelled. Michael chuckled a little before continuing.

“Anyway, you shouldn’t have come here after hearing gunshots. Now you’re stuck in here with us… With your help though, we can get out of here easy. Maybe even make this our base of operations.” Michael said with a gleam of a smile.

“Someone sounds happy. Let’s just check this apartment out before some more bullshit happens.”

“Best plan you had all day.” Michael replied.


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No Church In the Wild

“Best plan all day? Nah, the next one coming up is!” CJ announced before Michael swung his bat around and cracked the newcomer in the head. The aluminum bat rang after colliding against the man’s hard skull. CJ kept a serious face up as he watched the stranger stumble to the side before hitting the ground. He was knocked out cold, something the two had planned for anyone trying to just slip into their company.

“This is good. We can check him for bites, take his shit, and then we tie him up.”

“Sounds good… AK 47? Mhmm, I’m liking this guy already!” CJ exclaimed as he grabbed the gun off of the man and slung it onto his back.

“You gotta give me a gun or something.” Michael said to CJ as he seemed to be hogging all of the weapons. CJ just chuckled and tossed Michael his Glock.

“There you go… Trigga Mike. Yeah, I’m gonna call you that. It fits… You ready?” CJ asked as he squatted down by Cory’s head.

“Yeah. And thanks man.” Michael said before grabbing Cory’s legs. The two worked together to carry the man into the apartment. When deciding where to put him, the two just figured they would just drop him on the tiled floor. “I got the door,” said Michael as he made his way to the door to close and lock it.

Meanwhile, Cory was being searched for any supplies he might have by CJ. CJ smirked as he found some marijuana.

“This boy was packin’ bud… Oh shit, a key!” CJ said with excitement at his find. Michael looked to him as he returned from securing their door. He guessed it was the key to the car he was talking about. Michael chuckled before using his foot to turn Cory’s face toward him.

“We hit the jackpot. Now all we need is some way to get down, and we’ll have our own escape route.” Michael said with a smile as CJ continued to search and take everything he could find.

“Why do we need to even escape? We can just take trips from wherever, to back here.”

“If we did that, we would only attract more of those things out there. The same way you did with this gun.” Michael informed. He didn’t know how to use a gun, besides what he had seen in movies, but he was sure CJ would give him some kind of lessons. It wasn’t long until the two of them were both just looking down at Cory. It wasn’t truly clear why they did what they did or what they truly wanted from Cory, but the man would soon find out