Fawn Rosenthal

"Live life as if there is only beauty."

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Image『 “If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.” | David Carradine 』

✥Name✥ || "Surprisingly, I like my name. "

Fawn Echo Rosenthal

✥Nicknames✥ || "I think the only person who still calls me Rosie still is Kit."

In attempts to make her one syllable name affectionate, people took to calling her Fawny. In her old towns elementary school, she had the nickname Rosie due to the "Rose" in her last name. It stuck with some people.

✥Gender✥ || "Please, don't ask me to prove it to you."


✥Age✥ || "Legal adulthood, what a breath of fresh air."


✥Marital Status & Sexuality✥ || "...And?"

Recently single & Heterosexual

✥Role✥ || "Huh?"

Girl 1


『 “She avoids deep thought like an empty restaurant, not out of stupidity, but a canny resolve to be happy.” | Alex Shakar, Luminarium 』

✥Hair✥ || "I have an indifference to my hair."
Long deep brunette hair that has a natural curl.

✥Eyes✥ || "Color reminds me of swamp water. Not my favorite."

Large Bambi eyes surrounded by thick black lashes, color of hazel-green

✥Height and Weight✥ || "Okay, I'm not that short."

5'2 and 110 lbs

✥Distinct Markings or Scars✥ || "I don't know if I want more tattoos. If it happens it happens."

Fawn has no scars on her body, but at the nape of her neck she has a little crescent moon tattooed.

✥Ethnicity✥ || "I have an extremely proud English father."

Half American, half British.


『 “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” | Mahatma Gandhi 』

✥Personality✥ || "Alright, my stubbornness is a little over exaggerated."

Fawn has always been a creative soul, having had grown up in a hippie vibe house hold. She always tries finds something beautiful in every object or person, and also tries to find at least something to love in everybody, and in every situation. It makes her believe that she'll never give up on hope. She loves to try new things, but that doesn't always been she's super adventurous. It just leads her to be over spontaneous, and at times reckless. She has a go with the flow spirit, having had been raised on those morals her whole life. Never a dull moment- that's the key. She has a sort of elegant mystery about her, which surprises most as despite seeing like an open book, many can not actual read her emotions very clearly. Hell, most of the times she gets confused about them herself.

Fawn is no introvert- but she is no extrovert either. She's a good mix of an old indie feel, but with new culture. She enjoys literature and the arts, but also will party now and then to, but that's mostly just because her best friend Audrey drags her to do it. She's a very right brained individual, centering herself around a more creative then logical thought route.

But by no means is Fawn perfect. She has her flaws like any other person on the face of this planet. Her stubborn streak, for one, can constitute as a major problem for a lot of people, especially those who are trying to keep her out of trouble. But also, Fawn often worries herself over the smallest little things, making her stress out needlessly sometimes about things that ought not to be worried about, and because of that nature, she often blames herself for being the source of other peoples problems. Whenever someone won't tell her what's wrong, it's her default to assume that it was something that she's done, and she'll often attempt to make up for it no matter if it's her fault or not. She's also strongly independent, which while that might not be a flaw, she does turn it into a flaw sometimes when she convinces herself that she can do something on her own, which in fact, she probably can't.


『 "What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for Beauty, and never see the Dawn!" | Logan Pearsall Smith 』

✥Likes✥ ||

▲Guitar and Singing - This was the thing her father and herself bonded over. She's really good at guitar, and singing, despite only singing to those she feels superbly close too. || "Its a healthy way to vent emotions."
▲Animals - Throughout her time on earth, Fawn has fostered five different rabbits, two dogs, and three cats. She's adopted two dogs, Lucky and Lou, and her two cats Helter and Skelter. || "I love them so much, I guess that's why I'm a vegetarian. I know I wouldn't want to be eaten." "
▲Classic Movies and Horror Movies - Don't you dare tell her the breakfast club isn't the best god damn movie in the world. It is. || "Bender is my character soul mate."
▲Her Best Friend - Audrey is her rock, the one she knows she can confide anything to. She keps her happy. || "Awe, I love my little Audi."
▲Her little brother - Roman is the little piece of herself that she cherishes completely. || "I'm almost sure Rome is an actual Angel."
▲Drawing - This is what her and her mom bonded with. She is a very talented painter, but a more skillful sketch artist. She always brings with her a note pad, and in her room, pasted on the walls, sits over hundreds of drawings. || "I guess it's a way of capturing and creating beauty at the same time."
▲Writing - She's never been good at expressing her emotions verbally. Writing gives her an out. || "I feel awkward when people read my stuff. It's my soul."

✥Dislikes✥ ||

△Change - Fawn has never been good with change. More or less big change.|| "Change seems to bring loss."
△Assholes - She doesn't care much for bullies.|| "I've punched a few people in my day. Immature twats."
△James Franco - Just don't ever mention his name. Ever. || "He's going to end the world, I swear to god."
△Blue Berries - Very allergic. || "I still remember that damned blue berry pie. Almost killed me."
△Feeling alone - She needs people in her life, and when shes alone, depressed thoughts tend to creep in her head.|| "Loneliness reminds me of those I've lost in my life."
△Emotional Confrontations - Due to her trying to always stay happy, she's not very good and confronting her true emotions up front.|| "... yeah."

✥Strengths✥ ||

●Fighter & Strong - She has taken fighting training. She's very strong even if she doesn't seem so. || "Better safe then sorry."
●Convincing - Due to her carefree, smiling nature, many follow her lead. || "Is this really a good strength?"
●Gets along with everybody - She has behaviors and an infectious smile many people are drawn too. || "Yeha, I get along with them unless they're jackasses."

✥Weaknesses✥ ||

○Takes a while to trust someone - She's afraid of losing people. || "I guess this a flaw..."
○Clumsy - She has two left feet. Doesn't pan out well for her.|| "Stairs are the enemy."
○Bad liar - She was raised in a lie free environment, she's never quite caught the grasp on how to do it.|| "Oops."

✥Quirks✥ ||

◆Lip Bitter - When she's nervous, or thinking hard, she bites her lip. || "What and obvious tell."
◆Fidgets - She can never sit still. || "Sorry if you're annoyed with my finger tapping."


『 “The best way out is always through.” | Robert Frost 』

✥History✥ ||

Its never been a hard life for Fawn. Her parents, who gave birth to her at a rather young age due to what they call "a very happy accident", have loved her unconditionally. They always tell the story about how the fair skinned, wide eyed baby reminded them so much like a baby fawn, that that's why the decided to name her as such. Her father was the only one with a job, a business man. Her mother, however, was a work and home painter. She didn't bring in as much money, but she sure had an influence on the young and only child. Both her parents were very free spirited, practically a bunch of hippies. All she ever knew was love, and comfort.

She lived in a smaller town, everyone practically knew each other. Since the age of three, she had her best friend Kit always by her side. Their parents were family friends, so they just naturally came to be. They would do everything together, but it was a little distant at times as Kit was always a grade ahead of her. He was the girls first puppy dog crush, but that's simply because it was hard not too.

Then, her baby brother Roman was born when Fawn was seven years old. The girl was so used to being the apple of her parents eyes, that suddenly having this cute little baby have all the attention irked her a bit, despite loving the baby so much herself. At that point, her father with a keen love of guitar, gave her his old acoustic, which she so fondly named "Leo." He gave the girl lessons, and they would sing to each other. It's still something they often enjoy to do with each other. She bonds with her dad through music, and her mom through art. Of course, she did have her own thing. Fawn is an amazing writer, and it was something that both her and her baby brother shared in common. She loved to read him stories, and they would come up with vastly different ones into the night. When he grew older, they always wrote each other letters, despite living in the same house.

A lot changed at the age of nine. She moved away from the only home she ever knew, its a way bigger city then she was comfortable with. She didn't have her crutch, her friend Kit, beside her all the time. But, soon enough, she came to meet a girl by the name of Audrey. They became quick friends, and then became as equally inseparable. She loved her dearly, and cherished her completely. She even grew to think her Brother Drew was okay, but she never came around to liking her twin sister.

As high school approached, the now seventeen year old girl, who looked oddly enough like she was in her twenties, came into her own. She was very much into the dating scene, but not necessarily with high school guys. She found them too immature, despite college guys not being that much better. She was never much into serious relationships. That was until she met Gabriel Black, a just graduated college student, studying English literature, at the age of twenty four. They met at a cafe, he was the first one to start speaking with her. One thing led to another, and there they were, dating. It was an odd attraction, almost immediate. Fawn never had felt this way before, feeling as if she couldn't be anywhere in the world if he didn't exist. You could image the shock when she heard the rumors flying around her school about the attractive new English teacher, Mr. Black. Oh yeah. Quite a shock. They at that point had only been on a single date, at his apartment at that. But despite the odds, they kept it secret, both not wanting to be separated from each other despite them trying for a good month.

She didn't tell Audrey about him until three months in. She never even told her parents, but that was a given. They were easy going, but not enough that they would be fine for this taboo relationship.

She love Gabriel with all her heart, he loved her back. It was a difficult time when he had to take a job else where, New Orleans at that. It was a month before her graduation, they having been together for a year and a bit. He had offered for her to come with him. Despite loving him so dearly, she couldn't leave, she had been accepted into one of the best schools, Standford, for the creative writing program. She refused to pass it up, so they parted. Fawn still isn't completely over it, as she still feels the love for him, and the pain of the multiple obstacles they've been through.

It's been hard.

✥Family✥ ||

|Mother|Lily Rosenthal|Forty years old
|Father|James Rosenthal|Forty one years old
|Little Brother|Roman Rosenthal|Age Eleven

✥Notes✥ ||

  • She's vegetarian
  • She hates it when people look at her art or writing pieces without her permission.
  • More will be added as roleplay progresses

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