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Kit Mallarik

"Do whatever the hell you want. Its better then doing what you're expected to do."

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a character in “Restless Hearts”, as played by AmeliaIsGhostly



『 "The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat. | Lily Tomlin" 』


✥Name✥ || "It is what it is."

Kit Theo Mallarik

✥Nicknames✥ || "Never call me that. Never."

When he was young, people called him Kitten to tease him- he hates it.

✥Gender✥ || "Idiotic question."


✥Age✥ || "Seems like a short time, nineteen years."


✥Marital Status & Sexuality✥ || "Oh yeah, cause this is so important, right?"

Single & Heterosexual

✥Role✥ || "What the hell?"

Boy 1


『 "I’d rather live with a good question than a bad answer." | Aryeh Frimer 』

✥Hair✥ || "So exciting."

A mousy brunette

✥Eye colour✥ || "Plain."


✥Height and Weight✥ || "I don't know what I'm supposed to say about this."

5'11 170 lbs

✥Distinct Markings or Scars✥ || "My mother told me the only way I would be allowed to get a tattoo was if it said "Mom." So I said, "Alright.""

Kit has a couple of scars here and there, but nothing defining on his skin. However, he does have a tattoo on his left bicep that says "Mom."

✥Ethnicity✥ || "Irish father, cant even tell you how much he drinks."

American, Welsh, Irish

『 "A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends." | Baltasar Gracian 』

✥Personality✥ || "Is this good or bad?"

Kit can be easily described as having a self-effacing humor and an easy going nature. He also is just someone who simply radiates life. Not only that, but Kit is one of the most kind and genuine friends a person could have. He, amongst loads of other things, is a charmer, giving a wink and a smirk to anyone who passes by his way. People follow and love him easily, but it allows him to be manipulative of it, or scheming, if needs be. He generally doesn’t, as he is too caring of other people, especially if they hold his trust. It makes him a very forgiving person. He will protect those he loves with his life, throwing himself in front of a bullet to any kind stranger who may pass his way. He is almost too unconcerned about his own self. Most of the time, Kit can get himself in pretty compromising situations as he can be fairly reckless, but due to his quick thinking skills and smart’s, he can get himself out of it just as fast.

It's always been hard for Kit to find passion in things. He'd try to fill that seemingly missing void with rebellion in stupid things, and spontaneity that more times than not got him into trouble. He, personally, liked getting into trouble, or ticking off his parents or authority if he could. Not because it gave him attention, or a reputation, but simply because it caused a spark of some sort. A spark of undeniable passion in emotion that was always missing in his life. The only thing he really cared and loved about, constantly trying to protect, was his little sister Darling When most knew Kit as the angsty lonerish bad boy that he had gained stature of, many didn't even dare pick on Darling. But Kit really is a good guy. It just took a bit to get past it.

Kit, through his many attempts at trying meaningful things and them back firing, can seem pretty closed off at times. He struggles with his demons, the smoking and drinking being the things that he lets wash over and cleanse him of his many problems. He has a slight tendency to snap when pushed to the limits, but he feels pretty bad about it after wards. His whole personality seems to contradict itself.


『 “All misfortune is but a stepping stone to fortune.” | Henry David Thoreau 』

✥Likes✥ ||

▲Cigarettes - Its become a nasty habit for him. || "Stress reliever and killer. Fun stuff."
▲His Little Sister - Darling is the one person in the world he couldn't live without. He's a very protective big brother. || "I don't want her to end up like me."
▲Books - He likes to escape into different realities. || "Their too interesting to ignore."
▲Spontaneity - He does his own thing. Why live life in a pattern? || "Gotta change things up sometimes. Never get bored."
▲Horror Movies - He thinks the stupidness of the people is more funny then scary. || "They're just interesting."
▲Car Fixing - He picked up this skill in high school. It's paid his bills. || "Cars are a god damn work of art."

✥Dislikes✥ ||

△Liars - Liars ruin the world in his eyes. || "The world is a filthy god damn place."
△Goody two shoes - Okay, no one is that good. || "They've got to be hiding something, I swear to god."
△Romance Novels - He thinks the sentimentality is all wrong. He prefers the real thing.|| "It's not always hero saves the day."
△Peaches- The gross him out. || "Who would even eat something as fuzzy as that?"
△People who believe they are better then others. - He's been looked down upon by people who, quite frankly, are worse then him. He hates it. || "Who cares how I live my life, I'm still human."

✥Strengths✥ ||

●Hard Working - Kit never gives up, he will work until he has done whats he's accomplished. || "Good work ethic counts for something, right?"
●Brave - He would just in front of anyone to stop a bullet. That is of course, unless he hates them. || "I don't get scared easily."
●Charming - A little wink, a little smirk. It gets him places. || "What a devilish smile I have."

✥Weaknesses✥ ||

○ Cares too much. - When Kit gets invested in something, he gets attached. It can be hard on him if he loses it. || "Its only a weakness if you make it out to be."
○ Unforgiving - He trust with all his heart, so when its broken, it wont every be patched up again. || "I don't let people hurt me twice. Then I'd be the stupid one."
○ Impulsive - He really doesn't think before he acts. || "This is a weakness?"

✥Quirks✥ ||

◆Running hands through hair. - It's almost a nervous tick of his. || "What? It's not a bad thing."
◆Talking to self. - When thinking hard, he ends up speaking out loud. || "Yeah, this isn't really a good trait."


『 “The only thing constant in life is change.” | Francois de la Rochefoucauld 』

✥History✥ ||

Life was just life for Kit. His very Irish father, with just a bit of a drinking problem, worked at a small local business. His mother worked as his secretary, that's how the two had met. Out of that blossoming relationship came Kit, there first and only son. They loved him, and he had a comfortable life. His parents weren't around however as much as they should have been as he grew up, so he mostly found himself being alone. That was until he was four years old when his sister Darling was born out of his parents still loving romance. He loved his sister very much. Around the same time however, he was introduced to his dads best friends, who he worked withs, daughter. Her name was Fawn, and she was just a year younger then the boy. At first he was a little closed of, only seeing her at company barbeques. But in the end, their odd friendship grew into a real one. They did everything and anything together, and he cherished her even through hi young age.

It was shitty for the whole family when the Rosenthals decided they needed to move away when Kit was ten years old.

He had lost one of the most important people in his life, as did his father losing his one and only friend. But through there years apart, Fawn always had sent letters to the boy. Kit wasn't very good at making friends, so he often just stayed alone by himself, hanging out at times with his Sister. He was more protective of her then anything.

High school approached, and lets just say Kit had a long streak of breaking girls hearts. It wasn't that he didn't like them, but apparently he always seemed to give the wrong impressions. He wanted something serious, but not serious in the way all the giggly girls wanted, just someone to flaunt around and piss their parents off with. See, Kit was a bit of a bad boy. Never mind the fact he smokes and drinks, but he had a tendency to not shy away from fights necessarily. He disobeys his parents a lot, some of the time just for the hell of it. There was an incident once, which sent his parents over the line.

He was eighteen, graduated. Just about to turn nineteen. His sister had come home crying one day, telling her brother that a specific boy was trying to pressure into doing things and that she had pushed and shoved her, as evident by the bruise mark on her wrist. Kit got angry by this, so the next day when walking the fourteen year old to school, who really did look older for her age, confronted the sixteen year old stupid jock she described as the one who did it to her. He had no issues with beating him up in front of his peers. He ended up breaking the guys face and arm. Needless to say, the cops showed up. The boy, however, didn't end up pressing charges, knowing he had tried to assault his sister. He was too afraid to get caught, so they all left it at that. Too bad Kits parents ended up kicking him out of the house after that.

Now, Kit floats on. Finding odd jobs, or doing jobs for room.

✥Family✥ ||

|Father | Jack Mallarik | Fourty seven years old
|Mother| Katy Mallarik | Forty six years old
|Little Sister| Darling Mallarik | Fifteen years old

✥Notes✥ ||

  • Will be added as role play progresses

So begins...

Kit Mallarik's Story