* dances barefoot through the forest *

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a character in “Restoration”, as played by Chloe De Luca



NameZeta (Zeh-tah)




Hair ColorShimmering black, blue in the sunlight.

Eye ColorCrystal Blue

Distinguishing FeaturesSun Tattoo on her lower back

PersonalityZeta is a loner, having only the forest animals as her company. She is curious and adventure seeking, she is driven by her desire for understanding. Shyness comes naturally, since she has not seen civilization for ages. Apprehensions and defensiveness will follow meeting any one in the forest.
Ahe is one to usually climb in tree's, and wade into lakes. She has no sense of modesty, because she has never been taught differently. She enjoys creating new things, and often "invents" things for her personal use, though they are only new to her because she has never seen anything like it before.
The more docile forest animals trust her, and she can carry them around.

AppearanceZeta wears a simple outfit made using the skins of wildlife. The majority of the time she is barefoot, but she does have a pair of moccasins for hunting in. Her long black hair is always braided down her back.
History The only history she has in a tribal tattoo on her back,placed there when she was born. She has no memory of life before the forst, it is assumed she was born by a native and left in the forest to die.

She lives in a Tree House, which has taken her whole life to complete. It started out as a hollow area in a tree, and she carved it out until she could live safely. She only finished her work last year.

A Walk Through Zeta's Forest

So begins...

Zeta's Story


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The warm sun breaks through a thick canopy if lush green leaves, as a soft breeze urges the limbs to dance. It carries with is a heavy humid feeling as it passed through ...white wisps drift through the air on a trek far from the forest. Some land on the damp ground, on writhing tree roots, others cause ripples as they fall onto the lake. Bugs can be heard chirping and crying out above in the green leaves, birds sing as they span the sky.

Zeta sits on a rock, protruding over a round crystalline lake, as dragon flies zip around the waters surface. The sun bathes her olive skin as her long black hair trails in a braid, dangling just above the water's surface.

Animals can be heard lurking around the waters edge, hesitating because of her presence.
She bends one knee up in front her her, wrapping her arms around it, and rest's her chin softly on it's peak.
"Come now children," she coos to the forest animals, "I will not harm you, you know this," Her voice is tender as she beckons them. She dips her toes in the cool water, sending ripples across it's surface, "Don't be afraid..."
She begins to sing, her voice traveling through the tree branches.

As she sends her sweet words to the forest, she beckons with her hands for the animals to come out, and small creatures begin to come to the water's edge, and begin listening to her as if in a trance.

((Thought this song was perfect!))


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Rin was rather surprised when Tyrin grabbed her wrist and began leading her instead after she called for him. When he was even younger, maybe about 5 or 6, Tyrin would always make fun of her and Rin would always want to yell at him but never found the nerve to do it. So for him to actually act as a protective brother caught her off guard. Then again, they were in real danger this time so it was clear why Tyrin was acting like this. As they ran, Rin looked down for a moment at her bleeding knees and noticed the cut on her shin had opened up again from her fall and now and then a large drip of blood would fall onto the pavement. Her elbows her stinging as well and she could also tell that her hands were probably bleeding a little too. Though she kept on her usual blank expression, she was very tempted to cry or ask for Tyrin to slow down. His fast running really surprised her and it was hard to figure out where exactly they were going.

She slowly began to notice as the broken pavement turned into grass and the smoke-filled air became clear and clean. "A forest...[/i] She murmured as they ran on, her eyes glancing around but failing to see any of their siblings. She was worried about Asher since he was the last one who fled the house. Not to mention that her dripping blood might leave a trail for the beast that had seen them if its sense of smell was as good as she thought it was. She realized the best thing to do would've been to stop Tyrin and then wrapped her wound in her school jacket to stop it from dripping so not to leave a trail. Of course, it was a little late for that now. She hoped, since it seemed her shin had stopped dripping, that it had stopped before it could've left an easy-to-follow trail for the beast.

Rin was relieved when Ty finally stopped running and collapsed onto the grass a few feet in front of her. She didn't really bother looking around because she had already gotten a good enough look at the forest as they were running, but Ty looked rather confused and a bit disoriented. When he asked if she knew where they were, she opened her mouth to reply with a simple 'A forest', but was interrupted by the faint sound of singing. Rin turned her head in the direction of the voice. "Music." she mumbled loud enough to Tyrin to hear. "Tyrin, I hear music." She said, looking down at where her brother sat and lifted her arm and pointed in the direction she thought the voice was coming from.


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Rin let her pointing hand rest at her side as Asher caught up to them. She stood their blankly as her older brother took off his shirt and, ripping off a few pieces, then wrapped the cloth around her bleeding knees. Scars.. She thought to herself as she caught a glimpse of Ashers side before he went over to check on Tyrin, who as usual rejected any help and then asked Asher where his scars came from, though she didn't really pay much attention to them afterwards. She turned her head back to the direction she thought the music was coming from and stared off into the distance. She nearly said something about it again but then she heard Lara's voice and looked over to see that Lara had come out of the blue and joined them, asking them what they were all talking about. She noticed that Lara actually looked pretty happy, despite the situation that they were in.

Shortly after Lara had joined them, Sacara dashed through the trees and instantly hugged them all, except for Lara. Rin gave a small hmph as Sacara hugged her a little too tight before moving on to Asher and then Tyrin.

"Rin! What happened to you? Can you still walk? It doesn't hurt too badly, does it?

Rin heard Sacara say and watched as her sister approached her looking a little distressed. Rin blinked a couple of times before looking down at her knees, then back up at her sister. "I fell. Yes, it does hurt, but I'm okay." She replied flatly, then turned her head back in the direction the music was coming from. It had died down shortly after Sacara seemed to notice it as well, though the others didn't seem all that interested in it. Rin looked around at her siblings, then up at the sky that seemed to be lightening as dawn approached rapidly before turning her head back to where she thought the music had come from and then lifted her had to point again. "Music." She said a little louder this time. "Someone else."


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As she finishes her song, she twirls on the tip of the rock, and ends in a pose that usually has a partner. Her dress parted up the her thigh, and she pointed her elegant olive toe.
The animals, all cheered, and became anxious. Hopping up and down the beckoned her to sing again. She sat back down in the protruding rock, and pulled her legs up to her chin. Trailing behind her was the long sable braid, dangling just above the water's surface. Resting her head on her chin, and curling her toes on the rock's edge she wondered, Is there anyone out there for me...
It was spring in the forest, and the animals were all pairing up and everything was bursting with life. Every year Zeta simply watched, wishing she had someone of her own. Her gate was solemn as she descended the rock "You want me to sing another song?"
The animals all cheered, watching as her face saddened, they stopped. The tone of the forest reflected her, the tree branches seemed lethargic, and the leaves drooped. The wind almost sounded like music as it whipped through the branches.


As she sings, she begins dancing around the lake. Her long legs carry her gracefully, her toes pointed and poised. She moves with the music, and bellows out the tune at the top of her lungs. Singing with all her loneliness, teardrops form in her eyes.
Her gaze looks out to the forest, for no particular reason she feels as if someone is listening to her, shaking off the feeling she continues her song.
Her voice is hypnotic, beckoning and echoing through the forest. The tree's sway with her voice, dancing in the wind.