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Judd Malone

A cook as much as a capoeirista.

0 · 99 views · located in Atlanta, Georgia

a character in “Resurgence: Bleeding Cascade”, as played by Hammocker


Full Name: Judd Santo Malone

Alias: Dart

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Height and weight: 6' 1", 184 lbs

Appearance (in and out of costume, if applicable): In-costume: When he's out fighting crime Judd wears a black hockey mask, a navy blue hoodie, black sweatpants, and yellow rimmed black gloves. His baton is carried on a holster slung over his back, and most anything else he is carrying is stored in small packs strapped onto either of his hips.
Mask: ... K-6581.jpg

Out-of-Costume: Judd is a large and solid man, fairly tall, but broad. His face is squarish in its overall shape and well-defined. His eyes are fairly large as are his lips, and his cheeks are somewhat sunken in. He has a fair complexion, and short chocolate brown hair.

Abilities: Judd is experienced in the martial art Capoeira, and will sometimes use a baton in conjunction with the style. Considerable upper and lower body strength as well as high flexibility and above average stamina. Experienced and very capable cook.

Weaknesses: Judd, for as formidable as he is, has no particular superpowers. His intelligence is average, but he is very slow to learn certain ideas. He easily trusts just about anyone and will always give people the benefit of the doubt without question. Especially vulnerable in long range combat.

Equipment: Stun grenades, a baton, bulletproof vest, a flashlight, a communicator, and a camera.

Personality: Judd is bubbly, outgoing, and amiable, often to a fault. He believes firmly that if one is kind to those around oneself, then one will receive kindness in return. There are only a few people Judd has ever met that he has not at least tried to like. His sense of altruism has led to him to vigilantism, as he believes strongly that those who try to do good in their everyday life need someone to protect them from criminals who would exploit human decency for personal gain. Judd is highly emotionally intelligent, and will usually act on his emotional instinct rather than his thought process.

Personal History: Judd was born in Hapeville, a small city adjacent to Atlanta, and lived there for much of his adolescence. While he struggled in school, understanding concepts at a slower pace than his peers, he easily made friends among his class. Around age eight, he picked up on his love for making food after an incident in which he made pancakes out of gelatin. From then on, much of his spare time not spent with friends was spent in the kitchen with his mother, and later by himself. He rarely saw his father, though, Judd formed a close bond with his mother that remains to this day.

Around the time he turned sixteen, Judd's family moved into Atlanta for his father's work. While nervous about the change, Judd was optimistic about the move. Soon after, however, he realized that the city was suffering from a disproportionate amount of violence and crime. While he knew that he could probably take care of himself through natural strength alone, Judd started taking Capoeira classes. Judd found that he picked up the skill easily, to the point that he wondered if he could use it to the benefit of more than just himself. At the time, however, he was unwilling to do anything with his skill in Capoeira outside of ranked contests.

Judd left home to go off to Louisana for his four years of college, keeping up with practicing his martial arts and staying in shape while also steadily improving his skill in cooking. Once he graduated, Judd returned to Atlanta, now living on his own with a job in the kitchen of a local restaurant. At the same time, he finally decided to take action against the crime in his city. Along with several others of similar viewpoint to him, Judd helped found The Mavericks, dedicated to removing crime from the streets of Atlanta.

Anything Else: I can't think of anything.

So begins...

Judd Malone's Story

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#, as written by TCoS
Frowning at the newspaper in front of his face, Gary fleetingly eyed the finer print before tossing the daily at Barton. Adorning the front page was a disconcerting headline: "Bernard Raskoph elected President of the City Council!" Of course, the murder of the old President was still fresh in everyone's minds, meaning neither Gary nor many Atlantans trusted this out-of-stater with such an exalted and delicate position.

His face contorting with subtle ridicule, Gary asked his partner, "You seein' this man?"

Barton caught the paper in a stern grip. The story was disconcerting indeed, he noted, though Barton in particular held a higher distaste for politicians than his teammate did, having worked for them during his time in the Air Force. Yet this Bernard Raskoph individual was mysterious in his own way. Barton didn't know much about him; in fact, he hadn't heard of him until recently. Barton simply assumed he was a slimy bastard, just like he did all politicians. He scoffed as he turned to Gary.

"What do you make of it?" he asked.

"I don't." Gary chuckled as he leaned back in his recliner. "It really doesn't matter who's in office anymore; same shit, different day. It's like the suits reproduce by mitosis."

"Perhaps they do," Barton said with a laugh. "Or maybe they're infecting the good people and turning them into monsters just like them."

Claire, who had been staring rigidly at the wall, seemed to rouse at the word 'monsters'.

"It is the nature of such things," she said, frowning at the headlines. "Mustn't gaze for too long into the abyss."

Gary paid little mind to the saturnine comment, and dismissed the subject with a loud cough. Suddenly facing the kitchen, he called out, "Judd, stop holding up my old lady in there!"

"Art takes time!" came the response. The sound of water rapping against stainless steel could be heard for a few seconds before Judd himself strode into the room, wiping his hands with a paper towel.

"Baby, you keep calling me old and I'll come whup you till you'll wish I was old!" hollered the second voice. The loud clacking of a knife on a cutting board resumed as Margaret diced two more potatoes for the stew she'd started.

Merely rolling his eyes, Gary took a quick sip of beer and muttered something about the pair before addressing his assembled cast.

"Alright ladies and gents, time to get down to business. I've got bad news and good news. The bad news is I think we have Society presence in the city. The good news is that gives us something to do. Now Claire here" - he motioned to the team scout, who nodded in acknowledgement - "ran into some Society operatives the other day. We were lucky, given we got one to identify his benefactors, but that's all we got out of him. Regardless, having those cretins in the city for whatever reason is no bueno, and we're going to have to look into this further before they get a leg up. We'll be splitting up for a while: Barton, Claire and myself on one team, Judd, Union and my old lady on the other. Understood?"

"Maelstrom? Here? What makes you think they'd be interested in Atlanta?" Margaret had joined the crew out in the living room, interested in the direction these talks were headed, but also slightly concerned. The Society weren't people you would just let run amok in your backyard, or else they'd take over like weeds.

"Hell if I know." Gary replied earnestly.

Union had followed, slipping out of the bathroom and clutching his pulsing head. “I’ve been listening,” he muttered, fishing in his pocket for his bottle of ibuprofen. “How far down do you want us digging? Shallow grave deep, or do you want a proper burial?”

"There's not much we can do without knowing more." Gary repeated, subconsciously shaking his head. "Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here."

"No need for graves just yet, honey," Margaret chimed in. "We still have perfectly usable jail cells to store these poor boys in."

Union raised his hands defensively. “I wasn’t suggesting anything rash, Margaret. I know the rule: Not unless we have to." He wrested the cap from his bottle, tipped one too many pills into his palm, and grinned for a brief instant. "I know how you hate it when I get carried away. I hate it too."

Gary nodded. "If things go accordingly, you won't even have to fire a tranq," he stated matter-of-factly. Shifting the topic elsewhere, he pushed his beer aside and plopped down a map of the city upon the table, pointing to several areas circled in red marker.

"Judd, Union, Maggie, you guys'll be sniffing out MS on the south side. That's Tiger territory, so watch your backs. Barton, Claire, we'll be sweeping downtown. Follow any appropriate leads, but try not to get entangled in any of the gang wars. Any questions?"

Barton looked up from the map, casting his gaze upon Gary. "When do we start?" he asked dryly.

"Sun down." He answered, checking his watch. "Now let's go get lunch before Maggie starts hollering."