Nisa Jai "Mouse" Verion

Money, get back, I'm all right Jack keep your hands off my stack!

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a character in “Resurgence: Bleeding Cascade”, as played by Mosswine Leader


Full Name: Nisa Jai Verion

Alias (if applicable): Mouse

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Height and weight: 5'4" 108lbs

Appearance: Bookish and unassuming, if it weren't for the Golem colors she wears one would assume Nisa worked in a library or bookstore. Her almost transparent white hair stays in a short ponytail for convenience sake. Nisa wears round spectacles to help her focus, though the lenses slightly distort her peach colored eyes. Being an Albino, Nisa keeps herself under as much clothing as she can stand to wear since she and the sun aren't exactly on friendly terms.

She usually wears full fatigues in Golem colors, with a matching hooded overcoat to block out that bastard sun. This lends a comical look to the ghostly figure underneath, whose pale, wax-paper skin contrasts so starkly to the dark grey and brown.

Abilities: Talented drug manufacturer and field surgeon. Can read books really fast.

Weaknesses: Her Albinism makes her photosensitive, and her Nystagmus limits her ability to track objects movement.

Equipment: 1897 Winchester Trench Gun, 12 ga. shell bandoleer, Medic Kit, Respirator Mask, Blackout sunglasses, Golem fatigues

Personality: Soft spoken and steady handed, Nisa is nevertheless very skittish around new people. She's slow to trust, but definitely a steadfastly loyal friend. Nisa is no stranger to pain or discomfort due to her career, and is more than willing to risk incurring either to help her friends.

Nisa is a miser, very willing to jip people out of something if it gets her a bit of extra cash. She charges a high premium for the drugs she pushes, but her attention to detail and exacting quality testing mean that her goods are top notch and almost worth the price.

Personal History: Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Nisa had every creature comfort she could have wanted. Her mother worked at an enormous pharmaceutical company, and her father owned a very reputable surgeons clinic. They were very surprised to have an Albino child, but nonetheless pleased that she was otherwise healthy. Her mother found out years later that it was a miracle she had Nisa at all, as she was supposed to be sterile.

From a young age, Nisa expressed an interest in both her parents work, and they were only too happy to instruct their daughter. She proved to have a good head for numbers and equations, and excelled in school. Around the age of 14, however, Nisa began to feel restless with her life. It wasn't until many years later, after finishing her med degrees that she discovered what that void in her life was. Danger.

She started small, pushing a couple ounces of coke here, a rock of meth there. The thrill of breaking the law and making quick cash awoke a dark hunger in her. While she could certainly put her skills to good use in a legitimate medical field, that career path bored her to tears. A criminal's lifestyle called to her. It wasn't until she had an unfortunate run-in with some Golem enforcers that she got her first real taste of how dangerous a criminal's life could be.

Never once did she think that a syndicate as large as the Golems would be interested in a small time dealer like herself. But circumstances as they were, it was only some fast talking on Nisa's part that saved her from ending up lying in a ditch somewhere. She'd managed to convince the Golem toughs that her brain was better put to use making drugs for them instead of rotting in an unmarked grave.

That was two years ago. Now, Nisa, or more commonly known as Mouse, puts her skills to use to serve the Golems as their chief drug cooker and surgeon, a job choice she's not once regretted.

Anything Else: She's a heavy LSD user.

So begins...

Nisa Jai "Mouse" Verion's Story

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Deep within the confines of the Golem's HQ, an abandoned office building turned fortress, smooth jazz played over the local intercom. The basement's sole occupant continued her slow lap around an enormous table, occasionally adjusting the ever growing sculpture that dominated the entire surface. Nisa Verion stopped for a moment to examine her sculpture, looking at it from different angles. Reaching into a large burlap sack, she pulled out another stack of hundred dollar bills to add to the castle and placed it on a parapet. Miniature lords and ladies waved to her from a balcony, taking a break from the party going on inside. She waved back cheerily before gently leaning another stack against the castle wall to shore up a weak point. In the moat a group of crocodiles did a complicated synchronized swimming routine before being joined by a flock of flamingos.

In the background of her hallucinations, a high pitched ringing decided to intrude. From her peripheral, Nisa caught sight of her alarm clock leaping up and down in an attempt to get her attention. Staring at it blankly, the Golem's head (and only) drug cooker followed the clocks frantic gesturing. Suddenly she remembered that there was a really big batch of meth on the back burner down the hall. Nisa yelped in distress as she dashed down the hall, snagging her gas mask on the way out and wrestling it onto her face. She barged into her meth lab, wincing slightly at the immediate jump in ambient volume created by all her ventilation units.

A loud banging on the door reverberated through the meth lab. “Hey, Mouse! We got an emergency! We need you right now, hurry up!” The voice carried through the door, one of the many thugs in the Golem’s ranks and another man piped up after him. “Yea, Alex done got shot at that drug deal we had today so we needs you to fix him up!”

Alex would be Alex McCree, or Miracle Worker as some referred to him for his gifts. Currently Alex was writhing on a table in an empty room, his chest bleeding and a couple of thugs shuffling about awkwardly as they had no idea what to do. In all honestly he just wished they would leave him alone, they were all the same. Voices that were too loud with hands that were too rough and it was only because Alex was what they called soft hearted that he didn’t latch onto one of them and pass this wound off. He wasn’t meant to get hurt they said he was just there in case someone else was hurt and they needed to be fixed up. There wasn’t any way he could say no to going, there never was.

"Yeah, ok! Just a moment!" hollered Mouse, feverishly adjusting stove temperatures and moving beakers and pots around. If this batch burned Caleb would have her hide. Finally having finished her maintenance, Mouse slipped out of the meth room and went to check on her patient. The man looked to be in severe agony, clutching his gut and grimacing.

"You always do this, Alex. How many times a week do I need to pull shrapnel out of your sorry hide, eh?" she joked, moving closer to him for a better look. His shirt was thouroughly soaked through with blood, which leaked down onto the table surface and soaked into the wood. Mouse frowned, calculating the cost of having to clean and refinish the table before shaking her head and rushing to the "medicine cabinet".

"Morphine..morphene..Shit! All out." Mouse continued to mutter agitatedly to herself, swatting at the curious doves fluttering around her. "Piss off, you buggers! I'm busy!" The two goons exchanged worried looks, unsure if she should be operating while under the influence, but wisely chose not to pipe up. She'd been far more fucked up and had successfully treated worse cases before, so it shouldn't be an issue. Whirling about, Mouse snapped at the closest Golem.

"You! Big nose! Run to the third room down the hall to the left. There's a glass cabinet full of bottles. I need one from the middle shelf and one from the second to last, along with two hypos." He scrambled out of the room. She turned to the other one and gestured at Alex impatiently.

"Get his shirt off. Hurry!" She grabbed a pair of latex gloves and struggled them on as her comrade cut Alex's shirt in half with a combat knife. Approaching the table, Mouse blew out an exasperated breath through her gas mask, hands on her hips.

"Well well, Mr. McCree. You look like a big slab of hamburger! Did you catch the last train out of the hurt locker or something?" Drawing a scalpel from a convinent bandoleer around her leg, Mouse jabbed at a couple of holes, trying to see what gauge shotgun he'd been peppered with. Luckily it appeared to be some hunting grade birdshot, which while painful, wasn't lethal. The other Golem burst into the room, causing Mouse to accidentally stick Alex with her scalpel and curse in surprise.

"Don't fucking barge in here like that! You know I startle easily!" The other man winced apologetically, passing off the bottles to her, along with the requested syringes. She glared at one of the bottles, daring it to make another snide comment, then set them down on the table.

"Now Alex, I'm out of morphine, so you're gonna have to make do with heroin and PCP, okay? Okay." Using her many years of experience, Mouse smoothly filled the syringes with each liquid, prepped her patient's arm, and injected him twice. Looking at her pocket watch and counting to two minutes, Mouse waited for the drugs to kick in and sedate the man enough for her to begin operating.

"Alright. He should be under enough for me to begin. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, I need you to stand by in case he gets violent. The first sign of struggle, you two restrain him."

With a sigh, Mouse handed Tweedle Dum a Maglite, instructing him to follow her hands with the beam as she operated. Using two scalpels, the surgeon picked and prodded at her patient, sometimes having to make larger incisions in the meat to get at the deeper pellets. At one point she had to stop and scream at one of the scalpels, accusing it of attempting to sabatoge her efforts before slinging it across the room and embedding it in the wall. Drawing a more compliant surgical tool, Mouse resumed surgery, using Alex's shirt to mop up the excess blood so she could see what the hell she was doing. After thirty minutes of intense meat picking, bullet throwing and random babble, she finally finished getting all the shot out of her patients chest.

Replacing some sweat from her forehead with blood from the back of her hand, Mouse nodded contentedly. She instructed Tweedle Dee to fetch two rolls of gauze and a bottle of Moonshine, tapping her foot impatiently until he returned. The three of them helped get Alex's upper body clothing off, holding up his arms so she could bind him up with the gauze. After they layed him back down, Mouse pulled her gas mask down to bite the cork out of the bottle, taking a swig real quick.

"This is gonna hurt like a bitch, probably even through your drug stupor, Alex. Buckle up princess." Upending the locally brewed paint thinner onto his gauze bandages, Mouse allowed the entire bottle to drain as she moved it methodically back and forth over his chest.

"There! Right as rain!" She grabbed both sides of his head and kissed him on the cheek, following it up with a light slap. "Don't do it again, you hear? Next time I might be out of everything. You know how fast I move stock," she warned. Turning to the goons, Mouse instructed them to get him out of here and into a bunk in the barracks upstairs.

What seemed to be a woman wearing a frightful mask appeared in the room with them. Alex immediately tensed up until the figure spoke and he recognized the voice as Nisa. She wasn’t someone who brought him comfort exactly but it was someone he was familiar with at least. The partial easiness that she brought with her was quickly lost as his shirt was cut off of him and Nisa began prodding him.

His eyes were huge as he watched her fearfully; unsure of what the unpredictable woman would do next. He wished he was anywhere but here. The next thing he knew he was being stabbed which drew a strangled yell out of him. Why? Why was pain such a constant thing in his life? Nisa drew him from his own thoughts by quickly explaining that he wouldn’t be getting morphine this time but hard drugs. Instantly his eyes watered and he meekly shook his head. “No, please. I, I don’t want any of them.” His quiet pleas went unheard as the syringe was stabbed into his arm twice and the toxic chemicals were pushed into his veins.

It didn’t take long before he began feeling it and for the world to start changing before his eyes. Everything was warped and twisted together, the pressure from the scalpel was hot and cold at the same time but it went relatively unnoticed. His main concern at the moment was the terrible monsters that surrounded him. They had deformed faces and huge teeth, he was sure they meant to devour him. The main one had a sharp knife, it was carving him up and he watched in horror, unable to do anything. At least after they ate him it would be the end.

The monsters hoisted him up and began tying him with rope then they doused him in burning liquid that made him shout. Just get it over with would you? The monster with the knife leaned down and he was sure this was it, but instead of taking a chomp it kissed his cheek and walked away. It was all very confusing and disappointing if he were to admit it. Suddenly he was in the air and then he wasn’t.

For hours he had horrible, painful nightmares and woke up soaked in sweat. His chest ached, burned and all other adjectives associated with pain but he was alive. He looked around, taking in the darkness with his one good eye; and he was alone.