Ryley Garamond

"Blades of Judgement"

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a character in “Retired SuperHeroes”, as played by Cypher


Name: Ryley Garamond (Full Title: Professor Ryley Baines Garamond, Doctor of Interdimensional Studies)

Alias: Buru-Vyr'shaan (Rulish dialect, translation: "Blades of Judgement")

Age: Thirty-two (32)

Physical Description Garamond stands at around 6'1" and weighs around 150 pounds, his body well-proportioned and slim (not exactly muscular, but average). He has close-cut brown hair, fair skin and a fine pair of well-trimmed sideburns. He generally dresses in a black button-up shirt, brown slacks and a grey wool longcoat.

His most striking feature, though, is his eyes. Although most of the time he wears special contacts that disguise them as a mundane greyish-blue, Ryley's actual irises are a striking violet color, so bright that they almost glow.

Costume Description: Ryley's costume as the Blades of Judgement is a grey and black, form-fitting bodysuit constructed of tiny octagonal "cells", along with a grey utility rig (consisting of a belt and crossed suspenders fitted with an array of pouches and holsters). Over his head he wears a black flame-retardant balaclava and a pair of welding goggles that shield his face from harm and conceal his identity.

-Interdimensional Transition: Ryley has the ability to, using the powers he "obtained" during the Tibbetts Incident, tear small holes between our dimension and the Conduit, which allow him to travel from point to point in our world nigh-on instantaneously. However, this ability took a lot of practice to master, and since Ryley no longer performs it on a daily basis, he has to spend more time navigating the Conduit before he comes back out.
-Invisibility: The octagonal cells on Ryley's suit contain microcameras that are run by a battery pack on his utility belt. When the cells are powered, they create a live feed of the surrounding area and project it onto each cell individually, rendering Ryley invisible to the naked eye.

Besides his powers, Ryley is an accomplished swordfighter, martial artist and free-runner.

Short Bio
Ryley formerly worked as a researcher for a large international corporation in a facility known only as the Tibbetts Facility, which researched highly experimental technology, the purpose of which remains (to this day) mostly unknown. One day, Garamond was working on an interdimensional transporter when the machine was activated by accident, sucking Garamond into an alternate dimension. It was here where the searcher met The Wayfarer, a mysterious entity with no physical body, utilising instead the living body of a host creature. The creature in question became Ryley Garamond.

The Wayfarer turned out to be a vicious vigilante who had been exiled to a far off corner of a sealed "prison dimension" in a thing called "the Conduit", a kind of anchor-point where every dimension comes together at a single focal point. The Conduit is regulated by an all-powerful group referred to as "The Inquisition", who exiled The Wayfarer to the sealed dimension in the first place. However, now that The Wayfarer was within Ryley's body, he was free once more. The Tibbetts researchers retrieved Ryley, who had (unfortunately) learned of several illegal activities being conducted by the corporation financing the Tibbetts Facility, so Ryley (under the influence of The Wayfarer) proceeded to systematically eliminate everyone in the facility using a pair of blades he'd found on a corpse in the prison dimension.

Here he obtained his suit and became The Blades of Judgement, a ruthless criminal hunter and vigilante combining modern technological advancements with ancient interdimensional secrets. He haunted the streets of Valhaven as a threat to every living criminal, superpowered or otherwise, until the city entered its Golden Age. He now works as a college professor, teaching interdimensional physics.

The Villains This Hero Has Defeated In The Past
-Cryostasis: Otherwise known as Retriever One. An agent dispatched by The Inquisition to detain the Wayfarer, in the process levelling two cities and decimating the population of another to find him. He was defeated by Ryley when he was stabbed through the heart and thrown into a black hole dimension where he was torn to shreds.

-Anarchy: A rather uncreatively-named international terrorist and supervillain. Capable of using widespread telepathy to control several people's minds at once, which is how he came to rule the parliament of a small but technologically superior Middle Eastern country. He was hurled into an international prison (literally) after an extended showdown with the indoctrinated parliament's military forces.

-Silver Bullet: A magic-using priest driven mad on a hunt for "werewolves" (i.e everyone he saw). He was beaten unconscious and then restrained in a mental asylum.

-G-Man: A would-be hero and former government agent. Obstructed Ryley's hunt for Cryostasis and as a result was tossed into a pocket dimension where he could "stay out of the way".

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