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Retribution To Execution: Revenge

Retribution To Execution: Revenge


How much are you willing to offer in order to get your long awaited revenge? Set in federal Japan, one family willing to offer anything goes after the man who ruined their lives.

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i did not create this roleplay! all credit goes to [url=]robhus,[/url] the original creator of this rp. this is just a reboot that i have made with her permitting me.



Peace was blooming under the control of Ms. Chihuru Tabasaki, the current ruler of the legendary Tabasaki family, who had strong political influence and strength, all the way back to the Heian period. Over the years, the bloodline had remained and strengthened their political influence and had ruled several cities over the last decade. Ms. Chihuru was viewed as an icon, an ambassador, of peace, honor, beauty and control.

However, there was another quickly rising family known as the Kobayashi family, who had been ruling another province for quite some time. The ruler, the power-hungry Haru kobayashi, raided the section of Kyoto where the Tabasaki family had their household, killing their current ruler as well as their first-born son. The ronin hired by the family for protection were easily killed as well by the powerful and experienced opponents’ swords. The rest of the family was left alive for Haru to keep his honor, but they were left weak and without the power the family once had.

Yet, the Tabasaki family had several sons as well as daughters, and after the bloodbath that had happened in their own home, the second-born son, who was the new head of the family, swore to avenge both his older brother and his mother, with his own hands

This roleplay will be taking place in the Sengoku period, but it will not be entirely correct to its era. The technology will be more or less the same, with weak bombs developed as well as fireworks. Culture is still important and the Samurai still live for honor and dishonoring their name would lead to preforming seppuku.

Akio Tabasaki | Male | 27 | ME | The new head of the Tabasaki family after Chihuru was killed. Believes in honor and the art of the Samurai. Has sworn revenge over the Kobayashi family. Despite his strong belief for honor, he is still willing to take any help he can get in order to reach his goal, as long as he gets to kill Haru Kobayashi himself

Izumo Tabasaki | Male | 22-25 | COSMIC | The third born son of the Tabasaki family. He, like his older brother, believes in the ways of the samurai, though he is not as open-minded when it comes to reaching the goal of getting revenge over the Kobayashi. If the process isn’t done in the way of the samurai, he means it would be dishonoring the family name. Wants the female ninja who resides with them executed because of her honorless ways of killing, but his older brother denies his wish. Often acts hostile towards her.

Yuki Tabasaki | Female | 24-27 | moahi | The first born daughter of the Tabasaki household. Much like her mother, she is beautiful and believes in peace. She wishes to use political connections in order to reach the family’s goal, though the third-born son says against her.

______ Tabasaki | Female | 18-20 | Reserved by sirhotbod | The second born daughter of the Tabasaki household. Unlike the rest of her family, she wish to just drop the case, not wanting to see any more blood get spilled. Peace is an important part of her ways of thought and means that murder is wrong, even for vengeance.

______ _____ | Female | 20-30 | open | A young female ninja whose father had a lot of connection with the Tabasaki family in the past. For the last ten years, she has been living with the Tabasaki family. Her father who also lived there recently passed away. Despite never being hostile towards him, often gets in trouble with the third-born son.

Servants of the Tabasaki family

_____ _____ | Unknown | Reserved by: Diarmuid O'Dyna |
_____ _____ | Unknown | Reserved by: Bugbuster |
_____ _____ | Unknown | Open |
_____ _____ | Unknown | Open |

The Character Skelly is ready! Remember, I don't mind if you add extra decorations or info, that's up to you.

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Appearance: ((Both pictures spread over the CS as well as a description))

Likes: ((Five or more, include a description of why))

Dislikes: ((Same as above))

Fears: ((Same as above, but can be cut down to three))

Strengths: ((Keep it logical and nothing really overpowered))

Weaknesses: ((The more the merrier, must be at least one more than strengths))

Personality: ((At least a paragraph, preferably more. Be detailed!))

Equipment: ((Any weapons etc.))

History: ((This one is a tricky one. Tell a bit about what your character has been doing thus far in his or her life. It is kind of hard since most of them are related, but do your best!))

Other: ((Can be removed if you don't have anything to add here. basically anything that don't fit anywhere else goes here.))

Toggle Rules

#1 No power, meta or godmodding.
#2 Literacy, at least 300 words per post, but the longer the better! The more detailed you are, the easier is it to reply!
#3 I'm not a Nazi, but please try to keep spelling and grammar at a decent level.
#4 Please respect others, isn't that common courtesy?
#5 Post at least once or twice a week. If you're going away, give me a notice beforehand.
#6 Tell me rather than holding back any questions, ideas etc. I'd love to hear them!
#7 All reservations last 48 hours. In that time, please post an VIP at the very least.
#8 Please remember to keep all rules of RPG in addition to these!
#9 To show that you've read the rules, when asking for a role, please state the name you will give to the reserved character.

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Character Portrait: Akio Tabasaki
Character Portrait: Izumo Tabasaki
Character Portrait: Iroha Tabasaki


Character Portrait: Iroha Tabasaki
Iroha Tabasaki

Swords, pens, words - at they end of the day it doesn't matter.... They won't change a thing.

Character Portrait: Izumo Tabasaki
Izumo Tabasaki

"Words can only get you so far in life."

Character Portrait: Akio Tabasaki
Akio Tabasaki

"Words can cut deeper than any sword."


Character Portrait: Akio Tabasaki
Akio Tabasaki

"Words can cut deeper than any sword."

Character Portrait: Izumo Tabasaki
Izumo Tabasaki

"Words can only get you so far in life."

Character Portrait: Iroha Tabasaki
Iroha Tabasaki

Swords, pens, words - at they end of the day it doesn't matter.... They won't change a thing.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Iroha Tabasaki
Iroha Tabasaki

Swords, pens, words - at they end of the day it doesn't matter.... They won't change a thing.

Character Portrait: Akio Tabasaki
Akio Tabasaki

"Words can cut deeper than any sword."

Character Portrait: Izumo Tabasaki
Izumo Tabasaki

"Words can only get you so far in life."

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