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Akio Tabasaki

"Words can cut deeper than any sword."

0 · 756 views · located in Kyoto

a character in “Retribution To Execution: Revenge”, as played by roomrider





Age: 27

Appearance: Akio has green eyes, and brown hair. He keeps his hair so it hangs right above his shoulders. Akio is quite tall, standing at 6'1, and wieghs 150lbs. Being lean and tall, he carries a diplomatic look with him wherever he goes.
Eating: Akio likes to eat, especially delicacies and expensive foods.
Debate and Diplomacy He likes debate, and finds interest in philosophy and politics.
Teamwork: Akio, unlike his brother, thinks that teamwork is essential in all things. He finds his brothers "lone wolf" attitude quite foolish, and is somewhat opposed to his brothers opinions. But the real reason why Akio supports teamwork so much is because of his lack of self-confidence. He thinks that he needs others' help to succeed, and thinks he will fail otherwise.
Drama: Akio actually enjoys watching drama unfold, just as long as it doesn't involve him.
Training with his brother: Although he is often humiliated by his brother's superior swordsmanship, he still enjoys training with his younger brother.
Being the Leader: Despite the fact that he is, Akio dislikes being the main decision maker, or the "head honcho." Since he was the second son, he suspected that he'd just be second in command, not the one with the most influence.
Trying new things: Akio dislikes trying new things at times, his way of sticking to old things dampens his creativity.
Drunkards: Akio hates it when people get drunk, which is why he avoids alcohol, except for ceremonial or traditional reasons.
Taking Chances: He also hates taking gambles at times, and sticks to the safe route, which can be a problem.
Silliness: Akio dislikes people that are completely silly, or don't take things seriously.
The Kobayashi Family: No explanation needed.

Death: What Akio fears the most, despite the ways of the samurai, is to lose his life. Therefore, he tends to play it as safe as he can, and doesn't take chances.
His enemies using friends and family: He fears that his enemies will use the one's he loves to hurt him, which is why he tries to keep his circle of friends relatively small.
Betrayal: Akio fears that one of his friends, trusted servants, or even family, may betray his trust.

Archery: Akio is a superior archer, although he doesn't use his bow often.
Horse Riding: Akio is very good at horse-riding. Which is kind of necessary when that's your only method of transportation.
Persuasion: He is good with reasoning and words, he can persuade and communicate well.
Acting: He is good at acting and masking his emotions.
Self Control: Akio knows when to let things go and suppress his urges.
Physical Shape: Being more of a diplomat, Akio doesn't train often, therefore having less stamina.
Swordsmanship: Akio is only slightly better than an average samurai in swordsmanship. Therefore, he often losses or ties while training with his younger brother.

Self Esteem: Akio lacks confidence in himself, and the decisions he makes. Since he's the second born, he supposes that he wasn't meant to lead the family.

Pure Strength: Although Akio is no weakling, he is not very strong. He relies on technique and skill to defeat someone, instead of strength.

Safety Oriented: Akio is very safety oriented and won't ever take chances. Being "too safe" in a way. This can be a disadvantage.

Protectiveness: Akio's over protectiveness of his family can be a problem. He won't allow his family or friends to do risky jobs, even when necessary.

Somewhat Paranoid: Akio is a bit paranoid at times. He's always thinking up hypothetical worst case "what if's" which can impair his decisions.

Personality: Akio tends to respect others, even if he doesn't know them. He's pretty carefree and optimistic, but doesn't use slang or rude terms when speaking. He loves a good political debate, and enjoys discussions and such. He's usually pretty lax as far as rules and regulations go, and keeps punishments light and practical. Although some might say that he "uses his tongue instead of his sword" Akio takes that as a compliment. He prefers to settle things peacefully and doesn't pull out his sword unless absolutely necessary. He is very protective of his friends and family, and will jump to their defense at a moments notice (although he tries to keep himself from doing it).

Equipment: Akio often carries nothing but a tessen. But he will sometimes carry his father's katana with a wakizashi, mainly for ceremonial purposes. Very rarely, Akio will also carry his bow.

History: As a child, Akio was often teased by his older brother because of his lack in swordsmanship. And because of his fairly high metabolism, he was quite thin and was easily toppled over, which was why his older brother referred to him as a "stick." Later he learned to fend off his brother's insults with his own whit. His sensei worked Akio very hard, even to the point where Akio could hardly stay standing. But despite his sensei's hard work, Akio only became a fraction of the swordsman his sensei was expecting. After he realized that Akio just wasn't made to be a great swordsman, his sensei gave up. As he grew older, Akio became the best at working on relations with other families. He was always listened to, because of his talent and often had a large word in many family decisions. After the murder however, Akio became very cold and irritable. Akio began to curse excessively and he also began to yell more often as well. His mentality took a big blow and his sanity seems to be a bit on edge. He even began drinking, contradicting with his own self regulations. He believed that it was due to his inability to negotiate with the Kobayashi family that his mother and brother were killed.

So begins...

Akio Tabasaki's Story