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Izumo Tabasaki

"Words can only get you so far in life."

0 · 925 views · located in Kyoto

a character in “Retribution To Execution: Revenge”, as played by C O S M I C




Izumo Tabasaki


Izumo is a 5'7" male who weighs around 140 lbs. His eyes are a brownish red and his hair, as long and messy as it is, is brown with a slight redness to it. He has a slightly muscular build

Solitude: Izumo prefers to do most of the things he does allow. From fighting to drinking, he prefers to be alone with his thoughts. He was never the type to work well with others so he usually would just avoid it as much as possible.

Drinking: He is a man who truly can hold his alcohol. He knows his limits and will stop if he feels that he cannot fight in his condition. He has been drunk once but it didn't work out well for the band of thugs that attacked him.

Animals: Izumo has always had a soft spot for animals. Even as a young man, he encountered a dog and made it his own. The dog still accompanies him to this day. His softest spot is for small animals who are unable to protect themselves. He somehow feels the need to do it for them.

Balance: He is a strong believer in balance not only in himself but in the world. Good and evil will always be conflicting and in order to find true balance, decisions must be made.

Training with his brother: Even though he is younger, he still as a upper hand on his brother.

The Kobayashi Family: Do I have to say why?

Weak Opponents: Izumo loves a challenge and doesn't like to achieve anything easily. He enjoys working for his ways just as those before him did. Tradition is very important to him.

Being Told No: Regardless of his age, he still acts as a younger brother. Being told he can't do something makes him furious. It makes him feel as though he is being babied.

Mind Games: Izumo isn't quite intelligent and hates being tricked by those smarter then him. He doesn't like to be mocked and will often act on impulse if he is pushed to. He isn't a bad person and he hates when people make him become one.

Cold: Izumo hates being stuck in the cold. He dislikes snow very much regardless of it's beauty. The cold just feels awful to him and he doesn't know why he hates it as well. He just does.


Losing The Rest Of His Family: He isn't sure what he would do if all of his family died. Especially his brother. Just the thought makes him uncomfortable and very sad.

Dying Without His Honor: Honor and family is all he has left in this world. Losing his honor would make him a soulless shell. A true samurai has honor regardless of where he comes from or what he's done in the past.

Drowning: Izumo does not know how to swim. He has always feared large bodies of water and even gets uncomfortable near boats. Drowning would be the worst death for him.

Swordsmanship: Izumo is one of the most skilled swordsmen in the family. He's learned and even advanced past his own brother. He carries a sword where ever he goes and isn't afraid to use it against anyone.

Traps: Izumo is quite the tricky man. Trip wires, small firecrackers and smoke is always a key for quick escapes and messing with his enemies.

Ame: Ame is a shibe dog that came to him as a puppy when he was a young man. He has been able to train the dog to follow commands and aid him in battle. She is quite smart and knows how to tell a friend from a enemy.

Endurance: He is able to take pain well and keeps determination in his mind to continue fighting. He isn't the kind of guy to just surrender and give up.

Bottomless Stomach: He can eat large amounts of food in no time flat. Other may not see this as a strength but he is proud of his stomach.

Knowledge: Izumo isn't very smart and often relies on his brother to make important decisions for him.

Laziness: He can become very lazy if he doesn't feel the need to be serious. This often leads to him letting his guard down.

Emotions: Izumo cannot control himself well if he is extremely sad or mad. He often goes into small fits of rage when fighting and will become very angry. At this point he listens to his heart rather then his brain.

Reckless: Izumo can completely ignore the safety of himself and those around him.


Izumo is very leveled and childish. However, he is optimistic and encouraging. It is obvious to tell that he isn't skilled in was of knowledge but his swordsmanship makes up for it. He looks up to his brother for being so smart and slightly envy's him. He can be a bit block headed at times but when it comes to protecting those that he cares about, he'll do anything to see them safe.

He carries his master's katana with him at all times. He also carries a few wires, some smoke bombs and small firecrackers if he needs them. However, he rarely uses them unless he is bored or needs them in battle.

History: As a young boy, Izumo spent most of his time isolated from the rest of his siblings. He preferred to follow his own path and observe from a far. When he saw his brother was being taught in the way of the sword, he wanted to do it as well; however he wanted to be better. He began to learn under a sensai who traveled from a far land. He was proud of Izumo's progress and even gave him his own hand crafted sword when he was finished teaching him. When it was time for his sensai to continue on with his travels, he promised to continue his training and become the greatest swordsmen he could. However, he never truly understood political and education stands. He would often get confused at the mention and would make a fool out of himself when he was asked such questions. When the tragedy of his mother and brothers death happened, rage began to fill in his body. He knew that that family had to be dealt with but in the traditional ways that was taught to them in the start.

So begins...

Izumo Tabasaki's Story