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A young woman with a healing touch and a dangerous attitude.

0 · 317 views · located in The Imperial Provence

a character in “Return of Camelot”, as played by Shi-chan


(I haven't found a picture yet, you'll have to make do with words.)

Name: Petra
Age: 19
Hair Color: Dark blonde
Height: 174 cm/ 5 feet, 9 inches
Remaining Physical Description:

Petra is a young woman, she is of a solid build, and as such doesn't resemble her brother very much. With wide hips and shoulders, she looks stronger than she really is. She is averagely tall, standing at just 174 cm (5 feet, 9 inches), but her wild curls make her seem a little taller. Her hair is a dirty blonde colour and reaches just past her shoulders. She often braids parts of it, but is not a person who decorates herself very much.

Her face has a quite dramatic feel to it, with a pointy nose and chin, and high cheekbones. Her eyes lie deep in her skull, and are of a light blueish grey shade. Her lips are thin, and not really worth noticing.

She prefers practical clothing above all else, and is usually can be seen wearing her thick winter coat. No matter the weather. She just likes it.

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Eye color: blue/grey
Weight: 68 kg

Natural Abilities — Rate from 1 to 10. Is your character strong or weak? Clumsy? A natural leader?
Strength: 2
Punch her in the chest, and she'll most likely be out of the game for a while. Neither her constitution or muscles are worth bragging about.
Intelligence: 7
Petra is a quick learner, and her logical skills are quite solid. She loves the written word, and is an adept reader. She is also good at remembering things, often meaning that she gets to be a courier of messages that should not be put in writing.
Agility: 5
She can run and she can hide. She's no acrobat, not even close, but an evasive creature none the less.
Wise?: 2
She gets into trouble, and she doesn't always make the smartest decisions. If anything, she prefers to be given orders.
Healthy?: 8
You'll never catch her with a cold! Never ill, and never injured for long. She suspects that her ability is at constant work in her body.
Charismatic?: 7
Petra knows how to make friends, and she is one of those girls who loves laughter.
Magic and Magical Powers: A healing touch. She can't patch up a wound just like that, but she can speed up the healing process of a sick or injured person. It does take time and energy though.
Biggest Strength: Her compassion. If she sees someone injured, she will help them, whether or not they are "on her side"
Biggest Flaw: Her stubborness. She wont change her mind about anything unless there's a really, really good reason.
Important Relationships: The only person she has strong ties to as of now is her twin brother.
Important Dates/Moments(birthdays, first kiss, etc.): None yet.


Petra is an idealist, to say the very least. She doesn't like compromises, and she doesn't like not getting her way. As much as she loves her brother, she resents his ways, with the stealing and such, although she does her to be on the edge with law too. Often she hands out anti-aristocrat fliers and illegal newspapers on the streets, which means that she has to be good at running too.

She has a strict mentality of "Them vs. us", and admires the rebellion greatly. If you're not with her, you're against her, unless you're injured. She cannot leave a person to die.

So begins...

Petra's Story

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"Do it yourself, lazy."

She looked up from the paper she was reading, and shot her brother an annoyed glance. Or, she would have, had he not been hiding like a bear during winter. It wasn't that she didn't like her brother, he was an all-round all right person, it was just that she didn't fancy being treated as a maid by him. Or anyone else for that matter. She rose from the table, leaving behind a half-eaten sandwich and the paper, and walked to the window. Looking outside she could see that there was no shortage of life down there, and apart from the kid yelling, there were plenty of folks.

"Hey kid! Pipe down! You're going to get yourself in trouble with that screaming!" She yelled at him, halfway leaning out of the window. She wasn't half as worried about him as she was about herself. Should anyone become suspicious of their neighbourhood, she knew she was going down. She, just like the boy, had an interest in who ruled the city, and she was not rooting for the Le Fey name.

Sliding back into their little home, she leaned against the windowsill, and looked towards her brother once more. "I've got stuff to do today. The willows said that their son can't shake his cold off. And I've got to run some messages around, yeah? I think I'll be back by three, but don't count too much on it. And remember to eat something, will you? Or at least get out of bed."

She grabbed her messenger bag and keys on the way out, and waved over her shoulder before yelling a goodbye to her brother. Petra stepped out onto the street and quickly blended in with the crowd. When she looked up, the window was still open.

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Pendragon looked at the man who approached and couldn’t help but feel intimidated by his size. When the initial shock faded and the man spoke he stated feeling different about him, like he knew him all his life. “Uh yea” he muttered feeling a bit weird, then realizing he should properly give some name to the man as Guin had. Why do I want to call her Jenny?

“Pendragon,” he said after fall silent for what felt like days. “I just saw what was going on from my window and…” he stopped. Why did I say that know he knows I live close by.. “I um… have to go.” He turned to leave; a part of him didn’t want to go. He turned around, “bye.” He smiled and ran of too timid to say anything else.

“Pendragon?” Galahad echoed with a smile, “Sure I know him, well I haven’t, never seen him but I see his sister a few times. Just today, I think she was his sister can’t think what else she’d be coming out of the flat all the time. She’d some kind of healer, helps my friend Tommy when he’s sick and that’s a lot of the time let me tell ya.” His words jabbered up in bad dictation and grammar but his point was plan, he knew of Pendragon and more importantly where they could find someone close to him.

“I do good?” he grinned.

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Galahad looked to Gawain and said in a prudish way, “Should I be offended?” he wasn’t sure what the old man meant by those words and was kind confused. He looked back to Merlin with a confused stare on his face. “What do you mean?” he asked as his smile began to fade. Galahad was a smart little elf but some phrases confused the shit out of him. Normally little things like, “Don’t cry over spilled milk” he liked milk and it was such a rare comity so why wouldn’t you cry over it being spilled. Or better yet, “Fish and visitors smell after three days.” So the visitors are fish people? What is a fish anyway? he thought to himself as he pondered these confusing words.

Pendragon quickly caught her as she fell, looking into her eyes he could tell she was not well. After all he has had that same feeling more than once in his life. “I um…” he stuttered unsure what to do, he could take her back to the flat get her something warm to eat. Petra always made sure they had something in the cabinets anymore. The bug in that plan was he couldn’t carry her, he wasn’t that strong most of the time he tries to avoid strength over brains. Then he remembered the big guy in the alley what was his name Percival, surely he could carry Guin to the apartment. ‘Damn but how am I going to get back to the alley, I can’t just leave her here no telling whose watching.”

“Can you walk at all?” he asked her gently, “My sister can help you.”

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Galahad, looked up at her already tired of waiting. "Oh it's you!" he grinned. "I've been looking for you, you got a brother named umm.." he thought for a minute and looked down at his hand. "Pen-dr-a-gon" he said carefully. "Pendragon" once more faster. "You know him atleast right, cause I know some people who want to meet him." He spoke rather fast, and he hoped she could understand what he was saying.

(IT's short! and I hate it! but I can't post Pendragon till Gwen posts)

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Before Galahad could utter another word, he herd a voice coming from the ally. Pendragon helping Guin standing up managed to get them out of the ally "Petra" he called his sister trying to get her attention.

"So that's a oui then?" Galahad asked as he looked away from the woman and onto Pendragon. He assumed this was her brother, it was pretty obvious due to the family resemblance. It wasn't hard to see they were somehow related. As the boy looked into Pendragon's eyes he felt something filmier about him, he couldn't remember where or who he reminded him of mostly because he still hadn't gained his memories yet after all he is only nine, but deep down he knew this was someone he would fight for till the end.
"My King!" he exclaimed and knelt down bowing his head.

Pendragon looked at the boy in confusion, "What's going on?" he asked looking from him to his sister.

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A black cat pranced down the road in a rather proud manner; something about his step was different than other strays that made their home in the alleyways of the Outer city. “Find the wizard, she says” he started rattling on to himself, in plain tongue. “Don’t let him find the king, she says.” No one paid any mind to the cat as he stalked the streets looking for the big bad wizard, whom he himself is named for.

“One of these days I’m not going to stand for this abuse she puts me thought.” He ranted on. “It’s completely wrong to make a cat go into this bad part of town looking for a wizard whom probably is pretty good at hiding himself. Some big bad wizard he is hiding himself among these uneducated pigs!” he grumbled as the cat leaped up on to a wall to get a better look around.

“I just want to go home and nap in my little kitty bed, but no I have to find the damn wizard. Maybe Igraine has some nice cat nip waiting for me.” He smiled thinking of the young Queen. Of course he was referring to Igraine the Younger, not her mother the Queen Igraine the Fair it was a common mistake considering the younger was named for her mother upon her birth.

Meanwhile wail the cat moaned and grimed about his current assignment, Pendragon helped Guin into the apartment after seeing his sister’s rather annoyed glance at him. It was strange for him to bring anyone home, he knew that but he didn’t need the look from his own flesh and blood saying so.

Galahad quickly rose from his knee and started to follow Pendragon who quickly stopped him. The boy looked at him in a pleading way, and a part of him again felt as if he knew this lad. He lifted his arm and let the boy in, who quickly ran up the stairs as if in a hurry.

As he passed his sister on the stairs he whispered to her, “I don’t understand any of this, but I only prey everything is answered sooner rather than later.”

Morgana looked into an orb and watched as her little feline marched up and down The Outer City streets. “Yes, find the Wizard” she said gently encaging her feline friend. “My brother has returned and we must find him before he undoes us all.” She smiled wickedly as a low cackle echoed from her chambers.

Twin hooded figures wondered though the streets of the Imperial City, their purpose was clear to find the table before the knights did. One touch from the rebels’ hands would unlock the memoires from long ago. “Morgan wants it destroyed” one said to her sister.

“She has good reason,” the other said gently with a small smile. “Once we locate the table, we shall find the sword.”

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Pendragon helped Guin into the room, and too a chair sitting across from Petra as she questioned the small boy who had ran past him into the room. "Petra?" he grunted, "Petra, I brought her to you for a reason." he said more softly. "and I think" his voice cracked as he tried to speak. "I think we should try and help her before anything else."

Galahad nodded, "Very noble my king."

Pendragon shot a glance at Galahad, with a slightly irritated look on his face. "Stop calling me that."

"Yes, sir." Galahad nodded, "My... um... lord?"

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Pendragon nodded towards his sister understanding excitably what she was referring to. It must be a twin thing or something; because he was pretty sure no one else in the room picked up on that. His glaze looked back to Guin a part of him didn't want to leave her, not out of protection or love instead he felt as if he couldn't let her out of his sight because of what will happen if he does. "Don’t worry," he said to the girl. "You have the best healer in The Outercity!" and with that Pendragon went to the small kitchenette on the other side of the room, without saying a word Galahad followed as Pendragon thought he would. He was if anything a rather clingy child.
“Here” he said as he handed the boy a bag of bread that he pulled from the small ice box.

A small screen turned on besides him, and a picture of Queen Igraine appeared on it. “Our most beloved Queen Igraine was born the daughter of labor. A voice from the television echoed. “Not much is known of Igraine’s early life, except she was self-taught, and by the age of sixteen was employed by LeFey Inc. There she met Alexander Lefey and her life in politics’ began.”

Pendragon switched off the television, “Stupid documentaries.” He muttered and took the bread from Galahad and placed it in the toaster. Then poured Guin a glass of whatever juice they had that hadn’t turned into alcohol yet, today it smelt like apple but sometimes you could not be so sure.


Alexander Lefey was many things but a coward was not one of them. Staring at the large ornate crystal currently gripped in his hands he knew far too well the only thing left for him to do. “Pity” he muttered under his breath. “I could have done so much more.” Leaving his laboratory the jewel still clutched in his hand he headed to his daughter’s room, as the little girls giggled and played.

“Papa” Vesta shouted as her sisters soon echoed, their little feet running to their beloved father.

Alexander scooped the girls into his arms the amulet still clinging to his hand. “Where is your mother?” he asked as they pointed to the connecting room, “She’s talking with Aunty Morgan.” Vesta said as her father frowned. He now realized his Aunt wasn’t who she said she was; she was a witch and his own ancestor. He was merely a pawn in her grand design, but he would be anymore! No, he would live his own life and die at his own pace.

“Tell your mother to come to the laboratory” he told his daughters before saying his final goodbyes. He headed back to his lab, where he sat down and began writing out a long list of sorts.

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Pendragon looked at his sister slightly shocked that she said that, "Your no trouble." He told Guin "We have enough to share." he said and went back to fetch the toast that had popped up.

Galahad waited patiently for someone to address him and when they finely did shot up in response. "We've been waiting for The King's return for centuries." he said quickly and turned towards Pendragon. "and now your here, and in perfect time."
"I don't know what your talking about." Pendragon said as he handed Guin a plate of toast.

"Come on," Galahad pleaded. "Tell me you don't recognize me?"

Pendragon looked at the boy a long time before finely remarking. "Aren't you the kid whose been waking me up the last few weeks? With that mumbo jumbo your trying to pull of now?"

Galahad grunted. "Ah I thought you'd recognize me like I do you." he said and looked back to Petra. "It is him though" he said. "Merlin said that it was out best shot and it is, it really is!" he said with excitement. "I can't wait till I tell the other I found Arthur first!"