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An ancient warrior king

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a character in “Return of Heroes: Quest for the Tomb”, as played by Irish Wolf


Cadeyrn is a tall man, standing six feet from heel to top of his crown. His body is muscled, from a youth spent training as a warrior and adulthood spent fighting hobgoblins, giants and other humans. His skin has been lightly tanned and bares eighteen blue tattoos, each consisting of an endless knot sandwiched between two thick bands. He has one wrapping around each ankle, each calf, each thigh, each wrist, each forearm, each elbow, each bicep, one around his shoulders and collarbone, one around his chest, one around his stomach and one around his hips.

His hair is thick and a dark red-brown in color. The sides of his head are trimmed down, near the scalp but the middle is grown long and allowed to hang free. A mustache of matching thickness and color hangs off his upper lip, reaching down to his collarbone and braided. Gray eyes stare around a slightly downwardly curved nose, which compliments his strong jaw.

Upon returning to life, he is dressed in a sleeveless tunic of a checkered yellow and blue, with tan trousers, leather boots, leather belt and a red cloak attached with a gold brooch.


Cadeyrn is an honorable warrior, lover of women and was a proud king


Nothing as of now but the two handed sword Caladcholg awaits him in the Hero’s Tomb.


Cadeyrn was one of the twin sons of Bricriu, king of Seanrath. He and his brother Lugaid grew up, doing everything together. They trained together, eat together and got in trouble together. Together, they could do just about anything they set their minds to, much to their father’s pride. In battle, they fought back to back, he welding sword and his brother welding a spear. When they were young men, an army of hobgoblins came out of the mountains and marched towards their father’s lands. They marched with their father and fought in van of the host, each slaying minor warlords and it was their raw courage, which broke through the bodyguard of hobgoblin warleader and laid open the way for Bricriu to duel the creature, to it's death.

Over the following decade, the brothers traveled across the lands their father claimed, clearing out infestations of goblins and verbeeg. They lead raids into the nearby kingdoms, stealing cattle and women. A few times, they lead warbands, taking over smaller lords in their father’s name. In all, life was good for the bothers, until word reached them that their father had fallen ill and lay upon death's door.

Racing home, Cadeyrn and Lugaid arrived in time to be with their father has he died. Bricriu spoke with them, telling them to move his throne and dig beneath it but he passed on before naming which of his sons was his heir. Choosing not to squabble for the crown, as a small company of the Death Cult arrived to bare their father off to the Barrowlands, the bothers decided to follow the instructions their father had given them.

Hidden deep in the ground, the floor nearly at the brother’s shoulders, they found a large stone chest. Inside they came across two weapons. The first, which was claimed by Cadeyrn, was a two-handed sword named Caladcholg, which could cut through anything. The second was a claimed by Lugaid, was a spear of bone, which was named Gáe Bolga and any wound it inflicted was fatal.

Deciding to rule together, the bothers expanded Seanrath and their own wealth for several years, before submitting to their noble’s desire that the kingdom should have an heir. Knowing that their children might be rivals, the brothers split the kingdom in half, creating Sean and Rath. Each of them had a crown crafted, setting their father’s crown and hall aside, not part of either kingdom.

Within two years, they were both invited to the hall of King Oisín for a feast and met his lovely daughter Assa. They both fell in love with her and sought her hand in marriage. Her father declared that he would give her hand to the man who could ride him of one of two problems. The first problem, which Cadeyrn took, was to clean out an infestation of goblins and verbeeg, which were lead by a hill giant out of the king’s gold mine. The second was to ride his only harbor of a terrible sea serpent.

When Cadeyrn arrived with the head of the hill giant and Lugaid returned with the head of the serpent, on the same day, King Oisín was at a loss and couldn’t decide which brother to give his daughter to. After a night of thought, he declared that the bothers were to go back to their capitals and the one to return with the better bride price would have Assa’s hand.

Knowing that Oisín’s cattle herds has been ravaged by raids and wondering giants, Cadeyrn return with five hundred head and the best stud bull in the land. Lugaid returned with vast trove of gold and gems, hoping that the wealth would win his love’s hand. The King however, was most impressed with the herd, when the gold and chose to betroth his daughter to Cadeyrn.

However, Assa was in love with Lugaid and convinced him to steal her away, the night before she was to be married. Enraged at the betrayal, Cadeyrn tracked them down the following morning, catching his brother and his bride-to-be in the hall of Bricriu, where he challenged Lugaid to a duel to the death. For a day and a night they fought, neither able land a blow upon the other, until Lugaid knocked Cadeyrn to the ground and stabbed him in the side.

Believing his bother defeated, for any wound his spear made was fatal, Lugaid turned back and started walking to Assa But Cadeyrn wasn’t dead yet. Forcing himself to stand, the wounded king grabbed his sword and rushed towards his brother, the blade held before him like a lance. The woman of their affections noticed this and stepped in front of Lugaid, trying to halt Cadeyrn but it was too late. Before Cadeyrn could stop himself, Caladcholg pushed through Assa’s chest, out her back and plunged into Lugaid’s heart, killing both of them.

Racked with guilt over killing the woman he loved, Cadeyrn wept over the bodies, until he too left the mortal life. When the Death Cult appeared to take the bodies, Cadeyrn’s charioteer overheard one of them promise that the brothers would have another chance.

So begins...

Cadeyrn's Story