Casper Andrews: Apollo

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a character in “Return of the Gods”, as played by Waste.


Casper stands at just under six foot, his blonde hair is cut in even lengths and often falls into his dark brown eyes. He has broad shoulders tapering to a slim waist although his muscle is limited. He is what some would call scrawny and others unhealthy. His slender build almost girlish. He has tan skin, almost perfect if it weren't for a few stupidly acquired scars. One cuts his left eyebrow, another the corner of his mouth. He has a larger scar on the back of his right shoulder, a burn his father inflicted when he was young.

He will be distant at first, preferring to figure people out before really letting himself go this gives off a first impression of arrogance. Once he is comfortable he’ll loosen up and become more talkative. He has a wide knowledge so can talk about anything. He can be charming but is mostly kind and a little awkward. This awkwardness will stick until he has known someone for at least a few days and even then if he feels put out he’ll be reserved. He’ll appear relaxed but on the inside he’s analysing every move and trying not to say too much about himself, embarrassment just isn’t something he takes lightly. He hates liars and hardly ever lies even if it means hurting someone. He has a hidden confidence though that only comes out when he puts himself in a challenging situation. Like being on stage in front of a club full of people, and if ever he is confronted in a violent way he can hold his own, just prefers not to. So he flourishes in tough situations and feels awkward in most others.

He will develop the power to heal any wound including his own as long as he has the energy for it.
And will gain some clairvoyance although not full blown prophecy reading it'll allow him to see things happen a few seconds before they do.

He’s nineteen years old and in his time he’s had to go through some things that would put softer people out. He has had to learn to deal with tough situations as his dad isn’t in with the best of crowds. The man is generally a decent guy but can turn violent if under a lot of pressure. More than once he’s had to take a punch from his dad. He can’t go to his mother for comfort as she passed away when he was 14. It is an event that has stuck with him, but he no longer dwells on it. Most of the time he has to focus on looking after his dad and of course his music. He is the front man in an indie rock band that circles some of the local clubs, they sing both covers and their own music. They are working on a big break but until that comes he’s just a waiter in a local restaurant.

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