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Return of the Golden Age

Return of the Golden Age


You've seen the shows, watched the movies, read the comic books... Thirty years after a war decimated the numbers of supers, a new golden age seems inevitable. The numbers of heroes and villains are once more on the rise...

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You already know how this goes.

You've seen the shows, watched the movies, read the comic books... You know all about superheroes and their trials and tribulations, about their amazing feats and heroic acts of justice. You know about the devious villains, ever eager to cause chaos and calamity and hell-bent on ruining everything for everyone but themselves. It is the simple, archetypal tale as old as time –– the tale of good versus evil. Just, you know, with crazy superpowers and worldwide disasters thrown in.

This story isn't much different.

Optima City, known as the largest and most bustling metropolis on the planet, is home to the League, a group of super-powered individuals who have made it their mission to protect those who need protection. These heroes are the idols and guardians of Planet Earth and its inhabitants, as good and just as the day is long.

By contrast, their villainous counterparts are as evil and corrupt as the night is long. They pose a threat to everyone around them, and with supernatural abilities that rival even the greatest heroes, they are a rebellion that cannot seem to be stamped out.

Things were this blatant and black-and-white for a very, very long time.

But this is where the tale gets a little… muddled.

A few decades ago there was a great battle between the League and their mortal enemies. It was a battle so fierce and of such a large scale that the geographical damage can be seen from space. Heroes and villains were at each other's throats for days on end, exhausting every resource they had in order to oust the other side. But as the final stage of the fight drew to a close, it became apparent that a great majority of the most powerful beings on the planet had lost their lives in the struggle, effectively taking out nearly 70% of the population of 'Supers.' Civilians mourned the loss of their heroes and rejoiced in the elimination of the most dangerous threats the world had ever known.

With so few Supers left, the civilians were able to return to a much more peaceful and uneventful life. The Supers themselves, on both sides, had withdrawn from the mainstream in order to recooperate and factor out their losses. The villains, fearing that their much smaller numbers could mean the end for them, formed the Anti-League in order to have each other's backs. Meanwhile, the League went through drastic changes of its own; it was forced to downsize in almost every way. Many of the older members retired, hoping to take advantage of the era of calm that had come over the planet, which strained the already dwindling numbers even further. the League was forced to begin junior hero training programs with younger Supers in order to teach them to become the heroes of tomorrow.

Slowly but surely both sides have been regaining their strength and numbers, but with the changing tides nothing is quite as black and white as it used to be. The younger generations seem to have their own agendas, and since the future rests on their shoulders, who knows how things will turn out.

Regardless of the details, the heart of this story is the same as any other: everyone is fighting for something, and they will do whatever it takes to get it.

Code: Select all
↓ alias.

↓ alliance.

↓ class.
CLASS S / A / B / C / D / E

↓ ability.

↓ stats.
[^ Colour as needed. ^]

↓ extra notes.

↓ full name.

↓ age.
AGE / BIRTHDAY (for experienced heroes and villains, they should be like 22+, and junior supers should be around 14 to 20 years of age; rogue supers can be whatever)

↓ gender.

↓ appearance.
PICS / DESC GOES HERE (include things like height and weight and build as well as any other important physical characteristics we should know)

↓ biography.
BIO GOES HERE (try to condense into three paragraphs maximum por favor)

↓ likes.
LIKES GO HERE (you can list them or write them out, whatever suits your fancy)

↓ dislikes.
DISLIKES GO HERE (you can list them or write them out, whatever suits your fancy)

↓ fears.
FEARS GO HERE (a good, solid fear or two are required; it helps make a well-rounded character

↓ aspirations.

↓ extra talents.
EXTRA TALENTS GO HERE (any additional talents or non-superpowered abilities that your character may have)

↓ strengths.
STRENGTHS GO HERE (this is where you can go into further detail about your character's powers/abilities)

↓ weaknesses.
WEAKNESSES GO HERE (everyone needs a weakness, even the S Class supers)

Toggle Rules

β˜† ⎜ GENERAL. I'm going to keep these brief because seriously, who likes reading rules. Just because the rules are brief doesn't mean I'm going to let things slide, though! So pay attention! First up we've got all the usual stuff: absolutely NO god-modding, and keep things pg13. There's going to be violence and there's going to be swearing. I don't care about romantic stuff so long as you're following the TOS.

β˜† ⎜ LITERACY. I expect an advanced-literate mindset and adv-lit role playing and adv-lit character building. That said, we're all lazy here. The minimum posting amount is a measly 300 words.

β˜† ⎜ ACTIVITY. Be as active as possible –– that's a given for any role play. I'd appreciate two or three posts a week, but if something will majorly prevent that let me know. Please do not ever drop out without warning. Let me know if you want to quit, it's not a big deal.

β˜† ⎜ CHARACTERS. Characters are the life and soul of this role play, so make a character you'll have fun with and who will fit well into this reality. Make them unique, too. Colorful casts at the best! I'd like a lot of variation on the powers and abilities, too, but the deets for that can be covered when you send in your reserved form. There won't be a lot of freedom in terms of aliens and other races, but we can work something out if you're really keen on something like that.

- Class S: User shows complete mastery of ability and has achieved the full extent of their power
- Class A: User has near complete mastery of ability and is close to achieving full extent of power
- Class B: User demonstrates an above-average level of mastery over ability but still has a way to go
- Class C: User has an average level of mastery over ability and is most likely still in training
- Class D: User has little control over ability and is most likely only just discovering his/her powers
- Class E: User has absolutely no control over ability and most likely poses a threat if powers get out of hand

- Stats: The four fields (Speed, Stamina, Strength, Intelligence) function as a way of categorizing a Super's overall ability. A Level 1 stat reflects the average ability of the average human being while Level 10 stats are almost always unique to S Class Supers.

β˜† ⎜ INTERACTION. This role play will have a major emphasis on character relationships and interactions. There are going to be a lot of different roles, so you're encouraged to plot with other people. Some suggestions for relationships are friends (obvs), sidekicks mentor-mentees, bitter rivalries or sworn enemies, duos, etc, etc.

β˜† ⎜ PARTICIPATION. Please be willing to participate and to chat it up with your fellow role players. I intend to have a lot of exciting and/or crazy events going on during the course of the role play, since I like to mix up the action and drama with comedy and fun-times. If you're not willing to throw your character into a pit of chaos then we might have a problem. Again, you are very much encouraged to frequent the ooc thread.

β˜† ⎜ APPLYING. If you're cool with the above rules, you can apply! Please be sure to include all of the required information. Please also feel free to send me a PM any further questions or concerns you may have at this time. This preliminary process is pretty important so yeah.

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Character Portrait: Eric Haydon
Eric Haydon

AKA Cuirass. Eric is an S-Class super with an attitude to match.

Character Portrait: Samuel Cassio
Samuel Cassio

Blur is dedicated to nothing short of pure heroism.


Character Portrait: Eric Haydon
Eric Haydon

AKA Cuirass. Eric is an S-Class super with an attitude to match.

Character Portrait: Samuel Cassio
Samuel Cassio

Blur is dedicated to nothing short of pure heroism.

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Character Portrait: Eric Haydon
Eric Haydon

AKA Cuirass. Eric is an S-Class super with an attitude to match.

Character Portrait: Samuel Cassio
Samuel Cassio

Blur is dedicated to nothing short of pure heroism.

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