Daughter of the Earth / Goddess of the Harvest

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a character in “Return to Divinity”, as played by Ravendarus


copied from last rp xox

Equipment & Abilities;; From reading up on Demeter I have discovered she has a vast range of abilities whether they will be used or not is unknown.

She has enhanced strength, ability to change her appearance, change the terrain depending on mood, example when she is happy plants are likely to start sprouting up, when she is upset a drought is likely to occur around her. Deme can control plants/trees to a degree and is better as close range then long range. Can grant Immortality (Won't be using that most likely). Can place curses? I need to read more on that one XD

As for weapons, because her powers are more close range I thought about giving her a double bow, it is basically a large bow that can fire two arrows at once for better accuracy. I am not sure I will stick with this but it could be a cool thing later on.

Personality;; WIP

Background;; (Currently Unknown)

Physical description;; I currently don't know mainly working around the idea of her? I have a rough image of what I would like but I'll play around with it as she develops more.

So begins...

Demeter's Story