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Raythe Vangard

A Siis army lieutenant with major family problems.

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a character in “Return to Eternity”, as played by StandardFiend


Raythe Vangard, twenty three years old, appears as no more than an average citizen of Siis. He is well-built and stands about six feet tall, perhaps a little under. He is not particularly robust, but his features are very toned, thanks to his extensive military training. His skin is the common pale shade of lifelong residents of Siis and Carmaine and despite his military career features very few blemishes. His brown hair, so dark it seems black in anything but direct sunlight, is long and stretches a few inches past his shoulder. It is light and airy and hangs in loose strands from his forehead. His face is hard and angular, with very few soft notes, giving him a natural stoic, indifferent look. His eyes are small, but vibrantly blue, a feature he shares with his brother.

Raythe wears the long, heavy coat characteristic of Siis officers. It features stylized leather padding overtop a comfortable, breathable, denim-like material. The coat's high collar is accented with solid silver trim, and the same silver makes the four buttons and the buckles of the two belts that fasten the coat across Raythe's chest and waist. He sports heavy boots which are tightly bound over plain black slacks, and a pair of tight-fitting leather gloves, the left one of which has no index finger.


Raythe has endured a lot of very different styles of life, and each one has left its mark on him, giving him an almost indeterminate personality. He has lived alone nearly his entire life and was separated from his entire family at an early age. His life has taken pleasant turns lately and Raythe is happy; however, his darker tendencies do come out every now and then, especially on the battlefield, where he is described as cold and jaded. With his friends, Raythe is warm and inviting, and smiles easily, but in dire circumstances he is firm, level-headed, and dead serious. Oftentimes Raythe is rather defensive, and doesn't take threats lightly, against himself or against others. He is very quick to shift from warm and friendly to serious and combative.


As a lieutenant of Siis' army, Raythe is entitled to carry some of the best weapons the nation has to offer.

His main armament is an ornate saber, a symbol of his rank and status with which he is extraordinarily skilled. Sword-fighting is Raythe's passion and his profession, a trend that runs in his family.

He also carries a pistol, a prototype firearm that has only come into light in the last twenty years. Even now, its use is restricted to top-ranking members of the Siis military--as far as Siis is concerned. Other countries have adopted the weapon as well, and Carmaine in particular is far less restrictive with them. It can fire four shots before needing to be reloaded.

Raythe has been trained to wield both his pistol and his sword at the same time, and carries the firearm in his off-hand.


When they were mere toddlers, Raythe and his older brother Luther were orphaned in the newly-created country of Carmaine. The year Luther turned nine, their uncle, Conrad Carmaine, visited the orphanage and took Luther with him, leaving Raythe behind, alone. Raythe never heard from his brother again, and it wasn't until he was older that he truly became aware of the world, and of the fact that the uncle who had taken away his brother was a ruthless dictator of a stolen country. Later, when he discovered that Luther had followed in Carmaine's footsteps and now ruled the country, Raythe developed an undying hatred for his brother where before there was only love.

But Raythe had left Carmaine long before that. When he was seventeen, an adult by the standards of his home country, he left the orphanage.. At first he fostered ideals of finding his brother and making a life together with him, but he was thwarted at every turn, unable to garner any information about Luther, and most certainly restricted from confronting Conrad Carmaine. Giving up on his search, and indeed on the country of Carmaine altogether, Raythe traveled to Siis and eventually wound up in the capital Vagar. Vagar is not a place for a young boy, just barely a man, to make any sort of decent living. Raythe was stranded, helpless, getting by with nothing to spare. He found himself in a lot of trouble, and very often.

In his twentieth year, Raythe found himself in a Vagar prison, convicted of assaulting a member of the Prime Council in the streets. His sentence was more years than he could hope to survive in a place like that, but for some reason that member of the council took pity on him, and offered him an alternative: he could enlist in the Siis military. Knowing his fate in the prison would not be pleasant, Raythe was only too willing to accept, and he was out of there the next day.

The following three years flew by in a blur, with one meaningless battle bleeding into the next in Raythe's memory. He rose through the ranks rapidly, a prodigy the Prime Council was only too pleased to call their own. And Raythe even developed a friendship with the council member he had struck in the streets years before, a kind man named Dalan. They become close enough that Raythe was given the opportunity to meet the Primator's daughter, Elea, and the two fell quickly in love. With a renewed purpose in life, Raythe only became better at his job, which was unequivocally stopping Carmaine--and his own brother--at any cost.

So begins...

Raythe Vangard's Story